Cincinnati Man Furious Ohio State Will Be Honored Before Tonight's Reds Game

By D.J. Byrnes on April 8, 2015 at 1:00 pm
They salty in the Queen City.

Urban Meyer and select Ohio State footballers will be honored before tonight's Pirates-Reds game (7:10 p.m., FoxSports Ohio) with Adolphus Washington, Joe Burger, and Ohio State's jefe will be throwing out the first pitch.

This is all part of opulent opening day celebrations planned by the Reds, and the Reds-Ohio State connection is obvious to anybody with three brain cells to rub together.

But one Cincinnati man is appalled the Reds even entertained the idea of honoring the Ohio State Buckeyes in the state of Ohio. His anger, I assume, spurred him to write this glorious email to Cincinnati's 700 WLW, of which I offer but a taste:

So why is the Ohio State football team in town and invited to the celebration? Lance, Columbus is 107 miles away. Why would the Reds share their night with OSU football players and coaches? It is an insult to Reds fans, UC fans and the UC football team and coaches.

This is OUR town. Reds, Bearcats, Musketeers, Cyclones. We have TWO football teams in town. How dare the Reds roll out a red carpet for outsiders and competitors. 80 of them? 80? 80 players, coaches and support staff will be on hand at GABP tonight? 

Was the marching band not invited? Hell, why not have them dot the I behind second base? OSU refuses to play us here. They back out of contracts. They run from us. And the Reds reward them?

I even read the Reds are going to present OSU with a first of a kind "Reds Country Athletic Achievement Award". What?? Urban and members of OSU will also throw out ceremonial first pitches? I even heard that Ezekial Elliott plans to wear a St Louis Cardinals hat tonight, for his hometown team. How dare he!

Maybe the Reds can offer the players free tattoos on the concourse! HAAAAA!

... I guess I should've warned you beforehand about John from Anderson Township's blistering takes.

I'm also willing to bet anyone $5 that he enjoys Skyline's "chili," but if you're super into angry men ranting on the internet... has you covered.

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