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Comment 12 May 2018

In reference to playing MSU, they HAVE to want it more. The talent level is far less across the board. And Meyer admits he prefers ace recruiters. Sparty develops players because they MUST!   It is the only way to win with the 6th ranked class in the conference two years running.

2 bad losses in 2 years, definitely the fault of out-of-state recruiting.  Ridiculous... I suppose we lost to VT in 2015  because we signed Grant Schmidt and Torrance Gibson that year. SMH  All 3 of those losses fall more on the coaching staff than anyone, definite lack of preparation.

And crediting just the defense and Herman for the 2014 Natty is equally ridiculous. Bosa and EZE played out of their minds.  It is a team effort, win or lose. Tom Herman didn't win tOSU anything!

Comment 07 Feb 2018

Agreed. Placing the blame for the LB's struggles solely in Davis' lap is unfair.  Chalk it up to injuries and inexperience.  If not at WR coach, I'm all for a Special Teams ace.  Aside from punting, this phase of the game has needed addressed for a few years now.  Consistently underwhelming on kickoff returns considering the athletes we're recruiting. And if I see another kickoff go out of bounds I might just have a stroke.

Comment 10 Aug 2017

I like what I've seen from Cornell in limited duty. 280 isn't exactly undersized either. Same weight as Barrow and heavier than Bosa, who plays inside occasionally. Robert Landers isn't a giant but he holds his own on the interior...

Comment 21 Aug 2016

McGregor spent a lot of time running away from Diaz with his hands down/back turned. Diaz should've scored points for Octagon control.