This Week in Twitter: OSU-ND is a #NightBanger, TBDBITL Previews the New Top Gun Movie, E.J. and Malaki Take NBA Interviews and Ohio State Ends Tennis Team Up North's Season

By 11W Staff on May 21, 2022 at 2:35 pm

This Week in Twitter is a look at some of the week's best and most entertaining tweets from Buckeyeland and beyond.

We begin with men's tennis, where vengeance is a dish best served indoors.

The conference regular season champions lost the B1G tournament title to Michigan to start the month, but barely three weeks later men's tennis advanced to the NCAA Semifinals by knocking the Wolverines out of the big tournament.

It was a precarious evening which began outside in Champaign, but then Mother Nature got involved and the matches were forced to move to Illinois' indoor facility.

You may remember the last time inclement weather decided to interfere with an Ohio State-Michigan showdown, it didn't go well for Ohio State. Only 189 days until that gets rectified, but who's counting. (Point of Clarification: We're counting)

Back to the NCAA Quarterfinals, which moved indoors due to lightning right when the Buckeyes were starting to roll:

It turned out the inclement conditions were irrelevant, and the Buckeyes proceeded to eliminate Tennis Team Up North 4-2 from the 2022 postseason while surviving and advancing to the NCAA Semis.

The team started strong in the Final Four against Kentucky by taking the doubles point, but was unable to advance to the finals. Another great season for a program that always seems to be on the cusp of a national title.

Staying indoors, Chris Holtmann's latest transfer portal import is now officially Scarlet & Gray.

The basketball Bucks sent two stars to the NBA combine, where there's more than just mild interest in both of them.

E.J. and Malaki both departing campus produces understandable anxiety for the upcoming season. 

NFL minicamps have begun, which means QB1 is back at work trying to carry the Bears to respectability.

A couple of his former targets have joined the professional workforce:

If you're wondering why they were hanging out in their new work uniforms:

Note the three fellas in the back row standing with each other.

Back at their former home, the football program's marvelous development staff received justified kudos.

Last year at halftime of the Purdue game TBDBITL paid homage to the 1980s cinematic classic Top Gun. Well, Tom Cruise saw it and extended the band an exclusive invitation which they accepted on Friday.

Top Gun: Maverick opens in theaters later this week.

On Wednesday the Ohio State-Notre Dame game scheduled for Sept 3 was declared a #NightBanger

Not only will the Buckeyes and Fighting Irish kick off at night, ESPN College Gameday will be in Columbus for its 2022 season debut.

Exciting! Someone please help LeBron with his internet, there are more efficient ways to look up kickoff times than asking 51.3M followers and relying on a celebrity response.

Speaking of celebrities, the kid who verbally committed to Ohio State within hours of Jim Tressel's abrupt resignation has some thoughts about creating an environment for success.

His praise for his former coach did not go unnoticed.

You might be old enough to remember when someone else at Ohio State was obviously tweeting from Urban's account. These days, it's definitely Urban@tapping his smartphone screen.

Chances are you heard Alabama coach Nick Saban unambiguously accused Texas A&M of "buying every player" in its top-ranked 2022 recruiting class, which led to Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher responding with equally true harsh accusations for Alabama.

Welp, the two millionaires got Dad's attention and now the conference is involved.

Don't laugh, "public reprimand" is the SEC's harshest penalty for behaving badly.

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