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Would OSU Push out Current Commits?

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July 12, 2019 at 9:32am

I'm relatively new to following recruiting, but with the discussions about a hard cap of 25 players (or something close to that), it got me thinking about what the Buckeyes coaching staff is going to do as they approach that cap (whatever it is).   They might have accepted some less heralded commits earlier in the process when they had a (seemingly) small class and didn't know what their overall haul might look like.

So lets say we get to later in the process and are at that cap, when one of the coaches gets a call/text from an elite 5* guy that the staff really likes who says "I want to be a Buckeye".   What would or could they do at that point?

Do you go to one of the guys with less upside and say "hey, your path to playing time isn't very good, I suggest you consider decommitting and signing with another school"?  What are the ramifications of doing that?

Personally I'm kind of old school, a commitment is something you stick by (and that goes for both the school and the player), but the reality is that until that paper is signed (and even after that, with the portal), nothing is set.  The player and the school can back away at any time. 

Curious to hear thoughts on this, since it's a very real possibility that the Bucks could be faced with this dilemma this cycle.

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