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AAF/UFL Comparison from Former Player

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February 16, 2019 at 9:10am

Maybe our fears of new football leagues hurting CFB are premature. While I think that the AAF put together some solid football and innovative ideas... let’s see how they do for a while season.

This former player talks about the UFL experience and how he thinks it’s probably too late for “new football” to catch on in America.  


The AAF, a professional football league not called the NFL, is a remake of a movie that’s already flopped. I had a role in one of those films and died in the first scene.

SIDE NOTE:  I do believe a spring league with former players playing close to their fan bases would be successful.

Like a bunch of former BIG 10  (sprinkled in with other northern college guys from FBS/D2 etc.) playing in Indianapolis as their home stadium against a visiting team of former SEC players. I’d be into that if there were a bunch of OSU guys playing, you know JTB or Cardale QBing the team playing behind some linemen from Iowa and Wisky. 


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