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Comment 22 Apr 2019

Great point - interesting perspective - but then you could argue, in retrospect, that Cooper had done his job - completed his role - by about 1997.

With that in mind . . . Here is a crazy alternate history scenario that never would have happened . . . What if Ohio State had replaced Cooper after the ‘97 season with the rising star Mack Brown (who was hired by Texas after the ‘97 season)? You could argue that Ohio State would have won the ‘98 national championship with Brown at the helm, but would have been worse off over the long run (I.e., no Tressel). 

Comment 22 Apr 2019

I must have conveniently blocked out the ‘88 game against Pitt from my memory, whereas I distinctly remember the debacle at home against Indiana the year before (which contributed to Earle getting fired).

I got curious about how ‘88 Pitt fared the remainder of their season, figuring they must have been pretty good. Well, they only went 6-5 with no bowl game. To be fair, though, Pitt was then independent and played a tough schedule that included Notre Dame, who won the national championship that season, and WVU, which lost to ND in the “national championship” bowl game.

Actually, In the final A.P. rankings of the ‘88 season, four out of the top five teams were independent: #1. Notre Dame, #2 Miami, #3 FSU, and #5 WVU. Only #4 Michigan was in a conference and they had no chance at winning the national championship, with two losses and a tie (to be fair, ‘88 Michigan played a brutal schedule, themselves). 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

As others noted above, Baldwin publicly stated that the transfer is for personal reasons, e.g. homesick. I understand some of us might be skeptical about the kid’s statement, but the OP should at least list the reason that the kid, himself, claims is the reason. You know, Occam’s Razor and all. 

Comment 10 Apr 2019

The term originally came into usage with two separate politically-motivated defenestrations, both of which happened in Prague. The 1419 defenestration, when seven town officials were thrown from the window, sparked the Hussite Wars. 

The second Defenestration of Prague in 1618, when two Imperial governors were tossed, was the “big one,” because it contributed to the onset of the Thirty Years War, one of the bloodiest, most destructive, most disruptive wars in human history. 

Comment 05 Apr 2019

Well, one obvious exception is that countless African Americans have made snap judgments about other black guys using language similar to what you are objecting to, based on appearance, body language, etc. Again, stupid and reckless, but not in such cases examples of a racist person and/or racist words. 

I can think of other exceptions, too, but I really just think this site should be a safe space from woke people intuiting racism from stupid sports takes. If there is overt racism, the mods should certainly crack down mercilessly. But let’s leave the calling out of microagressions to other sites much better suited for such projects.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

The funny thing is . . . Gill is the only player on the roster currently listed as "H-B."

As of now, at least, McCall is a RB. Gill is competing with two other H-Bs that are both more like "slot receivers" - Hill and Saunders - than they are Campbell/Harvin-type H-Bs. So, Gill should have a good chance to carve out a niche in 2019. 

If/when Ruckert plays as a second TE "H-B," that will be a total different animal.    

Comment 31 Mar 2019

Umm, not quite. If the young punk version of DJ had tried robbing drug dealers in Baltimore, instead of Montana, I doubt that us longtime 11W readers would have had the pleasure to read DJ's skull sessions in the first place.

Given the Montana angle and DJ's hippie politics, Bob from Longmire is a better t.v. version of DJ:

Comment 24 Mar 2019

Havlicek is the best ever to play for Ohio State. Now, you could argue that he was a better pro than college player, but his modest college stats were also due to having to share the ball with Jerry Lucas, Siegfried, Nowell. In addition to being supremely talented, Havlicek was a great “glue guy” teammate. He has to be a starter on any all-time Buckeyes b-ball team.

Building the rest of the team around the 6’5 Havlicek . . . 

Jerry Lucas, PF

Greg Oden, C

Dennis Hopson, SF

Havlicek, SG

Mike Conley, PG

With this lineup’s nasty inside game, Hopson would be a nightmare from 3-pt line or faking shots and then slashing inside. They might have trouble guarding today’s four guard lineups, though.

Bench: Jim Jackson, Clark Kellog, Evan Turner, Michael Reed, Scoonie Penn. 

Comment 23 Mar 2019

Auburn plays some wild, frenetic, crazy a— basketball, but are hilariously destroying Kansas at halftime! Every hurried chucked-up three pointer and wild drive into the lane seemingly hit paydirt. Kansas doesn’t know how to wrap their minds around what they are dealing with on the court. 

Comment 22 Mar 2019

Apparently, I’m in the minority with this opinion, but . . . as a running back, the GOAT is a far above average receiver. Yes, he’s had some drops, but he also has the rare gift of being able to catch the ball at full speed without slowing his stride and almost instaneously hitting the X/Y/Z button as he’s catching it. I’m bullish on the GOAT, obviously, but I see him being a star in the NFL as a third down RB. 

Comment 20 Mar 2019

I hate to see fans throwing stones, too, but it gets hard to avoid when people make the “fit” assumption, I.e., how do you challenge the assumption without considering other possibilities? 

I am perfectly happy with a truce on this subject. We simply say “we have no idea” and leave it at that. No more assumptions about “fit” and thus no more need for indelicate questioning of that assumption. 

Comment 20 Mar 2019

I agree that we know very little. As I said, it was just a hunch.

But one of the most suspect things people are claiming to know is that Day told Tate he was not a good fit for the offense and that the transfer was based accordingly on this assumption. If Fields wins the job, those folks claiming to know this better prepare themselves to watch a lot of read option next season. 

It seems much more likely to me that a coach wouldn’t be crazy about Tate’s media antics than they would run off a talented QB because he supposedly isn’t the right  “fit.”