Ohio Offensive Tackle Deontae Armstrong Says Ohio State is “Definitely Up There” in His Recruitment, Has “Great Relationship” with Justin Frye

By Garrick Hodge on January 22, 2023 at 8:35 am
Deontae Armstrong

Last week, identical twin brothers Deontae and Devontae Armstrong saw their hard work pay off on the same day.

The Armstrong twins became the first Ohio offensive linemen to pick up offers from Ohio State in the 2024 class as OSU offensive line coach Justin Frye stopped by St. Edward to deliver the news to them personally on Jan. 13. Frye offered both of the twins at the same time.

“It was super exciting when coach said it,” Deontae told Eleven Warriors. “It was surreal because of the relationship we built. There was a lot that went into it, so when I got the offer I was really excited. (Devontae and I) just kind of looked at each other and just smiled.

“(Frye) said my development and progress through the season got better and better each week as he watched film. The overall work ethic that he watches in the weight room and the progress we made in general (helped too).”

Deontae is being recruited as a tackle by the Buckeyes, while Devontae is seen as a guard by OSU. That aligns with their current positions, as the 6-foot-7, 280-pound Deontae Armstrong plays right tackle and the 6-foot-6, 288-pound Devontae plays left guard for St. Edward. 

“Definitely, 100 percent,” Deontae said when asked if the OSU offer meant a little more than any other offer he’s received so far. “Growing up watching Ohio State, you get more of a feel for the college and the environment growing up as a fan. It definitely gives it more meaning when they give you an offer.”

With his dream offer in hand, Deontae said Ohio State is certainly near the top of his recruitment.

“It’s definitely up there,” he said. “I’d say definitely top three among Michigan and Penn State for sure. It definitely made (my recruitment) a little harder.” 

In their prep careers at St. Edward, the Armstrong brothers have had plenty of team success with a combined 30-2 record the past two seasons culminating in back-to-back state championships.

“I’d say quickness and athleticism,” Deontae said of his best on-field attribute. “Also using that athleticism and being strong. Being more of a lean offensive tackle I think it’s a better fit for me going against quicker defensive ends that other offensive tackles might not be able to block because of how quick they are.” 

Both Armstrong brothers visited Ohio State Saturday for the Buckeyes’ basketball game against Iowa and had the opportunity to spend more time with Frye. The offensive tackle prospect spoke glowingly of his relationship with Ohio State’s offensive line coach.

“We have a great relationship,” Deontae said of Frye. “He comes to our school a lot when it’s allowed and we talk on the phone all the time. The day he offered us, he was at our school for four hours. He came around lunch and didn’t leave until after school when we did our lifts. He stayed pretty much the whole day just to recruit us.” 

Saturday likely won’t be the last time the pair visits Columbus. An official visit for both is a distinct possibility, especially considering Deontae said he doesn’t plan on making a decision any time soon.

“I’m taking it one step at a time,” he said regarding his recruitment. “After I take my officials more than likely is when that decision will be made. Relationships, the best relationships I have with a college (will be the deciding factor).”  

When speaking with reporters after working out at an Ohio State recruiting camp in June, the Armstrongs said they’re not necessarily a package deal in their recruitments. But playing together is something the pair is thinking about. 

“That would be great to go to the same college and do all that stuff,” Armstrong said of potentially playing with his brother. “It would be a unique experience for sure.”

If the twins decide to play for the same college team, a decision would likely be made in unison. 

“Definitely together,” Armstrong said when asked if they’d make their announcements separately or together if they choose the same college.

While Deontae is not ready to make a decision about his future right now, the Buckeyes will merit heavy consideration from the in-state product.

“The people within the program, the development that they had and getting them to the league,” Deontae said regarding the most appealing thing about potentially playing for Ohio State. “The history behind the program is a really rich history. Especially when you’re from Ohio.”

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