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A Quick Note Re: the Commenting Policy

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June 1, 2020 at 2:38pm

As has been stated by several members, enforcement of the commenting policy has been a little lax. This has been intentional, and the reasons why can be read here.

We've already begun the process of getting the boards back to what they were: an escape from the hot takes and political bickering so pervasive on social media, and we need your help doing it. Please keep this in mind when commenting, as there will be less leeway given to political and hot button topics going forward.

If you happen to have a comment removed, please do not take it personal. It's going to happen as we try to get things back in order. If you have a question or disagree with something we've done, feel free to contact your favorite (or least favorite) MOD through the contact button.

Lastly, everyone be cool to one another. It's better that way.

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