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I'm a former tOSU student, and I also worked as a System's Specialist for CAMM, a research group in the Mat Sci & Engineering department under Dr. Fraser (former Buckeye Simon Fraser's father). My wife is also from tOSU, she has her Bachelors, Masters, and PhD from the Mat Sci & Eng department.

We both work for Intel here in Portland OR as Engineers, she's used to be pre-Silicon in fabrication, and now works in final approval for all chips... I'm post-silicon in functional validation. I test and verify that a new as-yet-to-be-sold CPU line works with all the components and peripherals on a computer platform (USB, Video, Audio, etc). I've been in the IT/IS field for the better part of 25 years, and I'm happy to help with any computer questions if someone here needs it.

There's quite a few Michigan Alumni here at Intel, and we regularly give each other a hard time when we see each other. I try not to stomp on them too much since they have a lot more to be sad about then I do, and like me, we tend to root for each others team all but one day each year, since it doesn't do Ohio State any good to beat a 2-9 Michigan team in the polls.

We have two boys, born in 2012 and 2017, and both wear Buckeye gear far too much. There's no mistaking that my kids like Ohio State thanks to all the clothing outfits they get from extended family and friends.

My older son always wears his J.T. Barrett home Jersey on Friday's. If I'd let him he would wear it every other day. He's getting a Dobbins jersey for his birthday in 2 months... He frequently plays basketball and football and pretends he's Ohio State playing Michigan or Clemson. He also calls Michigan Meatchicken on a regular basis. Since my younger son is just a baby, he's not yet pretending to be someone from Ohio State, but my older son routinely says that "Ethan michigan'd his pants" when referring to poop.

I'm an avid vintage motorcycle collector, as my avatar is actually one of the bikes, I inherited the interest from my late father, who when he passed away in 2009 had over 180 vintage motorcycles. I also enjoy reading about history, aircraft, military, and science. I am a huge fan of Mp3 music, having been making my own MP3's since the late 90's before most people knew what they were...


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Close tie....

    a) sitting in the A section for the OSU Michigan game in '06 with my future wife.

    b) flying the OSU flag all week after beating the locally favored Ducks after the 2015 CFB NC when all my neighbors kept telling me how bad Oregon would smash Ohio State.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: current: Nick Bosa or JT Barrett, past: Orlando Pace or Joey Galloway
  • NFL TEAM: Browns :sigh:
  • NHL TEAM: none
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs (with or without Lebron)
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Barcelona/ManU

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Comment 13 Nov 2019

What possible benefit does Chase gain playing against what amounts to an FCS school caliber program (and a crappy one at that). Young doesn’t seem to care about accolades or trophies, he seems to care about what he can do to help his team. 

he’s playing this Saturday at Rutgers offers no tangible benefit, and all it does is open himself up to the possibility of an injury that occludes him from playing in the much more important Penn State and Michigan games. 

Comment 13 Nov 2019

I’m convinced that people who write up these preseason top 10 posts are either morons or high, because they have absolutely no credibility whatsoever. It’s like me trying to pick what the temperature is going to be next year every day of the week next year in March. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

I can't wait until we stomp both Alabama and/or Clemson this year if we see both/either in the CFP... (fingers crossed), and officially push both of them off the pile of CFB skulls.

Day is building a monster dynasty. Considering how Urban started, Day I think is going to surpass what Meyer did.

That being said, if we land 6 five star recruits (assuming none drop/rise), that would be incredible. AFAIK only Clemson has ever signed 6 five stars right?

Comment 02 Nov 2019

When I watched Mike Vrabel years ago, I got the distinct sense that he wanted to drive his own ship, and not just stay in his own lane. 

Listening to Hafley and Hartline, I think they may very well be content to stay at Ohio State for over 5 years. Both remind me of Johnson or Venables. They are both phenomenal coaches who seem content to simply be the top tier in their field.

AFAIK, Hafley has never done anything but DB/DC and Hartline is too new for much history.

I wonder if Hafley is looking at the sheer plethora of talent coming in and also looking at the past failure of say someone like say Chris Ash as a cautionary tale....i hope he continues to be content roaming on the defensive side and not putting on the head coaching cap.

We’re also very fortunate to have Washington at LB

the only one I’m still a little concerned with is Alford. I think our RB success is more due to Wilson than anyone....and I wonder if our recent struggles with several RB’s is somewhat related to Alford.

Comment 28 Oct 2019

If Michigan thought 62 points was bad with 39 for them, wait until they have 62 points scored on them with only 10 points for themselves. 

and Wisconsin has to be delusional, the last time we played them in a dome we hung 59 on them, and the 2019 team is significantly better than that one.... 

Comment 26 Oct 2019

Oregon has more of those by far, and personally I see a lot of Heffers in the stands at Wisconsin frankly. 

it’s like 4-H heaven up there in cow land 

Comment 26 Oct 2019

While there are many reasons to hate Wisc, I have to give them props for their 4th quarter Jump Around tradition. Started in an era when Rap was still greatly frowned upon by the old fuddy-duddy’s, that is one of the earliest big places I can think of embracing a hip-hop/rap song at a major venue, and it is well worth the trip to Camp Randall to see at least once in your life, though sweeter when they’re getting beat by us. 

Comment 15 Oct 2019

I agree. It’s almost like some mad scientist merged Terrelle Pryor’s speed, Braxton Miller’s agility, JTB’s toughness/leadership, and some roots of Haskins maturity and accuracy and said “viola”. Maybe in another year he’ll develop some of Cardale’s moxie and Cannon strength... I’m not sure he needs it, in 6 games I’ve never seen a better QB1 come out of the gate as developed and with as much ceiling as JF has. 

if he stays healthy and we can get two more years out of him, I’m thinking he could go down as the greatest ever. 

It kind of makes you wonder what in the heck Kirby Smart was thinking and not fighting to keep him around.