The Hurry Up: Davon Hamilton Helps Little Brother Make College Transition, Jack Miller Reaffirms Commitment and Tony Grimes Has Buckeyes in Top Three

By Zack Carpenter on September 27, 2019 at 5:50 pm
Ty Hamilton

The Hurry Up is your nightly dose of updates from the Ohio State football recruiting trail, keeping tabs on the latest from commits and targets from around the country.

Buckeye recruit’s brother handing down wisdom

It’s not a secret. Playing college football is harder than playing high school football.


So are the rigorous weight training programs, nutrition plans and disciplinary measures. At least at your average collegiate program. Ohio State isn’t just an average program, though. All those things will be even more strenuous in Columbus. 

These are obvious truths, but that doesn’t stop plenty of top-level recruits who had been dominant studs on the high school circuit from receiving a Ndamukong Suh-sized wakeup call the minute they hit campus. 

No one is in a better position to relay that reality down to at least one soon-to-arrive rookie better than Davon Hamilton. 

Hamilton, a starting fifth-year Ohio State defensive tackle, has been able to give his little brother, Buckeyes 2020 three-star defensive line commit Ty Hamilton, some advice as Ty awaits his arrival in scarlet and grey.

“Just prepare to work as hard as you’ve ever worked before,” Davon says of the advice he’s given his brother. “Obviously, it’s not easy. I feel like it’s hard for high school players to understand how hard it is to come here and play.”

Ty is one of just two 2020 defensive line recruits the Buckeyes have committed — although that may soon change — but his on-field production is reportedly picking up steam. 

When asked how he thinks Ty has grown as a player from his junior season until now, Davon wasn’t able to give a definitive answer. He’s been a little busy.

“Honestly, I don’t really get to watch him as much because of our games,” Davon said. “But from what I’ve heard he’s been playing really well.”

Ty will come into the program with the same three-star rating as his older brother and has a 247Sports Composite rating (.8635) slightly better than Davon’s was coming out of high school (.8457). 

Here is a look at how the two compare during their senior years at Pickerington Central:


Ty is a a slight notch better than Davon was at this stage of their careers in the eyes of the talent evaluators, and that’s just fine with the older brother. He’ll be more than happy to watch Ty surpass his own success.

“I always wanted him to do better than me,” Davon said. “I feel like with any little brother-big bro thing, if you can come in here and do better than me, I’m gonna be proud of him.”

Top-ranked corner puts Buckeyes in top three

All of you know Ohio State is a factory for serving up future pros, especially at cornerback, and Jeff Okudah will be the latest on that fine list come April. 

You know who also knows that? Five-star 2021 cornerback Tony Grimes, who told WTKR News 3's Megan Plain the Buckeyes are currently in his top three. 

"They are known for putting DB's in the league and that's what I am, and that's where I want to go, is to the league as a DB," Grimes, the nation's No. 3-ranked cornerback, told Plain on Thursday.

Plain asked for just one of the schools in Grimes’ top three, and Ohio State was the program he chose to mention, which is...

Miller reaffirms commitment

Committed to the Buckeyes since July 1, 2018, quarterback Jack Miller of the 2020 class says he doesn’t plan to change that.

Jack Miller tweet

Even if that means Ohio State is looking to add a second quarterback with four-star CJ Stroud, the No. 7-ranked 2020 quarterback right behind No. 6-ranked Miller, set to make a visit next weekend, as reported by 247Sports’ Bill Kurelic.

Miller, who has suffered multiple injuries and will miss at least three games this season due to a shoulder ailment, deleted the above tweet, but his dad also weighed in on the situation. 

And before you get all freaked out, no, I don't believe Miller deleting the tweet means much in this case. In my expert opinion – ya know, having been known to delete a tweet or two myself when I was in high school – my best educated guess is he was tired of people endlessly responding to the tweet and blowing up his menchies.

Four targets to be playing on ESPNU

Mater Dei (Cali.) High School and St. John’s College (D.C.) High School will be squaring off at 8:30 tonight on ESPNU. 

That gives you guys a chance to catch a glimpse of four uncommitted Ohio State targets with Buckeyes offers on your big screen – or, if you’re poor like me, a perfectly average and adequate screen. 

Three 2021 recruits (Taizse Johnson of St. John’s; Raesjon Davis and Jaylin Davies of Mater Dei) and one 2022 recruit (Domani Jackson of Mater Dei) will be playing tonight.

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