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Comment 24 Mar 2020

Where does Dalton rank compared to Jameis and Cam Newton, who are both now free agents?  I'm not sure Dalton would be clearly above those 2, which he would likely need to be for a team to pursue a trade still as opposed to signing a FA QB.

I feel like a Dalton trade isn't going to happen now given the other QB options still out there.

Comment 22 Mar 2020
Yeah I hear ya. Overall I'd say the hours devoted are more than normal for sure, but not ridiculously so. It's just all spread throughout the day and intertwined, instead of work and home life being completely separated, like the normal routine allowed. And to be honest, I am feeling a sense of great responsibility that probably drives me more than I realize. Many families are overwhelmed. Many of my co-workers are "older" and not dealing with the shift well at all. And still others are younger and don't have the experience or tact required to soothe parents and help them know that we are all in it together. So I've spent a lot of time communicating on behalf of my team, and also taking feedback from all parties and trying use it to help us improve as we continue through this. When there's not a chance to meet in person, you've got to nail the email. So lots of time reviewing before I hit "send". I hope these efforts will bear fruit and help us all get into a good groove with the new situation we're in. It doesn't look like we'll be back in the school this year, so hopefully all this work on the front end will help us all start to succeed over time. But it is a massive challenge for me, my school, and educators around the country.
Comment 22 Mar 2020
I'm a teacher...been real busy with the shift to "remote learning". And I didn't realize how much adhering to routines helps me until now, when there is no routine. Not that I love the normal routine, but it's a routine...up at 5:30 to work out; into school at 7:30; home at 3:30; dinner around 6:00 so we can relax after for a bit before starting bedtime routine; then you better get your ass to sleep by 10:00 because it all starts over again tomorrow. Now there's no such thing as "gotta be there, to do this, at that time". It's all just one big day of working, helping my 2 kids with their school, and doing stuff around the house. Something pops into my head, and I do it...lessons, emails, workout, chores, even meals are happening at odd times. Even right now its Saturday at midnight and I just got done drafting an email to send my principal about some feedback we got from a parent survey. Normally I'd be totally pissed if I'm spending time LATE on a SATURDAY working, but now it's just "whatever". No reason to go to bed at a certain time...even church is closed so no Sunday routine to have to be up for. I've definitely been busy enough that I'm nowhere near "stir crazy" but it's all just "off". Apparently we'll have plenty of time to keep adjusting to this though :/
Comment 21 Mar 2020

Thanks Cleday!  

And age is all relative my man, so yeah you're not old...but I needed folks that are older than me to comment.  If you remember the 1988 season, you qualify.  So stay forever young, and I appreciate you sharing your wisdom!

Comment 20 Mar 2020
Madden on SNES back in the day...Deion was on the cowboys. I put him at DE, and every play would split him out WAY wide of the tackle. He was so fast I could do a big loop around the o-line and get to the QB from behind. Didn't work everytime, but I had something like 45 sacks that season. Good times.
Comment 20 Mar 2020
Not OSU, but did turn out to have a connection... I'm a Bengals fan and was born in '85. So all I know about the '88 SB team is they lost to the 49ers. So I searched "1988 Bengals" on YT and there are several full game broadcasts...I figured if I don't look up the score, this is all new to me. First game I watched was vs Eagles week 2. Bengals of course had Boomer, Munoz, Brooks, Ickey, Tim McGee. The Eagles had Randall Cunningham, Byars & CC (there's the buckeye connection!), also Reggie White and a rookie Eric Allen. Buddy Ryan was Eagles coach, and DC was a young Wade Phillips. Also saw a young Jeff Fisher who must have been a defensive assistant (knew him right away by the moustache of course). Oh, and Dave Lapham was calling the game! It was a helluva game. Bengals won 28-24, scoring late to go up and stopping eagles on downs in the RZ in the final seconds.
Comment 18 Mar 2020

Thank you GTH.  It has crossed my mind that this might be a catalyst for remote learning becoming the norm.  Even if just the health concerns are the biggest reason.  All schools are petri dishes.  I'm convinced that teachers have the toughest immune systems out there.

The work has been hard, but the emails from parents that are stressed out from their end of things has been even tougher.  I work with a lot of older teachers that have no idea how to do this with all the technology involved, and at the same time my co-teacher (we teach 5th grade together) is in her 2nd year...total young'n who probably regrets her career choice at this point.  So I'm sort of this middle-man who has tech experience and also people/industry experience and I've been trying to not only get my own shit together, but putting out a lot of fires and helping out the teachers that are lost (old ones) and the ones that have no idea how to to soothe the parents (my young partner).

I hope we'll find a balance to all this soon, but it is terrifying in so many ways.

Comment 18 Mar 2020

1.667% is the correct US death rate as of now.  

In Italy the current death rate per confirmed case is 8.34%.  Two days ago it was 7.71%.

This is what happens when hospitals get overrun.  The death rate goes up because lives that could be saved can't get the care they need.

More people will get this.  More people will have complications that require hospital care.  The hospitals won't be able to keep up.  And many more people will die (and yes, POTENTIALLY millions, especially if everyone keeps brushing it off like you).

In the past 24 hours, the number of confirmed cases in the US is up 2,769 (42% increase over 24 hrs).  Based on the current US death rate, 45 of the people diagnosed today will die.  In Italy, 4,207 have been diagnosed today.  Based on their current death rate, 350 will die.  And likely more because their hospitals can't handle the volume.  And we're headed there fast.

Yesterday, someone was saying "only 80 people have died, this is no big deal".  Now only a day later, 150 people have died.  Nearly a 100% increase (although that's actually over about 36 hrs).  So who cares?  150...No big deal, right?  Let's just pretend the total increase is actually only 25% more total deaths per day. Get out your calculator and type in 150 x 1.25 and keep track of how many times you hit the = sign.  That's every day.  If that holds (and I go to bed every night praying that it will not), we'll be well over 100,000 deaths in a month.  Is that a big deal?  At the same rate it will take about 40 days to hit MILLIONS OF DEATHS.

I hope and pray that a month from now, the worst thing that happens is it turns out I'm the paranoid weirdo because people actually wised up and followed the recommendations of CDC and other health authorities.  In that case I will gladly accept all your ridicule.

Source: https://studylib.net/coronavirus

Comment 18 Mar 2020

what if the marines had looked in at Omaha Beach and said I ain't goin in there, I might die. Turn this fricker around. 

This has to be the dumbest, most ill-informed analogy I've seen on this topic.

Our fighting men in WW2 risked and lost their lives to prevent the deaths of millions more at the hands of the Nazis and Japanese.

You're being asked to help prevent the potential deaths of millions by just chilling on your couch until our smartest people say it's ok to go out again.  

Comment 18 Mar 2020

That's cool.  I remember I was in the same "Officiating Baseball" class with him back in the day in some dungeon at one of the EDUPAES buildings.  That and "Flag Football" were the easiest GEC courses ever.  

"Officiating Volleyball" was a pain though.  Got a 'B' in that one haha.

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Final statement from that video:  "If people are sufficiently worried (ie - taking drastic precautions) then there's a lot less to worry about.  But if no one is worried (ie - "only 80 deaths, everything's fine, this is nothing") that's when you should worry."

I personally am very worried that there's way too many out there that are not worried.  And the people who aren't worried are going to fuck this up for everyone.

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Also, I wanted to make this statement separate from the original post, but it is something I want to say to all of us dealing with this crazy situation…

I know that if you’ve got kids, you face a heavy burden with keeping learning happening in your home.  Please know that their teachers are absolutely busting their asses to make this work.  It is NOT a vacation for us.  In these 5 days since Gov. DeWine’s order to shut schools down, I’ve worked harder than any other days of my teaching career.  The only thing that comes close is when I was student teaching while also doing masters course work. 

It may feel like teachers are throwing a ton of work at you, and as I have 2 kids myself I know that’s a tough task, especially if you’re not accustomed to being so involved with it.  Please realize that we teachers are trying our best to figure out how to make this work.  It’s a completely new and foreign situation for all of us, especially if the tech culture at their school isn’t as strong as other places.  Please be patient with the teachers.  We have families too.  We are scared too.  Right now we don’t have a clue how to make this work.  We all have to figure out how to adjust to ALL of these changes together (this part of the statement goes well beyond just educating the kids).

Be kind.  Be smart.  Be safe.

Comment 16 Mar 2020
We've stocked up twice now, though nothing doomsday-ish. Probably enough to get us through 6 weeks isolation. I agree that the supply chains will remain intact, I just worry about panic continuing to rise (which maybe makes me a panicker??) as social distancing becomes more stringent. I've got 2 kids and my wife is the primary caregiver to her 85yo grandmother who is able to live semi-independently only because we check in on her and bring supplies regularly (this has been the setup for a while, not just nowadays). We also help supply the "little free pantry" at our small church with shelf-stable goods, an especially needed resource these days for many low-income families in our community as hourly wage jobs are at risk and local food pantries tighten down hours and resources due to the risk of transmission to volunteers. So while we have gone out to grab plenty of supplies, I rest easy knowing we are doing so responsibly, and not just for us. I fear it won't be long before we're in a full national shutdown, and I hope we all maintain sanity when it comes. We've gone from "everything's cool", to no huge events, to no groups over 1,000...down to 250...down to 100...down to 50...and now down to 10. Where do you think that's headed? None of these measures have been given time to see if they work before things become even more restricted. It's just a "slow" move toward the end-game of a full-on quarantine of the entire country.
Comment 13 Mar 2020
Not OSU related but last night I thought about posting vids of my favorite SNL skits from the Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, etc era to give us a small distraction and something to kill a little time with some laughs. Got the idea because a couple weeks ago I was talking to a younger coworker (I think she's about 25) and she had never heard of Farley. Shocking. I'm a teacher so I'll have some time on my hands once I get my "e-lessons" taken care of...
Comment 11 Mar 2020

I'm not telling you to take this advice, but my grandmother worked for the FAA and EPA for many years and always uses the saying "close enough for government work".  

I'd think if you're just filing the W-2 as is, it's not your fault your company messed it up.  And at least your filing would also match up with your company's (apparently errant) reporting to the IRS.  But on the other hand you can't claim ignorance at this point since you crunched the numbers, especially if you contact the IRS to clarify.


Comment 10 Mar 2020
Go Bucks! Never opposed to bringing some scarlet & gray to the orange & black!
Comment 10 Mar 2020
Thanks again to all that took the time to respond. I'm sure you've been anxiously waiting to hear where I ended up... Day 1 I went to Helen's Asian Kitchen and it was very nice. Good lunch menu and a nice interior that I did not anticipate as I walked in given the location. Day 2 it was Skyline time. I'm a born and raised Cincinnati kid and there wasn't as much time for lunch as the day before. So seeing that so close I knew would make for a quick lunch trip. Service was great at both places. That whole area looks a little run down, but it was nice to walk in to visit clean establishments with quick, friendly service. Also, I stayed with my sister in Dublin and got to meet up with some other relatives at Condado. Fun taco place with good happy hour margaritas. It seemed fairly new, although I didn't ask the locals I was with...a good spot if you're in that area!