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Tatum 1.02 Release Notes

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February 22, 2014 at 3:18am

A bunch of small things and a couple of medium-sized things:

  • Unread comments are shown on the front page for articles (see screenshot below). We still need to roll this into the three featured articles at the top of the page (and figure out something for Buckshots and the poll).
  • The mobile user menu is finally visible and working (see screenshot below).
  • Fixed bug with downvote locking. Voting is now locked when a comment reaches -10, instead of -25.
  • The site contact form now works.
  • Front page article count changed from 15 to 11. Because 11 is a cool number and because it will help with load times.
  • Removed background image from mobile breakpoints (views). Because it's never seen and every little kb helps.
  • Changed the default sort order in the forums to sort by most recent comment.
  • Reduced font size for comments (and signatures).
  • Changed user avi for comments to 45x45 instead of just scaling down the 250x250 version (should help a little with load times).
  • Fixed the weird gap below the footer. IT GONE.
  • Changed most commented block to pull stuff from the last 24 hours instead of the previous three days.
  • Removed extra, unneeded fields from RSS feed.
  • Fixed 404 errors for Apple touch icons linked from pages other than the front page.
  • Fixed the Twitter content security policy warning for embedded tweets.
  • Backend: Fix for duplicate posts to Buffer.

We currently have 31 open issues in the queue and we're working through them as quickly as we can. Included in this list are big ones, like the sluggish scrolling on mobile Safari (rest assured, that's driving us nuts, too).

As always, thanks for your patience while we tidy things up.

Unread comments FTW:

Unread comments FTW!

Hey, it's a working user menu on mobile!

A working user menu on mobile (finally).
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