DT Antwuan Jackson's Appeal to Auburn Denied, Calls it 'Unfair' The Tigers are Blocking Him From Transferring to Ohio State

By Eric Seger on June 13, 2017 at 6:23 pm
Antwuan Jackson

Remember Antwuan Jackson? Of course, you do. He was one of the handfuls of big fish defensive tackles out of high school that Ohio State defensive line coach Larry Johnson failed to reel in from the recruiting pool.

A 4-star defensive tackle from Ellenwood, Georgia, Jackson elected to sign with Auburn in February 2016. He redshirted last season and now wants to play elsewhere. But the Tigers, beneath what they claim is their prerogative, say not so fast.

Jackson's appeal to Auburn to lift restrictions on his transfer was denied Friday. Auburn said he cannot go to any other SEC school, Ohio State, Mercer, or Georgia Southern. On Tuesday, Jackson unearthed nearly a two-week old tweet to express his displeasure.

Jackson's mother says he is currently exploring going to the junior college route but his tweet Tuesday comes after he called out his former school and the NCAA on June 1.

“My question was: Why are they blocking Ohio State for no reason?” Jackson said, per thestate.com. “They just put Ohio State on there for no reason. My question to them is why are they blocking me from a Big Ten school when they don’t have anything to do with Big Ten schools? Why didn’t they block me from Michigan or Indiana or any other Big Ten school? Why would they do that immediately?”

Round and round we go in the world of the NCAA.

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