Trip Down Memory Lane: Revisiting Ohio State's Most Memorable Games Through Highlight Videos

By 11W Staff on July 15, 2018 at 7:45 am
Troy Smith
Ohio State Dept. of Athletics

Since the turn of the century, Ohio State has played in its fair share of big games. Those games have been immortalized in various Internet highlight videos over the years, helping us get through the dog days of summer. 

Sunday evening, Big Ten Network will re-air Ohio State's 2006 victory over Texas, a rematch of the 2005 meeting that ultimately propelled the Longhorns to a national title. That got us thinking of some of the best highlight videos made of the Buckeyes' best wins over the last 10-to-15 years. 

We will start with the 2006 win over Mack Brown's squad that left us with this gem from Ohio State video legend lexco44, featuring Three 6 Mafia. Disclaimer: explicit lyrics are used in this specific video. 

After having their hearts broken by Vince Young and Ryan Hamby in 2005, Ohio State fans were able to enjoy sweet revenge a year later as Troy Smith kicked off his Heisman campaign while the Buckeye defense shut down freshman phenom Colt McCoy. The 24-7 victory was punctuated perfectly for those of us watching on TV with Brent Musberger's line, "Ohio State came to Austin and messed with Texas."

You Had A Bad Day

A few weeks after Ohio State dispatched the Longhorns, the Buckeyes took to Iowa City and made quick work of the Hawkeyes, winning by three touchdowns and dominating with suffocating defense. 

Eleven years before the disaster that was 2017 for Ohio State, the Buckeyes made the primetime home game a nightmare for Drew Tate and the Iowa offense, forcing four turnovers while Troy Smith threw four touchdown passes. 

Youtuber Jeff Seeman presented us with the classic "Iowa Had a Bad Day, Too" video that earned points for its creativity. 

The Game 2006

Yes, 2006 provided us with some of the best Buckeye highlight videos of all time, but no mid-2000s highlight video list would be complete without one that featured P.O.D.'s, "Here Comes The Boom."

And you also can't talk 2006 Ohio State football without discussing The Game against Michigan, an all-time classic that sent the Buckeyes to Glendale, Ariz. for the game Buckeye fans are still in denial about to this day. 

Before that though, the Buckeyes defeated the Wolverines 42-39 in perhaps the greatest edition of The Game ever, which was then documented for us once again by lexco44. 

Rose Bowl Victory

After tough losses in national title games and primetime games against Penn State in 2008 and USC in 2009, Ohio State answered the bell on New Years Day 2010 with a 26-17 win over Oregon. 

That game was the first bowl win the Buckeyes experienced since the 2006 Fiesta Bowl over Notre Dame, making kitchel22130's choice of song, "Let's See How Far We've Come" by Matchbox Twenty, that much more satisfying. 

I think we can all agree that Brent Musberger's voice is missed introducing big games, as he did in the 2010 Rose Bowl. 

Ohio State Takes Over

Urban Meyer's arrival in 2012 saw Ohio State bring with it one of the best video teams in the country that has taken over the Internet when it comes to making elite highlight videos. 

The first big video put out was one that compiled Ohio State's history with the present, featuring highlights from Meyer's first year. That was followed by a string of masterpieces that the Buckeye video department has put out over the years. First, let's take a look at the first of many pieces OSU has pumped out that was marketed to feature the Buckeyes' relationship with Nike. 

Ohio State has routinely featured highlight videos from their big wins in the Meyer era, with some of the best coming from the Buckeyes' title season. 

Wins over Alabama and Oregon in the national title game are particular favorites, but the mini-movie created to recap the 2017 win over Penn State might just be the best yet. We encourage you to watch that one, and add some of your favorites in the comments below. 

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