Dublin Dad Wants Craig Krenzel Charged for 'Pee Wee Fracas'

By D.J. Byrnes on August 22, 2014 at 1:13 pm
Dublin Dad Wants Craig Krenzel Charged For Assault His Son

It's a story as old as youth sports itself. One kid gets his block knocked off, the dad of the victim intervenes, the dad of the perpetrator takes an issue with the other dad's tone, and a "fracas" is born.

Such is the scene painted by a 10TV report that left one Dublin-area dad wanting former national title-winning Ohio State quarterback Craig Krenzel put behind bars.

Bruce Wolfe's eight year-old son was involved in an "aggressive block" on Craig Krenzel's son that left lil' Krenzel without his helmet.

Wolfe alleges that Krenzel, an assistant coach on his son's team, ran over to to separate the two boys. Wolfe alleges Krenzel "grabbed [Wolfe's son] by the shoulder pads and yelled at him."

Wolfe was so perturbed by Krenzel's actions, he filed a police report in which he requested assault charges be brought up against the former Ohio State quarterback.

No charges, however, have been filed against Krenzel. 

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