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Inappropriate Ads at Work

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November 27, 2019 at 11:58am


There have been a bunch of ads for "Spicy Lingerie" that keep popping up at work -- and no, it is in no way connected to any browsing history of mine before people ask -- Normally the "ad choices" button allows me to report and block specific ads, but these ones override that button behavior and open a pop up window which basically full screens the ad with some kind of ad preferences page that isn't from google. 

These ads are typically on the side banner (google ads) and scroll with the page, preventing me from scrolling past it quickly to prevent it from being on screen.  I see them on the front page, on articles, the forums page and on forum posts.

It would be great if you could block it, but I don't have the ability to give you any information about the ad since the ad sense button is not working.


Edit: Looks like these are amazon ads?  And the Ad Choices button for different ads goes different places, and you can sorta opt out but it uses cookies to do it which is very poor.  I couldn't find anything from chrome dev tools to identify anything related to the specific ad but it keeps popping up in various forms all over the place.  It's beyond annoying.  Please shut it down

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