Across the Twitterverse: The Best Buckeye Tweets of 2015

By Kevin Harrish on December 31, 2015 at 6:00 pm

The year comes to a close tonight, capping quite an adventurous year in Twitter. 

2015 saw the creation of a new holiday, a fake transfer announcement, a mix tape that never dropped and a father-son bond that simply cannot be broken.

As we put this year to rest, we take one last look at the highlights from the Twitterverse. So, without further adieu, here are the year's best tweets from around campus.

The Year of Dolodale

As a finale, I present to you Cardale Jones.

Make no mistake, Cardale owned Twitter this year. The former third string quarterback was thrust into the spotlight after J.T. Barrett's injury, and it's safe to say he made the most of his fame.

Here is a summary of Cardale Jones 2015 Twitter antics.

Remember, it's Cardale Jones' world. We're just living in it.

Don't Forget The King

Cardale Jones knows what it feels like to be overlooked and underrated, but he wasn't having it this time.

 'May Fools'

Have you ever invented a holiday simply by sending a few tweets? Cardale Jones did.

May 1st, Dolodale announced he would be transferring to Akron to finish his college career. 

He even made the announcement complete with an avi change – a nice touch.

May Fools

(Spoiler: he didn't actually transfer)

12-Gauge Shoots His Shot

Sensing defeat, Cardale shifted his gaze...

Cardale Shows No Mercy

When Jared called for a rematch, he suggested another challenge – one which apparently made Dolodale a bit uneasy.

 Dolo vs. Noah

Cardale Jones was given the honor of addressing the crowd during the Cleveland Cavaliers' eastern confer;ence semi-final game against the Chicago Bulls. Allegedly, this happened

Cardale Jones was not amused. 

As we know, the Cavaliers won that series, which means Noah lost. Cardale was pleased. 

 *User Not Found*

A tale old as time: someone thought their opinion mattered, they paid dearly for it.

Dan Gustafson decided to tell Cardale Jones to "stick to football" (a highly original #take, I might add). This was Cardale's rebuttal:

Dan Gustafson was forced to delete his account. Cardale Jones made a man rage-quit the internet simply by tweeting. This is our winner of Twitter for the year, folks.

Happy New Year, everyone.

R.I.P. 2015

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