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Comment 6 minutes ago

If we never get to see Ohio State's beautiful kick pass again I will be sad. 

But on the plus side, assuming you can punt from this new play, this does a few things.  First, the clock ticks while the ball is in the air on a punt unlike a kickoff, which has end of game implications for running out the clock.  Secondly, it's harder to set up a return on a punt as you have to keep your defense near the LOS in case of a fake (which you could completely do in this situation).  You can block punts also, and touchbacks (75 yard kicks being a tall order) put it on the 20, fair catches wouldn't go to the 25, and the ball isn't live so it doesn't have to be fielded. 

So in a way both teams have a chance to gain an advantage if a punt is executed on this play.  Plus, Jim Tressel would die of unadulterated bliss.

Comment 3 hours ago

Heacock had some fantastic defenses lets not forget.  And when Chris Ash came in, he also did pretty well.

Having watched this team for the past 20 years as an adult, I can't say that any of Dantonio, Heacock, Ash, or Hafley is better or worse than each other.  They were all different eras against different offenses and they were all top units nationally during their tenure graduation many individuals to the NFL, many to all-Pro status.  Hafley may be too soon to judge but we had a pretty good unit this past season...

Comment 15 Jan 2020

He broke like 2 tackles the whole game (resulting in like 100 rushing yards) and people say he outplayed Fields.  

Fields had a better statline even if you counted Lawrences runs as completed passes and added to his totals.  Fields isn't the reason that Dobbins dropped a screen pass, although he did miss him on another and barely overthrew him on the TD that was called back as incomplete.  Had Olave run his route correctly and you can add another 23 yards and a TD to the statline.

I was seeing Fields dropping dimes, hitting players in stride all over the field and Lawrence was struggling most of the game missing his targets until the 4th quarter.  Kudos for making the plays when it mattered (not that a jump pass where your RB takes it 43 yards to the house requires much) but Lawrence did not play better than Fields.  And Lawrence against LSU definitely didn't strengthen his argument of being the better quarterback either.  Fields and our receivers would have shredded LSUs defense.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

If we're talking about his hair, then they're absolutely right.  If they are talking about Football... then, well... IDK.  Fields outplayed him two weeks ago, and Burrow destroyed his soul last night.  So somehow that makes him the GOAT?

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Clemson's D as good as it was (and the way it started the game) still didn't make LSU change their offensive scheme the way our DL would have with Chase Young.  This game is about matchups and it would have been a completely different looking game had we been there.  I don't know which direction it would have gone, but I think our offense scores more than 25 points (because I think we convert our redzone opportunities better than against Clemson's D).  Does our defense do as good or better than Clemsons?  Probably, because of Chase Young as mentioned above.  

I wish we got a chance to find out

Comment 14 Jan 2020

We largely neutralized Etienne on the ground, you don't think the LB corps contributed to that?  He got a few big plays in the passing game, but that was late in the game and some were just great play calls.  Our defense was built for one on one matchups and the big plays that Lawrence had with his feet were due to missed tackles at/near the LOS or where Lawrence was flat out better than the 1 on him.  Then there's nobody left to beat because of scheme.

Our defense will be fine next year, we always reload.  What expectations did we have coming into this past season defensively?  If we didn't completely shatter them then I don't know what to say.  Next year maybe we don't field the top unit in the country, but we'll be top 5 or top 10 at worst.  If our offense maintains we are squarely in the playoff hunt, and there's no reason to think they won't.

Comment 08 Jan 2020

I think having to play WVU the day after the Fiesta Bowl was difficult.  I think the basketball team got caught on an emotional low after staying up late watching the football team lose the way they did.  Need to be on it against any ranked team.

After that, losing to Wisconsin was inexcusable, but they are a physical team and a completely different style than the majority of our OOC schedule.  So that game was a wake up call (we shouldn't have needed it or lost, but it is what it is at this point).

Losing at Maryland is going to happen, it's a tough place to play.  Still hurts, and not having Young is also a big factor.  Unfortunately that puts us at a 3 game skid and I fear that mentally we are a little out of it.  Need a bounce back win in a big way.

Comment 08 Jan 2020

I'd hardly say any team got screwed regardless of which way the call went.  It was a touchback and would have been one if he wasn't an idiot and forgot how kickoffs work.  He could have just not caught it and it would have been a touchback.  Hence the "common sense prevailed".

Had it been called a TD or an illegal forward pass / safety then yes, there would have been a team being screwed.  But not by the refs, by the idiot player.  He got lucky, but you really really really can't say the Bills were screwed.  It was a routine play and a brain fart.

Comment 08 Jan 2020


Has more of a Johnny feel to it for me (the creator of Carlos Hyde's nick name and later, twitter handle, El Guapo) but nobody took credit for it in that article.

Edit: Ha, Ramzy beat me to it.  And I guess it was him after all...

Comment 07 Jan 2020

I am still mad about getting flagged for excessive celebration multiple times the first year we had the block O gloves and all they did was bring their hands together to form the block O.  I think we had it called twice in the same game at one point.  Stupid rule.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

After watching a few times, if Olave runs his route 1 of two things would have happened:

Olave stays in front of the defender, ball arrives late, contested catch or it's behind Olave and still a pick.  Definitely not guaranteed 6.  This also assumes the defenders path didn't change, and since he was staring at Fields the whole play, is probably accurate (though if Olave had made any contact with him, they are both slowed and maybe the defender doesn't reach the spot)


Olave runs behind the defender (this is how it looks like it was supposed to be run) and the ball is not deep enough and Olave has to come back to it and fight through the defender.  At a minimum probably still a PBU if not still intercepted.

Based on the timing and placement of the throw, you could argue that Olave wasn't as open as we think and it's possible that it was Fields who erred and not Olave (Olave knowing the safety would be able to make a play rightly changed his route, but slipped, Fields should have seen the safety staring him down and checked down but went for the home run).

Comment 02 Jan 2020

The defender had to reach and barely got to it.  Olave would have been in front of the defender and in position to make the catch.  My only concern is that the ball may have ended up slightly behind Olave which might have allowed the defender to make a play on the ball or commit DPI or something, but we don't know because he didn't run the route.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Did they know LSU was going to win when the officiating assignments were made?  They do it this way exactly for that reason -- the appearance of impropriety.  All the conferences have a chance to have their officials do a big game, and they are assigned so that no conference officiates a game their team is playing in. 

You also want the best crews for each game.  Each game had the top crew (supposedly) from that conference.  How else do you divide it up?  Giving all the games to one conference isn't going to get you the best 3 crews.  Opening it up to G5 crews doesn't either, unless you think the AAC has better officiating?  Doubtful?  Wouldn't a MAC crew have had a midwestern bias in our favor instead?  We can find conspiracies wherever we want to, that doesn't make them real.

The on field product was fine, anyway.  Our only beef was with the review booth.  So I guess the SEC headquarters is afraid of Ohio State (whom their star quarterback is a graduate of) so obviously we can't let them play....  

Comment 30 Dec 2019

My observations from how the game went:

1.  Penalties/undisciplined play hurt a lot.  I don't want to debate whether or not targeting happened, but two of their TD drives shouldn't have happened due to penalties extending drives.  In the 2nd quarter, obviously we have the Wade targeting giving them a first down when they should have been punting from deep in their own side of the field.  But then we give them another 15 for DPI and as they pick on Wade's replacement march down the field and score.  Their third TD of the game was a similar story.  It was the third quarter and we had pinned them on the 1.  They get a first down but then two incompletions (both could have been intercepted as our DBs were in better position to make a play than either receiver) and a stuffed run later and it's again 4th and a lot from deep on their side of the field.  We then go after the punt (the call was fine btw) and hit the punter (he was in the air from the kick so no he didn't lean into the hit).  It isn't the first time we have committed a similar penalty going for a block and it isn't the first time an opponent has scored after costly penalties on a drive that should have been over.

2.  Play calling was too conservative to close the 1st half.  It is 16-7 with 4 minutes left and we have the ball.  It seemed like we ran on first down most of the game and it was mostly for short gains or nothing.  It seemed like after the TD by Clemson Ryan Day just wanted to end the half, so we go 3 and out, and they get the ball back and drive right down the field on us.  I felt like our defense was in prevent mode which ends up never working out.  Then we get the ball back after they score again, and we do the same thing and go 3 and out.  Fortunately Clemson lets the half end at that point.  I think we needed to keep punching after their first TD, and if we do, even if we don't score there we can run the clock out and keep a 9 point lead into half time.  After the way they scored their first TD, there is no way we should have let them get the ball back there especially with them receiving the 2nd half kick.

3.  Justin Fields made the right decision on the last play of the game.  However, it wasn't the right play.  When Clemson scored their TD with 1:43 left, I remember thinking they gave us too much time.  We responded by marching down the field 10 yards at a time and eating up clock in the process.  When we had 40 some second left from the 23 and we go endzone, I think that was also leaving too much time on the clock.  Others had mentioned that Dobbins was open, and he was.  What I don't understand is why the home run was the first option on that play with the time remaining that there was.  Seems like with two timeouts left you want to get the first down and let time dwindle then try to score the TD with 4 plays from inside the 10.  Even if Olave keeps his route and makes the catch in stride (the DB had to reach to pick it, and Olave had the step on him, so the ball was placed correctly for Olave to catch it uncontested) I think 43 seconds is a long time to give Clemson another shot at a game winner given how all of their TDs were the result of quick drives full of big plays.  Maybe we stop them this time, but we had just given one up so do you bank on that?

I guess I'm still not over this one and it will take some time for the sting to lessen, but I really wish we had this one back or the chance to replay it.  And if we had Wade for 4 quarters I don't think it ends up close, at all.  But kudos to them for doing what they needed to win, even if it literally took everything going their way to happen.  I hope LSU stomps them.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Here's the thing.  You have 5 P5 conferences and 4 conferences represented.  So the conference not represented gets the title game, that's easy.  That's why you have the PAC XII officiating that. 

Now we get to decide the other 2 games.  You aren't going to have SEC or Big 12 refs in the Peach, nor will you have Big 10 or ACC refs in the Fiesta.  So we could end up with either SEC refs or Big 12 refs, we ended up with SEC.  There's no conspiracy there.  Would Big 12 refs have been better?  Who knows.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Yes they impacted the game flow, obviously but the ultimately outcome, maybe not.  People are out here saying that the SEC conspired to put a weaker team in the finals so that LSU would win and we need to stop with that.  We look pathetic as a fan base right now.

The outcome of the game was decided when Clemson scored a crucial TD in the final minutes and when given the chance to answer, we couldn't.  It wasn't decided by the refs.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Obviously he is better throwing the ball than JT, I wasn't saying that.  I just don't think his throwing ability is elite like Haskins was last year, and to a slightly lesser extent Fields, especially on Saturday.  He won the game more with his feet not his arm.  That's how JT won games, with his feet not his arm.  The comparison ends there.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

2. We should have been up 35-0 through the first quarter and a half of you take away penalties and execute every red zone opportunity. So it would have been like 35-7 or 35-14 (maybe) going into half. We would have won the game in that alone with that effort, but guess what, we don't live in a world of what ifs and nots. It didn't happen. Time to move on (at your own pace obviously).

We played very undisciplined throughout the game and you can't do that.  Clemson played like they'd been there before because they had.  Can't take that away from them.

4. Prior to the JK endzone drop, they stopped our momentum to review and give Wilson the catch bit who knows if JK would have scored or scored on ensuing downs. However, the drop in the end zone was more on Justin throwing it too hard, but he was probably feeling the pressure and got too juiced. The subsequent screen play was ok JK for losing focus. This is when I started feeling like we were shooting put ourselves too many times to pull out the W.

He was running through the biggest hole on the left side I've ever seen and had nothing but grass.  Herbstreit called it then about the review stopping the momentum and I agreed, but we still should have scored a TD on the drive.  That hurt, but we overcame that on defense the next series and then by scoring a TD to go up 10-0.  

5. In 2H, KJ didn't catch the TD that hit his facemask, which would have swung the momentum back to us, so again, another shot to our own foot - but Olave + Fields delivered on the 4th and 2 to give us the lead before our defense couldn't hold Clemson back any longer on their Championship drive (as Day called it).

The DB got there a little early and was interfering as the ball arrived, but those get non-calls frequently.  I can't fault him for that, it was a tough play.

6. We have had trouble with the QB run all year... It made me think back on Mattison's time at TTUN. Wasn't he the DC during Hoke's tenure when they couldn't stop XBrax (a dual threat)? Makes me wonder if this defensive scheme needs some tweaking... I'd like to see us be more unpredictable. Simplicity is a two sided sword... They didn't even use motion to see what defense we were in... That's called confidence

Seems like there were several times it was either tackle in the backfield or bust on QB runs this year...  Lawrence is a great runner and he was able to slip several times despite us having players there to make the plays.  They just didn't...  Maybe a few teams we don't keep contain and he breaks it that way, but I don't think scheme was necessarily the problem.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

My favorite part of that play is CY being held by two players and his facemask being grabbed and he still gets in on the sack.

I still think it was targeting, because Wade does drop his helmet as he makes the hit (Lawrence does look to drop his but he was also bracing for impact).  If he keeps his head up it's a clean sack.