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QB "competition" Pecking Order

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March 4, 2024 at 12:21pm

Maybe chalk this up to a combination of wanting some actual news and having relationships with the players involved from 1-2 years of talking to them, but it feels like there is a growing disconnect between the reality of the OSU 5 player QB room, and the way local media are talking about the spring practice.

The Podcast Daily in particular has pumped up the idea that even though Will Howard is the probable starter, Devin Brown and Lincoln Keinholz are both in the competition for starter. I listened to Birm really pushing the idea that you have to give Lincoln a chance because - this was really hard to believe - Ryan Day was really pleased with the way he handled the Cotton Bowl under the circumstances. Buckeye Talk and others are more direct that Howard is the starter but still seem muddled about the pecking order behind them. 

Beyond the question of whether there is an actual competition at all, this also implies that Air Noland and Julian Sayin are just getting table scraps and hanging out and learning about college. I seriously doubt this comports with reality.

My view heading into spring is that Howard is the 1, and the only way Brown supplants him is if Howard falls on his face or gets hurt. Keinholz has zero chance of competing to start.

Beyond that, whoever emerges between Noland and Sayin (likely Sayin) begins the year as the #3, but has an excellent chance to become the #2 and the heir apparent by the end of the season. Put it this way - if Brown transfers and Howard gets hurt, who do you think is coming into the Michigan game - Lincoln Keinholz or Julian Sayin? I would put money on Sayin.

What do you all think is the order of the 5 coming out of spring ball?

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