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Comment 10 hours ago

CBs are never "needed".  It's nice to hear that someone that follows things thinks a player is going to the good guys, but at the end of the day CBs mean nothing.  Only the recruits opinion matters.

Comment 21 hours ago

Thanks for the info, but to clarify, for non-dues paying alumni, how do you look for tickets today?  I see the ticket sale for general public is tomorrow (Friday).

I'm looking to possibly get 3 tickets to a home game, not sure which one (if any) yet.

Comment 24 hours ago

That just seems absolutely bizarre and hard to believe.  I mean, in some areas there's a ton of talent (TX, FL, CA etc), and some schools can be picky and decide to pass on a guy they think is marginal.  This is Washington we're talking about.  How many times are they going to have a 4 or 5 star guy right in their back yard?  Sometimes talented home town players just "get away" because for whatever reason they decide a different place is a better fit for them.....   but to completely ignore a top 4 or 5 star in your back yard when you're in an area with a relatively small talent pool?  Just nuts.

Whatever the backstory, whatever the reason, I'm glad we were able to bring in a talented and (by all accounts) highly motivated young man.  Can't go wrong there.

Comment 18 Jul 2019

I know as Buckeye fans we don't want to hear it, but the reality is that we have a QB who has never played a meaningful snap of college football.  Yes, he's insanely talented, and he'll have great players around him and a great coaching staff, but until we see if the kid can get it done with the bullets are flying, I don't think it's unreasonable for writers and others to pick a team with a seasoned QB with reasonable talent. 

Of course I still think the Buckeyes are way better and that Fields is going to light the skunk weasels on fire come November, but I'm trying to see it from the pre-season writers perspective and I don't think it's nuts to pick the way they did.  They'll be wrong as they usually are!

Comment 17 Jul 2019

First, take a deep breath and relax :)

Perhaps my statement on Tressel and those before is "idiotic", but the recruiting industry and it's composite rankings and all that stuff haven't been around 40 years.  Recruiting used to be small time, not like it is now.  As such, I don't know for a fact what tOSU classes would have been ranked back 35, 25 years ago.  The consensus around here is that Meyer significantly elevated the level of talent the Buckeyes were able to recruit, and Meyer classes were in the 2-5 range.  Thus, it's fair to say that before Meyer the classes would have been lower than that, so lets say 5-15.  That's essentially where TTUN is.  Not elite level, but hardly trash.

Also, I'm not focused on how the recruiting success was achieved (Tressel with the build a wall around Ohio and pick some top guys from elsewhere, Meyer with the "get the best from anywhere in the country" etc), the bottom line is that tOSU has always been competitive with classes that were likely often ranked about where TTUN's class is this year.   Their recruiting is not the train wreck that some want to believe it is, it's just not at the elite level where the Buckeyes are with Bama, Clemson etc.... and that bodes well for us for years to come.

Comment 17 Jul 2019

With modern facial recognition technology and pictures available everywhere on social media and the like, companies are starting to pay big bucks to buy big data with face pics.  That way, for example, you walk into the store and they can instantly know that you're the infamous Eddie27Zeke15 that's in the market for a new Honda, likes to eat onions, bought a cream last week for jock itch, who's wife is cheating on him.  Then they customize some adds for you as you walk through the store.  Not necessarily nefarious, but definitely creepy.

Comment 16 Jul 2019

I guess I'll buck the trend a little bit and say that if you consistently get recruiting classes in the top 10, your program is going to be very competitive.  In fact, the Buckeyes traditionally didn't recruit top classes until Meyer arrived, and still the Buckeyes were consistently competitive each year.

Yes, the reality is that OSU is recruiting higher top end players and our depth is just going to be better than theirs as long as that's the case, but it's not like they are recruiting at the level of Indiana or Rutgers or something.

Comment 15 Jul 2019

Ze chickens, zey have not hatched yet, a lot of time between now and signing day.

Can't help but be a little giddy at the talent level that keeps coming into OSU.  Dropoff?  What's that?

Comment 15 Jul 2019

I too would like a source for the games.  I have a lot of the games that I've recorded, but they are DRM'd and can't be moved to another place than on the HTPC where I saved them.  I'd love to have full HD versions of some key games along the way, I love watching them again every now and again.  Not the losing games though, only the winning ones :)

Comment 15 Jul 2019

I can't say that I have too much of a beef with those rankings.

That said, if you were given your choice to take any of those 5 WR's, who would you take?  Antonio Brown and OBJ are very talented and great receivers, but they seem like divas and possible head cases.  Maybe not in their new scenery, we'll see.  Jones is great but has been injury prone during his career. Hopkins is solid, I think he just hasn't broken out on the scene because he's never had a great QB throwing him the ball.  That brings us to Thomas. He's been great, but he's also benefited from being in a great scheme with a HOF QB throwing him the ball.

Who do you take?

Comment 13 Jul 2019

Troll post?  That's absurd.  I'm asking about opinions on a scenario that could possibly happen, not trolling or saying anything negative about anyone.  I've enjoyed reading a lot of the comments.

Seems to me the SEC teams (like Alabama) are probably a lot more ruthless (for lack of a better term) in this regard, just like with oversigning and pulling scholly's for existing players on the roster when a better recruit is available.  OSU is one of the elite of the elite, I'm curious how they'd approach that scenario.  All speculation of course, we're not in that situation, but it could theoretically happen.

The funny thing is, 99% of schools wish they were in such a situation where they have to decide how to make room for an additional 4 or 5 star guy in the class.

Comment 12 Jul 2019

Tressel was charged with a crime. He committed purgury.He was not allowed OSU for a minute. He lied to an investigation.

 Uh.... what?  When did Tressel get charged with a crime?  How could he have committed perjury if he never testified in court under oath?

Lying to the NCAA is not a crime.  Nor is it perjury.  It's an NCAA violation, but that's not a crime.   Just like a kid taking a check from a booster is not a crime, it's just an NCAA violation that will result in NCAA eligibility being taken away. 

Whatever you might think of Tressel, I'm not aware of him having ever done anything criminal.

Comment 12 Jul 2019

OKC is going about this rebuild the right way, they are loading up for future draft picks. 

For Houston, I find it hard to believe Harden and Westbrook will gel together : they both are the kind of guys that need the ball in their hands to make things happen.  Still, it will be interesting to see.  If they can make it work, watch out, that's a lot of scoring power for that team.......

Comment 07 Jul 2019

I understand that we all view things through scarlet and gray tinted glasses and all that, but watching the video of Scott going up against top notch DB's and making play after play after play, I can't see how he isn't a 5 star at this point.   There's really nothing he can't do compared to other high school talents.  Heck, even Richard Sherman says the kid is a 5 star after working with him in practice.  Sherman is one of the best shut down corners the game as ever seen.

At the end of the day, stars don't matter, the kid will get a chance to show what he's got, but it baffles me how he isn't considered one of the elite 5 star guys based on the video I've seen.  The fact that he seems like a smart kid with a great work ethic and leadership qualitie just adds that much more to his overall value IMO.

Comment 01 Jul 2019

I used to have a subscription to both, but personally, between 11W and Lettermen, I get pretty much all the information I need, from guys that know just as much (if not more) what's going on. 

Comment 01 Jul 2019

Seeing a bunch of CB's going to the good guys definitely would feel good, but at the end of the day none of the CB's matter, even if there's an avalanche of them.  Lets hope that young man makes the call to the good guys soon!