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Comment 11 Apr 2019

They typically have 1 major event with 1000 or so free tickets per year.  This past season it was one of the non-conference games and it ended up raining pretty bad.  The year before, it was MSU on Veteran's day and that was amazing.  Not sure what they'll do this year.  This is the first time I've seen spring game tickets on there in bulk.

Beyond that, most home games have individual donors that will give out 2 or 4 tickets at a time, but those are really hard to get (I've never won a lottery for one).  I've been seeing a lot of women's basketball and men's/women's hockey this year, they usually have unclaimed tickets for those.  I don't follow other sports so not sure if there are others they give away.

Comment 26 Mar 2019

I know people like to beat the "UCF hung a banner" thing to death, but they actually are recognized national champions by the NCAA that season.  We can talk about how dumb it is for the NCAA to have multiple championship selectors instead of a sanctioned postseason like every other sport that exists, but because UCF was selected by an official selector (the colley matrix), they are official NCAA champions.  And they hung a banner for it, as they should, since they weren't invited to prove it on the field of play.

Comment 13 Mar 2019

Donating to a school is a legit charitable donation and affects the entire student body.  No individual is expressly benefiting other than as a major donor, maybe your family gets preferred admission status, but maybe not.

What is going on here is direct bribery and also tax fraud.  They are giving money to an individual and writing it off on their taxes as a charitable contribution.  This individual is then giving money to other individuals in the admissions department who are altering their admissions profile to improve the chances of admissions.  They are also falsifying test scores which is also fraudulent.  The university as a whole does not benefit.  You could say it suffers because a qualified kid doesn't get accepted who would have been a better student than the one who got in fraudulently.  

If you can't see how this is massively different than a major donor building a library then, well, make your own conclusion.

Comment 04 Mar 2019

The only person who thinks Kyler Murray is a better NFL prospect (and will be drafter higher) is Kliff Kingsbury when he made an idiotic statement a few months ago.  So if he wants him in Arizon instead of Josh Rosen or Haskins so be it.  That would be dodging a bullet for Haskins anyway.  A few million now is not worth your career tanking and losing money years from now because a terrible franchise drafted you.  Ask 36 of the last 37 browns quarterbacks about that.

Comment 28 Feb 2019

PBS Kids has some fantastic (and free) programming which is constantly expanding.  I don't have Nick Jr but the shows are a little bit more fantastical and I don't think as appropriate for very young kids (3 and under) despite its marketing.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

I have experience developing websites that use those check boxes.  What's the most frustrating with them is that when I want to test, the first couple times it works normally, then after that I have to basically take a quiz to prove that I'm a human.  Because most forms like this are designed to only be filled out a small number of times (or once) per person, this works well, but is an annoyance when testing the website before it launches.  

This technology is designed to prevent bots from flooding a server with bogus forms, so if the first few get through and then it stops the next 10,000, then that is a win.  I don't think even Google can reliably stop the first check box on a form from a bot, but it's very very good at stopping the rest.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

Diebler took basically til his Senior year to become the legend that he is now.  

And now I'm reminded of Wisconsin that year, with Bo telling Jared Sullinger to "Deal with it" after complaining of being spit on by fans after the game in Madison.  We then, collectively, told Bo to deal with it when we lit up the scoreboard at home later in the season.  That was such a satisfying game.  Sadly, Diebler was the only player to miss a three for the Buckeyes that game.  I could be wrong but I think that game still holds the record for consecutive three point shots made, and also for three point percentage with over 10 attempts in a game.

Comment 25 Feb 2019

I play football the way God, Woody Hayes, and Jim Tressel intended it.  It's not my fault Bollman screwed up its perception.

Comment 22 Feb 2019

Anything named the "Screaming Eagles" that isn't the 101st Airborne Division, the finest division in the entire United States Army, is a damn imposter and offends me greatly.

Ok not really but Salt Lake City?  Really?  You could at least be somewhat geographically close to Ft. Campbell or have some historical connection to it but no...

Comment 17 Feb 2019
I don't get to watch a lot of basketball but the first half was very promising. Then they came out flat and failed to take advantage of many opportunities in the second half. That cost them nearly as much as giving up a 20-2 run to close the game. I will say that they came out with a great gameplan to start, but Izzo seemed to adjust to start the second half and then we quit. Don't know if they just ran out of steam or what but that last 8 minutes was beyond pathetic.
Comment 13 Feb 2019

It actually was basket interference, the ball was directly above the cylinder of the basket when it was touched by the LSU player.  However, goaltending by UK also took place prior to the basket interference which should have caused the original shot (not the tip in) to be counted.  In the end, the final score was correct, LSU wins.

Comment 07 Feb 2019

You could also ask why they waited until the day of the game to offer them as well, but I'd think it has to do with ticket revenues :)  Donating unsold tickets at the last minute fills empty seats and improves the environment for the game, and costs them nothing.  But I'm not going to complain about it, either.  Especially since every year there is a football home game with probably over 1,000 tickets available, and two years ago it was MSU on veteran's day.  That's a significant gesture and I has enabled me to go the past two years.

Also, FWIW, women's basketball has had unclaimed tickets available for every game.  Men's hockey has had a few games with tickets also.  I don't follow any of the other sports so I can't speak to those.