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Comment 17 Aug 2017

One way or the other, we will see 1-2 of the backup QBs play a decent number of minutes this season.

On the one hand, if Barrett makes a jump forward in delivering the ball accurately and on time, the Buckeyes will obliterate most of the teams they play, giving ample opportunities for backups to show their stuff.

On the other hand, if Barrett has plateau'd, the staff won't hesitate to give Burrow/Haskins a few offensive series earlier in games against the likes of Army, Rutgers, etc. because they're going to win those games, anyway. 

Comment 16 Aug 2017

Day’s . . . quarterbacks with the 49ers and Eagles were among the NFL’s least effective . . . and his quarterbacks at Boston College weren’t great passers either.

That said, he was a talent disadvantage to his competitors with all three of those teams.

If you grade Day based on improvement of the QBs he had to work with, his last two seasons are maybe more impressive. He did a decent job with Sam Bradford in Philly in 2015, but Bradford was such a misfit for that offense and I'm not sure any QB coach could ever get Sam Bradford to make quicker decisions in the pocket. Last season, Day seemed to do pretty well with that washed up, p.o.s. Kaepernick.  

Comment 16 Aug 2017
DJ, it's the other way around: people in witness protection programs are relocated out of, not into, New Jersey - actually, as far away from Jersey as possible. If Penn State and West Virginia universities followed this same model and moved further away from Jersey/Philly opposing fans visiting their stadiums wouldn't need to go into the Fan Protection Program.
Comment 15 Aug 2017

"He gets the ball out of his hand very quickly," Day said of Haskins. "Extremely accurate. And he’s coming along in the classroom as well. Doing a nice job learning the offense and picking it up."

Haskins is one of those rare, special "arm talent" QBs that can sort of "flick" the ball and still have it travel accurately, on a rope or in a beautiful arc (whichever ball flight/speed is necessary). 

Comment 15 Aug 2017

“He [Lagow] kind of had a sheepish grin about the opportunity, and the game and the year. He feels they’re going to be a surprise team in the Big Ten.”

I wasn't surprised to see this quote. I recently came across this article at the Indiana players (and beat writers, apparently) genuinely believe that their team is going to shock the world this year!

"You want to be 12-0 and in the College Football Playoffs, not just win a bowl game," cornerback Rashard Fant said. "You want to win every game."

Comment 14 Aug 2017

Also, not to sound like a grumpy, cynical version of Confucius, but . . .

The young Silver Bullets who are able to listen attentively to Baker's message and "internalize" it are already well prepared; whereas the kids who are not as well prepared to step into a leading role are likewise probably not well prepared to hear Baker's message. 

Comment 14 Aug 2017

I love Steve Logan. He is a riot to listen to! You have to take some of his stuff with a grain of salt, though:

One time he admitted that he lost a big-time recruit at ECU because an SEC bagman came calling and was able to write a bigger check than he could offer. 

That story could very well be true; however, many ECU fans believed that Logan kind of "mailed in" his last two seasons at the school and then started making a lot of excuses for the program's decline (mind you, these same ECU fans will always adore Logan). Obviously, SEC bagmen were working just as hard to poach recruits during Logan's fabulously successful years at ECU (1995-2000) as they were during his last two seasons (2001-2002). 

Comment 13 Aug 2017
Yes, for decades, friends of SEC programs have attempted to teach young, financially inexperienced student athletes about the potential pitfalls of credit card debt. These selfless mentors even do this exercise where they slap cash notes into the palms of the students, trying to etch not just in their palms, but also their minds, the value of "pay as you go." but some kids are slow to learn.
Comment 12 Aug 2017
John Quincy Adams was an American aristocrat who imported his wines and cheeses from Europe. He benefited from having a last name that was made illustrious by the great deeds of his forefathers "back in the day." It took a corrupt backroom deal to get him installed as President, after he lost the popular vote. Of course, he supported Michigan.
Comment 11 Aug 2017

The question isn't whether the NFL has the authority to give Zeke a 6-game suspension. Obviously, the NFL can hand down whatever suspensions it wants, assuming that they're also living up to their contract with the NFLPA, etc. 

The question is whether Zeke's suspension is reasonable and appropriate. The ultimate arbiter of that question is the fans and the NFL is in the midst of rare "market" downtown at the moment.

If the NFL is making a PR example of Zeke . . . that entail risks, but it's business risks, not legal (or Constitutional rights) risks.     

Comment 28 Jul 2017

I'm just guessing here, but I suspect that we're looking at this backwards: if we start from the outside instead of the inside, maybe 2-3 WRs (of the 8 guys in rotation) figure to be pure "outside" guys who are not suited to going inside, e.g. Victor, Grimes, Harris. The other 2-3 "outside" WRs are very capable of sliding inside: KJ Hill, McLaurin, Dixon. And then, on top of that, the starting H-back, Campbell has lots of experience playing WR. So, a handful of these guys are "jack of all trades" types, not just one of them.

And obviously it's easier to move the inside/outside guys around, compared to the outside-only guys, so naturally you'll have more of the former than the latter.

Comment 27 Jul 2017

"There ain’t no shortcuts!" assistant coordinator and cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs barked . . . the Buckeyes went through stretching and conditioning before breaking off into a variety of stations . . .

Of course, it's obligatory to ask . . . did Coombs have to bark at any kickers who tried to take shortcuts during the stretching and conditioning session?