Video: Kosta Koufos Getting Ready for His Eighth Year in the NBA

By D.J. Byrnes on June 9, 2015 at 11:51 am
Kosta Koufos getting swollen.

Shout what you want about Kosta Koufos' pedestrian Ohio State career, but you don't get to spend seven years in the NBA by accident. 

With the Grizzlies reportedly having interest in Greg Oden — and the former OSU center working on his cardio at Hawaiian Luaus — it looks like the 2008 NIT MVP is hitting the gym with authority.


Memphis Grizzlies C Kosta Koufos mornings circuit warm-up

A video posted by @chrisddowning on


That's just his warm-up too.

Granted, Hawaiian Luaus sound a lot cooler than working out in a gym in Louisville, Ohio (especially as a former No. 1 overall with millions of dollars), and Oden could be in the gym right now as well, but I know on whom I'm betting to make the Grizzlies' final roster.

Which is somewhat crazy to me, because had you told me in 2008 (even with Oden coming off micro-fracture knee surgery) that Koufos would enjoy a lengthier and more productive NBA career, I would've kicked you in the shin.

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