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Re: Fields: Would Ryan Day Promise the Starting Role to Land Fields?

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December 19, 2018 at 10:54am

With the Dwan Mathis flip and all of the rumors about a possible Justin Fields transfer, I can't stop thinking about the make-up of the QB room in 2019/20... Fields/Martel/Baldwin  = QBGeddon 2.0!

Before we get to that, how does Ryan Day beat out possible destinations for Fields where he is all but guaranteed to play in 2019? *For the purpose of this argument, let's assume the NCAA doesn't want to down play the racial incident and grants Fields eligibility in 2019.   

I'm assuming several other destinations have a much less crowded QB room and therefore may be very appealing to Fields given his frustration with playing time at UGA.  The only reason he would come to OSU without a guarantee is purely out of respect for the coaching he would receive from Ryan Day, at OSU.  Is that enough though?

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