Alabama YouTube Man: "Y'all Were the Better Team"

By D.J. Byrnes on January 2, 2015 at 12:12 pm

Earlier this week, I awoke to a startling YouTube video (that was in response to an article I wrote about another startling YouTube video) featuring an Alabama man, hoss4107, calling me a chump-ass Yankee and telling me to suck on an Alabama nutsack.

Such are the perils for any man having opinions on the internet, but because bantering online is almost literally embedded in my DNA, hoss4107 and I spent the days leading up to the Sugar Bowl tweeting dumb and puerile things about why our team was good and the other guy's team was bad. He said Alabama would win. No, I countered, I thought Ohio State would win the big football game.

Well, that game came last night, and the nation saw who was the better team.

And to his credit, hoss4107 posted his crow video this morning, which, of course, can be seen at the top of this page. Hoss4107 offers some petty excuses, but in the end, he admits what we both knew: Ohio State, the team from Ohio, not Alabama, was the better gang of footballers last night.

Despite hoss4107's refusal to apologize to my cats individually by name, I actually have come to like the big fella. So please, stop insulting him. After all: You can't hurt him any worse than Ohio State's football team did last night.

UPDATE (12:44): LawTide423 checks in, but my cats do not accept this apology:

To his credit, LawTide423 was all class with his response. Highlights:

  • “What a Sugar Bowl football game. It was a classic. All the Buckeye fans out there – all the Buckeye Nation, y'all really showed out this weekend—excuse me—this New Year's game. You really showed out in this Sugar Bowl. You really showed out in this hate week and cheers to you.”
  • “You have to take your hat off to Urban Meyer having his team ready. Those players would've walked through walls for him and that's basically what those players did in this football game.”
  • “All I can say is go beat Oregon. Good luck to y'all.”
  • “To all the toppers and to all of the people that put my video on the websites over there on or wherever that is, congratulations.”
  • “That kid Elliott is a BEAST and man, I'd love to have him on my football team. He is a stud.”
  • “So did Cardale Jones. The backup to the backup is a straight-up baller.”

LawTide423, another Bammer YouTube gum-flapper, has yet to post his crow video. Because he blocked me on Twitter for insulting his goatee, I have resorted to watching for white smoke from his YouTube account. I will post it here when I find it, because it's as I swore to him last night: I will find his crow video, and I will monetize it for my own financial gain.

I also may or may not be getting this Tweet framed:

As we await LawTide's crow, here is another export from the Alabama salt mines for your enjoyment, via BangkokBuckeye:

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