Braxton Miller Says He Was Underutilized in 2015, Says His Shoulder is 100% Healthy

By D.J. Byrnes on January 15, 2016 at 12:17 am
Braxton Miller's shoulder 100% healthy.

When Braxton Miller switched from quarterback to wide receiver, many expected Urban Meyer and his staff to create a bevy of ways to get the ball to the electric athlete. 

Like much of Ohio State's 2015 offense, it didn't go according to plan. Miller finished with 604 total yards of offense and four touchdowns. Respectable production, but it pales in comparison to past seasons.

Miller is training for the upcoming Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. Speaking to bowl official Patrick Woo, Miller agreed with the sentiment he was underutilized this past season:

Going from touching the ball every play to a season-high five receiving touches (against Maryland) must've been a startling transition for the two-time Silver Football winner. But Miller deserves credit for never voicing these concerns during the season in a public manner.

One of the reasons Miller may have been underused: He was never a threat to throw the ball whenever he took a direct snap. His only pass of the season came on a touch pass to Jalin Marshall against Northern Illinois that went for three yards.

Braxton Miller's one official pass in 2015:
Braxton Miller's only pass in 2015.

That "throw" didn't require 100 percent confidence in his rehabilitated throwing shoulder. Miller, however, says his shoulder is now at 100 percent:

Does this mean we could see him throw a nostalgic bomb in the Senior Bowl? For that, we'll have to wait until Jan. 30. 

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