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The Bengals, Andy Dalton, and Joe Burrow

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December 5, 2019 at 11:22am

I was confused when the Bengals benched Dalton early in the season and then went on to lose 11 straight. I never thought that Dalton was ever the reason for the Bengal's woes. I think the guy is a good QB. But since he's been benched, with the poor record there has been talk about the Bengals using the number 1 pick to draft Joey Burrow, which I'd be pretty excited about to be honest.

Now, they put Dalton back in and state the only reason he was benched was to assess Finley and not because Dalton played poorly. With Dalton back in, the Bengals won easily and are likely to win a few more games and lose the number 1 pick, potentially losing out on Joe.

So my confusion is back to square one. Should they be playing Dalton at this point if they have chance to get Joe? Shouldn't they be working with Dalton to get him a good trade for a team that could actually win with him before he retires?

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