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One Sad Individual's Sock Puppet Army

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July 27, 2014 at 8:57pm

So, like many of you, I watched the user TedGinnIsFasterThanYou repeatedly violate the comment policy over the weekend, insulting other users, getting political and doing just about whatever possible to be a shitty member of this community.

You guys took care of business, downvoting comments that crossed the line and TedGinnIsFasterThanYou was teetering on the edge of bandom—and then a funny thing happened. From a Helmet Sticker balance of -42, the account started to accumulate upvotes. Nearly 50 upvotes in less than a half hour. But how could this be?

As it turns out, TedGinnIsFasterThanYou was one of 10 accounts created by a single user, with new email accounts tied to each one, and all traced to the same IP address in Pennsylvania. The accounts, showing their status earlier this evening:

User ID Name Created Status
3431 Bucks43201 6/24/2011 Banned
12077 9Route 4/5/2013 Active
12831 AlphaMaleBettor 7/4/2013 Active
14901 NotCincyOSU 12/1/2013 Banned
15790 Jack_Q_Football 1/19/2014 Banned
16311 Johnny-Shane_Utah-Falco 2/16/2014 Banned
17125 B1G_Deal 5/19/2014 Banned
17408 MeyerMattaScarletHeroes 6/18/2014 Banned
17652 RickKaneWasHere 7/8/2014 Banned
17725 TedGinnIsFasterThanYou 7/15/2014 Active

Seven of the 10 accounts have long since been banned for inappropriate behavior and/or falling below the commenting threshold. All three active accounts held by this individual have now been banned as well. I'm sorry to report: 9Route, like the cake, was a lie.

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