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Free Abu-9Route!

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July 28, 2014 at 12:25pm

People for the Ethical Treatment of Sockpuppets (PETS) demand that Mumia Abu-9Route's 11W commenting privileges be restored! Abu-9Route's death sentence must be commuted to life-on-probabation.

As a youth, Abu-9Route endured harsh and oppressive conditions because the only comment boards on which he could express himself were and The Bleacher Report. It's not his fault that he had to survive by using various aliases and personas - that's life on the cyber streets.

The witnesses that testified against abu-9Route - such as Bucks43201, NotCincyOSU, and TedGinnIsFasterThanYou - are all dead now, so how is Abu-9Route's attorneys supposed to refute their testimony?

Abu-9Route demands the opportunity to take a lie detector and a DNA test.

Note: if you support the Free Abu-Route campaign, there are numerous ways that you can contribute to his defense:

  • Halestorm is holding a benefit concert in Lancaster, PA this weekend in support of Abu-9Route
  • I will soon make available at my website Free Abu-9Route tee shirts, which you can purchase for $39.99 plus shipping & handling (10 percent of the profits will go toward Abu-9Route's cyber defense team).
  • Get the name of a street in your hometown changed to 9Route.
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