Dontre Wilson: ‘I Won't Be an LA Charger Anymore’

By D.J. Byrnes on May 11, 2017 at 4:02 pm
Dontre Wilson no longer an Los Angeles Charger

Former Ohio State H-Back and Zone-6 founder Dontre Wilson signed with the Los Angeles Chargers as an undrafted free agent minutes after the conclusion of the 2017 NFL Draft. 

Wednesday, Wilson posted several videos preparing for Chargers rookie minicamp that starts Saturday at Chargers Park. Unfortunately, it looks like Wilson won't be among the attendees.

"Well, I won't be a LA Charger anymore due to something that I can't control," Wilson tweeted Thursday before deleting it minutes later. "Everything happens for a reason and I'm happy I got a[n] opportunity."

Such is the life of an undrafted free agent trying to make it in the NFL.

Obviously a deleted tweet is a long way from an official team release, but it will definitely be something to watch this weekend as Chargers rookies gather for camp.

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