The Eleven Warriors Web Report Discusses The Urban Meyer Investigation And First Impressions From Ohio State's Fall Camp

By 11W Staff on August 7, 2018 at 6:00 pm

The Eleven Warriors Web Report comes to you from the Spectrum Sports studios in downtown Columbus, featuring our own Beau Bishop, Dan Hope and James Grega.

One of the main topics of discussion on this week's show, of course, was Ohio State's ongoing investigation of Urban Meyer, as the Buckeyes' head coach remains on paid administrative leave

All three members of the panel agreed that there are still too many unanswered questions in the investigation to make a firm prediction on whether Meyer will ultimately be reinstated as Ohio State's football coach, but they did discuss some of what still must be determined before a decision is made.

"I think there's been some momentum since Urban put out his statement on Friday toward him potentially keeping his job," Hope said. "But there's still too much that's unknown, and the investigation's just started. We don't know exactly what's happening in that investigation. So I still very much think this could go either way."

That said, Hope and Grega also talked about their first impressions from seeing this year's Buckeyes on the field at Tuesday's fourth practice of fall camp, which was the first practice open to the media this preseason.

While Grega described some of his observations from practice – including Michael Jordan taking snaps at center, Tuf Borland returning to action and Nicholas Petit-Frere flashing his athleticism – Hope said he did not see any big changes in Tuesday's practice from the way practices have been run under Meyer.

"The position coaches are really just focused on their responsibilities right now, because here's the deal: If Urban Meyer is back in two weeks, the next two weeks are more about fundamentals and development than they are about specific game planning," Hope said. "So right now, everybody needs to be focused on improving at their positions, competing for playing time, developing their skills and then in two weeks from now, when there's going to be a resolution one way or the other, then they'll have to determine whether they need to make adjustments in terms of their preparation for the season."

You can watch this week's episode of the Eleven Warriors Web Report in the video above, and tune into Spectrum Sports Mid-Ohio for this week's full episode of the Eleven Warriors Report, premiering at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

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