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Helpful Suggestion: Replace "Most Commented" with a "Most Active" on sidebar

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February 12, 2014 at 9:12pm

I realize everything is new and there are many people trying to be helpful with feedback on site bugs and (a lot of) complaints. This isn't so much a complaint as me trying to suggest something that I think could benefit all of us. I feel the "Most Commented" section would be better replaced with a "Most Active" or something similar so people who come to the homepage know what articles are getting the most interest or where the main discussions are currently taking place. The "Most Commented" to me doesn't really provide either because the top posts so far have consisted of outdated game threads or skull sessions, which wouldn't really have any relevant discussion to that day. Game threads are flooded with hundreds of comments that are mainly just reactionary and the posts linger at the top of "Most Commented" as a result. In my opinion they don't contribute anything after the games are over so their presence on the sidebar are a waste.

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