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Not Saying Sky is Falling...

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April 27, 2014 at 8:15pm

I'm not on the "the is the worst recruiting class, we can't get commits, the sky is falling" train.  I think it's interesting that we only have 2 (maybe 1) commit, but it's not concerning-it's not even May yet.  The facts are the facts though, and with only 2 commits, tOSU isn't where they would expect to be.  There has to be a reason, or reasons for the current state.  I'm just curious as to what everyone thinks it is.  Here are some of the possibilities I've thought about, and what I have seen others post:


-No Class Leader

-Last 3 classes have been great, our depth chart is loaded (doesn't stop present day Bama, or USC from early 2000's from reeling in top 3 class year after year)

-Waiting on a lot of big names, whose recruitment will be drawn out

-Not winning the big games/Big Ten down

-The BIG DAY theory, with multiple big time recruits planning a day to top Bamas.

Here's one I have yet to see discussed-not producing large #'s of NFL draft picks and high profile picks.  I know we still have guys drafted, but it's no where near the level of the early 2000's, we had like 10 or 12 taken in one draft, with 1st rounders almost every year.  Maybe the cupboard was a lot more empty than even Urban let on when he took the job.  That has to be one of the biggest factors, especially considering present day Bama and USC from early 2000's.  A lot of those teams could beat half of the NFL on a given Sunday (as a Lions fan, I know first hand how bad NFL teams can be).   


So once again, Urban and staff have a tremendous track record, so it's WAY too early to be concerned.  But there has to be some reason(s) as to why the commitments are slower than normal.  Just seeing what everyone else thinks.  

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