Dwayne Haskins Talks to Quincy Avery About Nebraska Interception, Michigan State's Defense and Passing Records

By Kevin Harrish on November 9, 2018 at 1:43 pm

Dwayne Haskins has spent much of his time away from Columbus bettering his craft with quarterbacks guru Quincy Avery.

Haskins trained with Avery over spring break in South Florida back in March, working out with NFL receivers Antonio Brown, Mohamed Sanu and Stefon Diggs. He then went back to Avery over the summer, working alongside Deshaun Watson and freshman quarterback Justin Fields, the nation's No. 2 overall recruit.

Avery and Haskins remain in touch, and we got a little peek at their relationship through a video from UNINTERRUPTED.

Here are some highlights.

On why it was so close against Nebraska

"There's some things we can fix. It had nothing to do with Nebraska, we just didn't play our best game," Haskins said.

"we've been playing a lot of 'not our best games' in this thing," Avery teased.

On the interception

"I should have just taken that one down, I was just trying to make a play.

"I was trying to make him high point it, because he's a young guy. But I shouldn't have even thrown it into coverage like that, I should have checked it down."

On his leadership

"I've always been a leader, but like now that I've play and I've earned my keep, and I have experience now. It would have been different now if I was getting in someone's face in the first game and I haven't even played yet, you know. I haven't earned that right.

"Now that I've earned it, I've been progressing as far as my leadership, pulling guys to the side and getting in guys faces and talking. Now I feel like I can take that full steam and just take full ownership of it."

On Michigan State's coverage

"They got some 32 fire, some cover four, some man free, some quarters. They used to just play quarters and then leave the safety to come down on the H in the slot, but now they just roll into man coverage instead of just letting the H run into the flat like that.

"I don't think they should man us up, if they know what's good for them. But it'll be alright."

"You about to light they ass up?" Avery asked.

"That's the plan," Haskins responded.

On the Ohio State and Big Ten Passing records

"I'm like 280 away from that single season passing record," Haskins said.

Avery asked what the Big Ten single season passing record was.

"3,900," Haskins responded, off the top of his head.

On whether he can get Avery tickets to the Michigan game

"You're gonna have to call compliance about that one, buddy. I ain't getting in no trouble. I can't help with that one."

You can watch the whole video above. 

Haskins and the Buckeyes are back in action on Saturday when they head to East Lansing to take on Michigan State at noon.

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