Oklahoma Loss Plunges Ohio State Twitter into Darkness

By D.J. Byrnes on September 13, 2017 at 6:30 pm
Jermale Hines with the Spiciest take of all.

Over the years, Ohio State's success on the football field has bred an expectation for winning among its fan base. Things go swimmingly as long as the local team wins the big game.

But when it doesn't, like last Saturday night in a blowout loss to No. 5 Oklahoma, things can get hectic quickly. 

Erratic reactions to losses are part of being a sports fan. Is J.T. Barrett the worst quarterback in the history of college football? Should Urban Meyer retire? It's tough to say, but you didn't have to look hard in our comments this week to find similar takes from frustrated fans.

Turns out, former players are not immune to such reactions. Players from the John Cooper to Urban Meyer eras lined up on social media to deposit their post-loss takes.

Some were spicier than others.

Zach Boren vs. Noah Brown & Dontre Wilson

Former Ohio State linebacker/fullback Zach Boren dabbles in media when not helping run his family's dumpster empire.

Part of being in the media is having opinions. On this week's 11W Web Report, Boren primarily blamed the receivers for Ohio State's offensive struggles.

This did not sit well with former Ohio State receivers Dontre Wilson and Noah Brown:

This caused Boren to clarify his criticism of the receivers:

Buckeye on Buckeye violence: Never a welcomed sight. Especially after a loss.

Kirk Herbstreit & Tate Martell vs. Micah Parsons, Jackson Carman... and Jaiden Woodbey!?

You know Ohio Sate lost a big game when a former and current Buckeye quarterback slug it out with high school recruits on Twitter.

This one got so convoluted, it ended it Woodbey taking a stray bullet from an ABC analyst.

It started with five-star 2018 defensive end Micah Parsons weighing in on Ohio State's QB situation while on an official visit for the Oklahoma game.

Parsons walked that back Sunday morning, but it didn't stop five-star 2018 offensive tackle Jackson Carman from dropping the same opinion Monday:

This drew the ire of Herbstreit, who advised all recruits to keep silent about their collegiate teams.

Of course this didn't sit well with Carman, who reminded Herbstreit he's not yet committed to any team:

Which, sure. But Swinney and Helton would have a problem if Carman voiced a similar opinion about their teams:

A point to which four-star 2018 safety commit Jaiden Woodbey concurred:

For some reason, Tate Martell thought Woodbey was referring to Herbstreit as a sheep.

Which led Herbstreit to ask Martell to guide these young men in the ways of the land:

Poor Woodbey. Carman still thinks Herbstreit is a sheep, though:

Beanie Wells: Baker Mayfield will pay in the NFL... if he makes it.

Mayfield acted like a dick, but he earned that right. That said, I wouldn't be mad about it...

Former safety Jermale Hines: Meyer can't develop players. 

That's such a spicy take it should have its own brand of hot sauce.

Matt Finkes thinks fans are idiots.

Finkes has no time for fans that criticize J.T. Barrett.

I majored in partying, Finkes. I majored in partying.

Shelley Meyer takes hiatus from Twitter.

The coach's wife has seen enough hot takes this week to last her through the winter. She's out, folks.

Please save a margarita for me, Shelley.


Talk to 'em, Senator.

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