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Comment 15 Aug 2019

Since you don't seem to be in the loop, this article should sum it up for you.  In short, he called his competition for the QB spot at TAMU "ass, my dude" shortly before decommitting.  So his leaving Ohio State shortly after declaring publicly that he would beat Fields for the starting spot wasn't his first rodeo and is a substantial reason why OSU fans don't like him.  His name and stature just add to it, even though I agree should be off limits.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Wasn't Cardale's tweet because he got a B on an assignment or an exam or something?  Yeah it was dumb, but he wasn't actually complaining about actually having to go to class.

Comment 07 Aug 2019

The issue is that the CBA sets the terms and not the player or the team.  So given that the NFL is a monopoly, and the player has no say over where he is drafted and what that team can do with him once drafted, that means that the top players have zero leverage to get market value after year 1 or 2.  But the teams can cut them because the terms of the contract allow them to, so there is little risk other than a lost season if draft picks don't pan out.

So yes, legally players are bound by the contracts they sign, but they have no power over most of the terms except how much is guaranteed/sign on bonus versus salary.  And given that the NFL is a monopoly and the player doesn't get to choose his own team, they have no choice but to sign a contract that gives them no rights.

Comment 07 Aug 2019

I was referring to the structure of the rookie contract, not what he is currently negotiating.  Had the rookie contract had an out for the player then Zeke could exercise that and force the team to renegotiate or he becomes a free agent.  His only recourse as of now is to sit and waste a year which benefits nobody in the meantime. 

In your second contract, the league generally knows your worth because you have proven it on the field so the risk is less for both sides, so if Zeke decides to underperform after being guaranteed something on par with Mike Thomas, then so be it, but I'm not talking about that.

As far as teams taking a big risk on draft day, are they really?  The salaries are practically nothing compared to the potential of a second contract, and they don't have to structure and guarantee anything via signing bonus if they don't want to.  But you aren't taking a guy in the top half of the first round if you think he is going to not be worth that money.  The risk of a bust is more for playoff potential than the cash it costs them.

And again, yeah, a lot of top drafted prospects don't pan out or get injured or what have you.  They get their small amount of guaranteed cash and can get cut at any point.  I'm just proposing that the player can "cut the team" also.  If Zeke had the power to go to any team in the NFL to get his market value, Dallas would have the check book open right now and Zeke would be in camp.

Comment 06 Aug 2019

This will be fun:

If Troy Smith hadn't won the Heisman (and showed up to the BCS Championship game fat and hungover) and Ted Ginn hadn't been injured after returning the opening kick, we win the 2006 National Championship.

Between 1:30 and 2:30 is the best kickoff time.

I liked Urban while he was here but strongly opposed the hire, and now I'm not that sad he's gone.  

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Regarding the reCAPTCHA article -- I know much of it was ranting and/or tongue in cheek (hopefully too many people didn't take it too seriously) -- bots submitting forms on websites is a huge problem.  Some of them are security scanning tools, some of them are random people with bots, some are truly malicious.  Regardless, preventing these from being included with the real information from legitimate form submissions is important.  

Imagine your local power company has a form for reporting an outage.  You want people to be able to use it and the power company to act on it, yes?  You don't want bots flooding it with garbage requiring extra staff to sift through and sort out the noise.  Sometimes the garbage looks real, too depending on if it is AI generated (which is often the case with bots that are seeking to defeat Google's bot detection).

It's a tough problem but in some respects is a necessary evil.  That Google is using it to improve it's own AI systems, well, that's subject to debate.  What you don't see is the fact that rival AIs are actually fighting with reCAPTCHA as the battle ground.  Interesting and terrifying at the same time.

Comment 01 Aug 2019

It is what it is but major companies such as google, facebook, microsoft etc are the ones who are at the bleeding edge (at least in my field). Not the universities.

I didn't attend a research university, but your point makes me consider what the purpose of higher education is.  It seems there are 3 philosophies:

  1. To produce well rounded, educated citizens.
  2. To prepare students to enter the workforce with highly specialized skills.
  3. To be at the forefront of technology and research.

It seems that society demands #1, individual students demand #2, and the university boards demand #3 (to drive revenues).  So there are a lot of competing interests at work.  Me personally, I see the value (as an adult) of a healthy mix of all 3, but #3 is less important to me personally but is more beneficial to society at large provided it is useful research.  But I also think more of #3 needs to be in the private sector so that it's less influenced by politics.

Comment 01 Aug 2019

The 4 year guarantee is the problem.  It is beneficial to the player only if there is injury or they don't pan out.  What needs to happen is that the player is given the option to drop the contract after 2 years (or 3).  That way they have to renegotiate with their team after that time in order to get paid what they deserve.  They have leverage because they can shop around in free agency if the team is unwilling.  If the player doesn't drop the contract, the team is still on the hook for the 4 years as they are now so the player is still protected.

But the owners would never agree to such a thing, so it won't happen.  But it would prevent hold outs like this (and move the negotiation earlier in the offseason)

Comment 30 Jul 2019

Most credit cards offer free credit monitoring.  I have a Chase Freedom card (several, actually) and I get weekly updates for free.  And when I submitted a loan application a few weeks ago, I had an email the next day indicating that my report had changed.

Luckily I wasn't affected by the breach, but if I had been, I'd be taking the $125 and not a service I didn't need.

Comment 25 Jul 2019

It is free to the general populous (with certain restrictions).

It is not free to loan companies who use it to make credit decisions.  That's why they're a billion dollar company.

Comment 25 Jul 2019

Doesn't seem like he was trying to relate the the two.  And Micah Parsons cost himself a spot at OSU, nothing OSU did cost it.  But when OSU decided to stop recruiting him over it, they probably weren't allowed to even inform him of the fact or the reason which is why he and his family were put off by it.  

If he knows the rules and ignores them, do we really want him anyway?  Apparently Urban Meyer didn't.

Comment 25 Jul 2019

The way it was described seems like Player A and Player B each gave Player C 1/3 of their scholarship value.  Whether that was a tuition refund (these are common when financial aid exceeds tuition costs, as in any scholarship player with a Pell Grant or scholarship or other need based aid based on family income) that was then converted into a cash or check payable to the other or some other means of payment isn't disclosed apparently.  The compliance staff said if they did it without the university's knowledge or involvement then it was acceptable.  Apparently they didn't listen and the university had knowledge of it.

Still, 3 players exchanging money with each other privately shouldn't be a violation.  It wasn't like the school was paying anyone additional money beyond the normal scholarships.