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Comment 23 Nov 2020

No question, the Buckeyes have a lot of work to do on pass defense. Two points to keep in mind, though . . .

1. Indiana never led in the game, with Ohio State on top for about 55 of the 60 total minutes. On the nine series when Indiana had a chance to either take a lead (the opening series of the game) or tie the game, Indiana's offense was shutdown cold 8 out of 9 times. Yards gained in each of those series: 13, -8, 8, 21, -1, 84 (TD), 7, 6, 12 (end of game). On that TD drive, Indiana really only had two successful plays, (1) the 68 yard completion that set up (2) their first TD, a 3 yard completion. 

2. Indiana set illegal picks throughout the game, but were only penalized one time for it. The officiating was just terrible all around. Not an excuse, but it is harder to cover receivers when the offense can constantly cheat.  

Comment 21 Nov 2020

Haha! Joking aside, though, 2020 has been a terrible year, but is just a year and doesn’t have hands and lips. The really bad juju this year has come from those who’ve been holding 2020’s beer all along. 

Comment 21 Nov 2020

Cincinnati -5 against UCF . . . Cincinnati has a much stronger defense and frankly a better offense too. The Bearcats are winning by multiple scores.

Kevin has a lot “smart money” backing his play. The line started around -1/-2 Cincy, but a flood of wise guy money on Cincy pushed the line up to -5.5/-6. 

Comment 20 Nov 2020

I know, genius. I am saying that masks are ineffective at slowing the spread. If they worked at all we would see that in the data, but alas that’s not the case. 

Actually, my stupid cloth mask fits pretty well. Very little COVID-19 where I live, so I doubt that I am a super spreader. If so, all of my victims were asymptomatic. 

Comment 20 Nov 2020

P.s., we’ve seen no correlation whatsoever between the places where mask compliance is supposedly high and lower rates of COVID-19. If anything, there are data suggesting a mild correlation in the other direction .

Comment 20 Nov 2020

Hey, genius, doctors and nurses in “pandemic” rooms wear properly fitted respirator masks and, actually, they still get exposed all the time.

No one who knows anything about regular surgical masks (hint: not you) knows that they are completely ineffective at protecting the wearer from exposure. They are designed to protect vulnerable PATIENTS from doctors/nurses from droplets ONLY. But, even then, doctors aren’t wearing Marvel-themed cloth masks slipping halfway down their noses. And they’re not constantly tugging on the masks and itching their faces with uncovered fingers, etc., etc. They also have strict protocols about how to put on and take off the masks and don’t wear the same mask for three days in a row. Should I go on? 

Comment 20 Nov 2020

A study done a few years ago before COVID-19 politicized masks, Cloth masks dangerous to health?

see also: 

Comment 20 Nov 2020

Completely illogical. If they cause impairment of breathing while breathing hard, they also cause it while breathing less hard, just to a lesser degree. Actually, it was always a plain as day known fact that the stupid masks impair breathing. Prior to COVID-19, employers requiring their workers to wear such face masks in certain workplace environments would have constituted workplace safety violations.

I have never NOT noticed that I was wearing one of the stupid masks when wearing one of the stupid masks.

You can argue that this thing that’s bad for one’s health is a lesser of two evils, but please don’t argue that it doesn’t impair breathing. A 20 year old athlete wearing a mask while doing full exertion is probably less of a health risk than an old guy with respiratory issues wearing one while walking, fwiw. 

Comment 14 Nov 2020

Okay, that’s good to hear because Ohio State won’t be facing an accurate QB when Indiana comes to town. 

They were scheduled to face an accurate QB today, but Maryland cancelled. Let’s keep in mind your warning about accurate QBs in case Ohio State faces one later this season. 

Comment 14 Nov 2020

Are Sparty and Michigan the 3rd and 4th best cfb teams in the state of Michigan, respectively, or is they too much of a troll? 

Comment 14 Nov 2020

Not at all justifying the PSU’s OLmen dirty plays against Nebraska DLmen, but it is kind of a “live by the sword, die by the sword” situation. Nebraska D-cor basically says he wants his guys taking heads off and they are head hunters, so don’t be surprised if opposing offenses come for some blood, too. 

Comment 09 Nov 2020

I thought you might be exaggerating, but I looked it up and damn if you weren’t right. 

what shocked me more was the dude was in the NFL for over three seasons. How in the hell did that happen? Sure enough, he averaged like 2 yards/carry. What were coaches doing handing him the ball?!?