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Is It Ok to Not Give a Damn in 2019?

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October 6, 2019 at 8:12pm

Hi all, thought I'd poll the biased group we all know and love here at 11W on this topic...

Last night at the MSU game my brother and I were waaay up in C deck. There were quite a few sparty supporters around us (not that we were surrounded, but definitely more than I anticipated). Game had kinda dicey start but we all know all's well that ends well.

Anywho, once Bucks went up 34-10 in the 4th, after that PAT a large group of sparty fans a few rows in front of us tapped they got up in unison to commence the walk of shame, I gave them a nice loud "SEE YA!!" and wave goodbye. Then my brother led a group in a rousing rendition of " we don't give a damn".

After he finished, a sparty lady 2 rows in front turned to him and said "I'm from ohio, and YOU are the reason I don't cheer for ohio state"...before she started her own walk of shame all the way down the steps.

Fair? Foul? To be honest my brother (who is VERY INTENSE) was on his best behavior all game and his worst offense was hugging me too vigorously at various points thru the game and knocking me around a bit. This can be an issue for our fellow fans because we are both 6ft5 dudes and personal space is hard to come by in stadium. Other than that you could accuse us of cheering too loud (esp. on 3rd down) and standing up too much but that's it.

After experiencing this interaction it had me thinking the rest of the it ok to sing that song with opposing fans nearby IN OHIO STADIUM? And should I feel bad that I had a part in souring (or more accurately: reinforcing) someone's perception of OSU fans?

I know the answer to these questions (yes, and no, respectively) and do not feel bad AT ALL, but I'm interested to know what you all think.

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