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The Ceiling/Floor for Every Former Buckeye Potentially Being Picked This Week?

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April 23, 2018 at 9:19am

Really just wanted to get a feeling of what we all there at 11W see as the ceiling and floor for each former Buckeye looking to get picked this week in the NFL draft. I'll name as many as I can think of off the top of my head, any walk-ons or anything I forget that anyone wants to hypothesize, go for it!

Denzel Ward CB: Ceiling-top 5 in the first round, Floor-I don't see how he lasts any longer than 14, where Green Bay picks.  I see him in that 6-10 range most likely, he could sneak into that top 5 if there is a team who likes him enough to trade up, but I don't believe any of the top 5 teams have corner as their #1 need.

Billy Price C/G: Ceiling-top 15 in the first round, Floor-Bottom half of the second round. Pre-combine, I don't think Price gets any lower than the 18-24 range. His versatility, experience, and strength make him a sure fire first round pick. The injury he suffered at the combine has knocked down his value a significant amount, but I don't see him getting any lower than mid-late-ish second round, at the very worst.

Sam Hubbard DE: Celing-top 20 in the first round, Floor-Mid-third round. Hubbard is a guy I've seen mocked everywhere from as high as 11 to the dolphins, and as low as into the 3rd round on some occasions. I think he's ultimately a second round pick, and will be a productive NFL player.

Jerome Baker OLB: Ceiling-upper tier pick in the second round (4-12), Floor-fourth round.  In my own mock draft I did with co-workers, Baker was the 3rd pick in the fourth round. He ended up going to the Saints, I believe...  Baker has the tangibles to be a second round pick, but I think a down year this past season hurt his stock a good bit. At times he was getting mocked in the middle part of the first round. I think Baker ultimately is too good an athlete to last through the third round.

Tyquan Lewis DE: Ceiling-mid/late second round, Floor-fifth round. There's no chance Lewis lasts outside the fourth. He's going to be a good pro. I personally like him in the third round a lot, and wouldn't be surprised to see a team take a shot at him in the second, especially a team with a good roster like New Orleans, Philadelphia, or Minnesota. His inability to test at the combine was obviously an issue, but I think he more than made up for it at pro-day.

Jalyn Holmes DE: Ceiling-late second round, Floor-mid-fourth round. Jalyn Holmes brings so much to the table, there's no way a team in the third round isn't jumping for joy that a big, strong, fast, long-armed, pass rushing specialist with solid tackling ability in space against RBs is sitting there waiting for them to pick him. Holmes is also the ultimate team guy, never complained about being part of a rotation, even if he felt like he had earned more. Holmes will be a very solid NFL player.

Jamarco Jones OL: Ceiling-early third round, Floor-early-fifth round. Jones combine wasn't great in respect to the other prospects, but I think he was being looked at as a tackle, and I'm not convinced his future in the NFL isn't at guard. I do think he's got the potential to develop into a good NFL OT, but I also think he has the flexibility to move to guard if that's what's best for his career. Again, no matter where he gets picked, I think Jones will be solid in the NFL.

Marcus Baugh TE: Ceiling-early fifth round, Floor-UDFA. Baugh showed consistency the last two years and some versatility in that he could catch passes when called upon, but did a nice job blocking in-line. Baugh has potential, I don't think it was completely reached at Ohio State. He's an intriguing player.

JT Barrett QB: Ceiling-sixth round, Floor-UDFA. I don't think there's much controversy here. I know JT has a soft spot in just about everyone's heart for what he has meant to Ohio State, but let's be real, his skills don't translate well to the NFL, and he didn't light it up at the combine... Barrett, IMO will get drafted/picked up based on his leadership skills, and his attitude. He's the ultimate team guy, and works as hard or harder than anyone. He'll be a practice squad guy, but who knows... He may be able to do something down the road, stranger things have happened.

I wanted to keep this as short as possible, I know I left off Damon Webb, and a few others, but feel free to weigh in with anyone you think deserves consideration.

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