Alex Boone, 49ers Reportedly Reach Two-Year Contract Agreement

By D.J. Byrnes on August 31, 2014 at 12:42 pm
Alex Boone in NFL action against the Tampa Bucs
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Alex Boone came to Ohio State as a heralded prospect, and while Boone was no means a bust during his time in Columbus, the big fella definitely left some potential untapped.

In February 2009, while preparing for the NFL draft in California, Boone went on a drunken tirade and ended up getting tasered by the police. A few months later, he went undrafted.

But after conquering his alcoholism — with LeCharles Bentley earning the assist giving Boone the "come to Jesus" moment he required — Boone quietly turned himself into a premiere NFL guard with the San Francisco 49ers.

As such, Boone felt his wages should be higher. The 49ers rebuffed him, and a contract holdout ensued. At one point, many NFL insiders expected Boone to be traded.

The 49ers, however, didn't dazzle in their preseason, and with key defensive pieces sidelined for reasons ranging from "exploded kneecap" to "gun and DUI charges," the 49ers need for their offense to perform at a high level has become paramount.

Regardless of the reasoning, it looks like Boone got what he wanted, at least for now:

The happiest man besides Boone right now? Probably Carlos Hyde, who has been killing it in the preseason without one of the NFL's best guards.

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