Across the Twitterverse: Review of the Week's Best Tweets

By Nick Clarkson on January 6, 2017 at 3:05 pm

After Ohio State experienced a Fiesta Bowl thrashing, you may have been trying to avoiding Twitter for the past week. But thankfully for you, I've collected all of the week's best tweets from across campus.

Fiesta Bowl 

Aiming to claim back-to-back Fiesta Bowl crowns, and two in one year, the Ohio State Buckeyes came into this one with their eyes set on Tampa after a New Year's Eve clash with the Clemson Tigers.

Buckeye Nation was in full force all day long leading up to a 7 p.m. kickoff from the University of Phoenix Stadium.

But as the clock struck midnight, and we turned the calendar into 2017, Times Square wasn't the only place where the ball was being dropped.

And as the sun set on this forgettable bowl loss, the second of the Meyer era, emotions ran high amongst those in the Twittersphere.

No, seriously. Cardale and Darron were not happy. Just check their timelines.

Goodbye, bUCKEYES

With the 2016 season coming to an end, it means we say farewell to members of the Buckeye Football squad.

 We also say (early) goodbyes to another handful of future Sunday superstars.


Week 17 in the National Football League means end of the year awards — and some of your former Buckeyes made headlines with their first stint in the show.

Also, in case you forgot, you REALLY can't guard Mike.

 If your last name is Bosa, I guess you're decent at pass rushing or something.

Tweet of the Week

Big fan of your choices here, Liam. Vanessa and Raven are also two of my favorites, but I see Corrine causing trouble for weeks to come. Stay tuned!

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