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Drew Richmond

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July 10, 2014 at 10:11am

Will be visiting Ohio State for FNL and possibly North Carolina before making his final decision on Sept. 9th. He has visited Alabama, Ole Miss and UCLA in the past two months.

His top schools are Ole Miss, Alabama, Tennessee, Memphis, Ohio State, North Carolina and UCLA. He mentioned that Ohio State has always been his dream school and he possibly could end up staying overnight after FNL with Jalin Marshall who he has built a close relationship with.

A guy who played against him last year chimed in and had this to say:

"He has always for some reason liked Ohio State. I thought he was going to Tennessee for a while but this summer has changed his opinion and Tennesee seems to be trending down. Everyone at MUS is affiliated with Ole Miss in some fashion and he told me there's a lot of pressure from the boosters and his coaching staff to go to Ole Miss. If he had a top 2 it would most likely be Ohio State and Ole Miss but Alabama is trending up and could be a dark horse. He doesn't tell me everything but I have a good feeling about the validity of what he's been telling me."


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