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CBJ Free Agency

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July 1, 2014 at 3:36pm
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A few thoughts here:

  1. Just wondering others' opinions on the Johansen situation. The Jackets need to get him signed, but I totally see their side. He is only a year removed from playing 40 games in the AHL, so a 2-3 yr. deal with a big annual raise sounds plenty fair.


2.    Am I alone in thinking it was a big mistake to let MacKenzie sign with Florida? I know he's hit his ceiling development-wise, but anything he lacks in skill he makes up for tenfold with effort. His cap hit of $1.3mil is pretty modest and something CBJ could afford. I hated to lose Dorsett because of the same reason. Blue Jacket Hockey, as it is played now under Richards, is as much about heart and balls as it is about talent.  I know the fans really get attached to the "working man" type of players as much as superstars.

3.    Should Comeau have been re-signed? I hear Jarmo when he says he's making room for the young guys, but I'm just wondering if Tropp and Frattin are better options. It sort of handcuffs management when Boll makes $1.7mill to drop the gloves and cruise around on the 4th line. Blake signed for only $700k, and while limited offensively and prone to taking iffy penalties, he was a hit machine and someone who was definitely "hard to play against."

Regardless of what happens, the future has never been brighter.  Go Jackets!

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