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Are the Cleveland Indians Done?

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May 26, 2019 at 2:19pm

Not even June and good chance by the end of the day they will be 10 back of the Twins. Starting pitching is a total mess. Payroll decrease left some major holes in the lineup. You have to wonder if all the trades and non-trades just got to these guys and they've just tuned out. 

Ramirez has been awful since the Donaldson trade last year. I don't know what else explains his all-star one minute to AA looking bat the next other than it being mental and having something to do with the Donaldson deal. You look at his stats in the 50 games before and after that deal and they are glaring and have continued into this season.

They dangled all the starting pitchers and this is probably what it looks like when you feel like a team doesn't want you. Guys like Bauer and Carassco are too good to be this bad.

They've never put any sort of emphasis on the catching position and now they are at a spot where they have a bottom 5 catching rotation.

Doesn't seem to be any help at AAA.. More signs of life at A and AA but those guys are years off and that's if they pan out at all.. 

As Dolan trims payroll ( word is more coming) and hints at not resigning guys like Lindor I can't help but think the ship is sinking until a new owner is brought on board.

Talk me off the ledge.

Go Bucks!

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