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Useful Tool for This Forum, for Correcting Spelling of Words when the Right Click Doesn't Work As Expected

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August 6, 2020 at 6:52pm

I don't know if other people hate the little 'red' squiggly line under words that are either spelled wrong, or proper words that the spell checker doesn't like, but I know do (but I'm a bit OCD too). 

Normally, on 11Warriors, if there's a red squiggly line under the screen for a word that spellchecker doesn't already know, if you right click, you get a menu like this:

You are not prompted to have the normal content you'd see with word suggestions,  like this:

I want to see the option to correct the spelling (and in this case add 11Warriors to the trusted list) you can bring up the normal right click menu with a little finger dexterity, and some old school keyboard shortcut usage.

(If you're used to using CTRL+X, CTRL+ C, and CTRL+V for Cut, Copy, Paste, this will be more familiar)

However, if you are familiar with the ability to press CTRL+TAB to switch between tabs in a browser, you can use this ability to go forward and back and if you quickly right click right after switching back, you'll get the ability to add the word to your computers dictionary. 

For me, I hover my mouse cursor over the word that's underlined in red, press CTRL+ TAB, press CTRL+SHIFT+TAB, and immediately upon switching back press the right mouse button. It takes a little getting used to, but once you get in the habit it's pretty useful. 

If you have just two tabs open pressing CTRL+ TAB twice, it will go go 'forward' to the second tab and then 'forward' to the first tab again. If you have 3 or more tabs, you'll probably want to use the CTRL + TAB and then SHIFT+CTRL+TAB to 'jump' forward and then back. 

I think the reason we see the first image is because of how 11 Warriors scripts this forum software. I've never figured out a way to disable that from happening. 

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