Alabama Video Blogger Has Message for Eleven Warriors, Chumpass Yankee D.J. Byrnes

By 11W Staff on December 29, 2014 at 8:05 am

You may remember our own D.J. Byrnes' recent public roast of an Alabama video blogger, LawTide423, for his cringe-worthy YouTube video, which laid out, in exquisite detail, why Ohio State was going to get slaughtered by the mighty Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl. Bonus: He even found a way to work "uppity" into the segment, when discussing Buckeye safety Vonn Bell, who chose Ohio State over Alabama.

It was great for a laugh, spread a bit on Facebook and Twitter and that was the end of that. Or so we thought.

It seems as if LawTide423 has friends on YouTube and one of those friends and fellow Alabama fans, hoss4107 – yes, people still refer to themselves as hoss in 2014, apparently – answered the roast with a magnificent diss track directed at D.J. and Eleven Warriors.

The first four or so minutes cover the basics: Ohio State has no chance, Alabama has too many weapons, Nick Saban is Jesus walking amongst the unworthy in Tuscaloosa and, just for good measure, an Urban Cryer or two. And then it gets really good. Here's the transcript, starting from 4:15:

“Now let's get to somebody who didn't like a certain video that's already been posted by one, LawTide423, for Alabama Nation. D.J. Byrnes and the page – Mr. Wannabe Sports Analyst – whatever you think you are, there's one for you buddy [flips bird].

“You know, anybody that doesn't make videos on here, it's easy to criticize. It's easy to criticize what video makers like us do on here because you don't have the guts or the balls to get up here and rep your team. Why don't you suck on an Alabama nutsack, son. You don't even have any reason to be talking about LawTide or the Alabama Nation.

“We get on here and rep our team and yeah, we brag about our team and we say we're going to beat y'all because we know it. Because our team backs it up consistently. Bama has played tons of ranked teams this season. How about Ohio State? Can they say that?

“Bama came out victorious in games that people thought 'Well, they don't have much of a chance. This can go either way,' and Bama proved them each time. And they gonna prove you wrong, you chumpass yankee!

Think we need to make #CHUMPASSYANKEE shirts.

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