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I'm a former tOSU student, and I also worked as a System's Specialist for CAMM, a research group in the Mat Sci & Engineering department under Dr. Fraser (former Buckeye Simon Fraser's father). My wife is also from tOSU, she has her Bachelors, Masters, and PhD from the Mat Sci & Eng department.

We both work for Intel here in Portland OR as Engineers, she's used to be pre-Silicon in fabrication, and now works in final approval for all chips... I'm post-silicon in functional validation. I test and verify that a new as-yet-to-be-sold CPU line works with all the components and peripherals on a computer platform (USB, Video, Audio, etc). I've been in the IT/IS field for the better part of 25 years, and I'm happy to help with any computer questions if someone here needs it.

There's quite a few Michigan Alumni here at Intel, and we regularly give each other a hard time when we see each other. I try not to stomp on them too much since they have a lot more to be sad about then I do, and like me, we tend to root for each others team all but one day each year, since it doesn't do Ohio State any good to beat a 2-9 Michigan team in the polls.

We have two boys, born in 2012 and 2017, and both wear Buckeye gear far too much. There's no mistaking that my kids like Ohio State thanks to all the clothing outfits they get from extended family and friends.

My older son always wears his J.T. Barrett home Jersey on Friday's. If I'd let him he would wear it every other day. He's getting a Dobbins jersey for his birthday in 2 months... He frequently plays basketball and football and pretends he's Ohio State playing Michigan or Clemson. He also calls Michigan Meatchicken on a regular basis. Since my younger son is just a baby, he's not yet pretending to be someone from Ohio State, but my older son routinely says that "Ethan michigan'd his pants" when referring to poop.

I'm an avid vintage motorcycle collector, as my avatar is actually one of the bikes, I inherited the interest from my late father, who when he passed away in 2009 had over 180 vintage motorcycles. I also enjoy reading about history, aircraft, military, and science. I am a huge fan of Mp3 music, having been making my own MP3's since the late 90's before most people knew what they were...


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Close tie....

    a) sitting in the A section for the OSU Michigan game in '06 with my future wife.

    b) flying the OSU flag all week after beating the locally favored Ducks after the 2015 CFB NC when all my neighbors kept telling me how bad Oregon would smash Ohio State.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: current: Nick Bosa or JT Barrett, past: Orlando Pace or Joey Galloway
  • NFL TEAM: Browns :sigh:
  • NHL TEAM: none
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs (with or without Lebron)
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Barcelona/ManU

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Comment 18 May 2020

Academically, Michigan is only rivaled by Northwestern when it comes to prestige. I hate them as much as anyone on here, but their degree is nothing to laugh at, and has nothing to do with the decline of the auto industry in Detroit. 

Fact is if an employer here was interviewing two equal skilled people, one with a degree from Michigan, and the other from Ohio State, where I work they'd very likely hire the guy from Michigan....

Comment 16 May 2020

I don’t think any of the RB’s transfer, most of these players dream of making the league. If you are the loan bell cow carrying the most times, your career is even shorter than it could have been.

I think that’s why guys like Henderson and Pryor are fine with each other in the same class, they both realize that sharing the load helps minimize injury, and maybe lets them last longer on Sundays. 

Comment 15 May 2020

John Cooper could easily be the first, and last person you write about. 

I wish my dad would have pushed him out the airlock of the Lear somewhere over Texas when they flew him to Don Scott secretly for his interview with Ohio State's brass; seeing him careening in sheer terror from 41K feet would maybe make me feel better than watching the clusterf*ck of his tenure at Ohio State, maybe

I'm kidding of course, maybe.


Comment 14 May 2020

If my wife keeps having to WFH with two boys (8 and 3), I'm pretty sure she's going to murder one of them. 

The 3 year old keeps screaming 'mommy, look!' repeatedly when she's in meetings...two days ago he decided to throw a little soccer ball at her to get her attention, hit her in the back of the head. Boy was she pissed off. 

Comment 13 May 2020

And the US got a lot of it’s technology from German scientists who fled were expatriated by our OSS and the US Government.


Part of me is thankful we did what we did in '45 because if we didn't take them, the Soviets would have (and they truly sucked), but also part of me thinks we're a gang of hypocrites. Spoils of War and all.... 

Comment 30 Apr 2020

Anyone who complains about fairness is an diluted, (this isn’t directed at the OP, just in general). Life isn’t fair. My son at 8 years old had to get a lesson in this just tonight in fact.  

Too often I feel like our youth feels entitled, entitled to things they have no business believing in. This evening my older son blamed his mother for not taking time to help him with his homework. He didn’t seem to understand that her willingness to help him wasn’t anything he was entitled to, that her willingness to help him is a privilege, that some kids have parents who aren’t willing to work all day from home, making sure he’s fed and then taking the time to make sure his homework is done. 

This was honestly a very difficult night, because I had to teach my son at eight years of age that the only thing he’s entitled to in life, is life itself, freedom in this country (he’s not going to get Liberty), and the right to try to have happiness in life.

Collegiate sports aren’t fair. If they were, Western Kentucky would be able to compete with Clemson. I understand in some principle making it somewhat against the idea of Ohio State and Clemson being the 600 pound gorilla in the world of college football, but I wish we’d use this opportunity to teach kids the reality of life.

Life isn’t fair, if never will be. Sorry to rant here, but it was a difficult evening.....

Comment 27 Apr 2020

I am thoroughly convinced that BR is run by morons or people who live in Oregon/Washington and self medicate with Weed.

If Shaun Wade doesn’t go top 12, he seriously regressed in 2021. I’m not saying he’s Okudah 2.0, but he’s way better than this. 

And frankly, the only way Field’s goes as low as 13th is if Ryan Day is kidnapped by aliens and Jim Harbaugh somehow takes over responsibility for his QB’ing!


Comment 26 Apr 2020

My son and I watched Austin Mack at the Opening in Portland, Oregon at Nike’s campus, and he was definitely the best WR overall that day. I too thought he would for sure be a future second or first round draft pick. Honestly it’s a damn shame he didn’t have Brian Hartline to learn under for more years, he certainly seemed to have all the raw tools to excel at the next level. I do wish him luck though. I hope someday he proves all the teams that passed on him as a diamond in the rough....