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Comment 15 hours ago

I’ve seen this less in the local papers than the national ones. I haven’t read the Blade since I lived there 20 years ago so I don’t know how it fares on politics though.

Comment 15 hours ago

Not sure the solution for the locals. It doesn’t make sense to serve up late content that people can get elsewhere. But i don’t know the solution.

my local stopped covering HS sports which made no sense. That’s the only content that was fully unique to the paper.

Comment 16 hours ago

Obviously talent on the field is a problem. The question is whether that is recruitment or development. Their last 4 classes (in order from 2020 to 2017) were 14, 8, 22 and 5 in the country. So my point is that fixing recruitment is not going to fix their problems. 

Though I do agree that the state of Michigan has had talent that they needed to lock down and failed on. 

Comment 20 hours ago

Agree that they need to lock down Michigan recruiting and improve recruiting overall. Arguably, though, recruiting hasn’t been the main issue on a team that has been top 10-15 in recruiting but top 20 or worse on the field.

Comment 23 Jan 2021

I can’t believe you are stealing his thunder like that, 305. Can’t even let him keep his secret and have his moment?

Comment 23 Jan 2021

True, visiting doesn't mean he is coming.

But not visiting would have meant he is not coming. This means we are in the game. 

Comment 22 Jan 2021

To'oto'o is a very very good player. A serious thumper and one of the only Tennessee players who actually played up to expectations. 

I had the same thought on the McDonalds though. It was - at the time - a mystery how he wound up at Tennessee in the first place. 

(Also can't resist noting that Michigan is a great fit for former Tennessee players. Exact same arrogance without results program aura).

Comment 22 Jan 2021

I can't believe you are accusing LSU of being dirty. Fans on this site are so over the top. Next thing, you will be claiming their boosters steal money from sick children to pay off players' families or something.

Comment 21 Jan 2021

How much will NIL change the, ahem, McDonalds advantage for teams? I would have thought it would make that far less relevant, but maybe because it's getting handed out before the player even is in college it will still matter?

Comment 20 Jan 2021

I get that this kid is a top ten prospect. But the sheer volume of posts about him is over the top. Hope we get him, we already got another top ten DB, we have the top class in the country, and we are in on lots of Top 50 players.

Comment 20 Jan 2021

First you asked us, who do you trust more, me or Chugg?

And we said: Chugg tells us what we want to hear.

And now you ask us to trust you over Moose? Surely you know we will follow Moose all the way into devastation.