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Comment 8 hours ago

I don't know on the stats. But I will say: Fields looks much, much better as a QB than I anticipated. Arm strength, touch, decision making, ability to make a couple of guys miss while keeping his eyes down field. Calm affect. Holy hell, he is really good. 

Comment 8 hours ago

I was until last night. I thought Michigan looked much better than PSU in the second half. Harbaugh did his usual turd-laying on the road in the first 20 minutes. But Michigan looked tougher, deeper and better than PSU for most of that game. 

Penn State wore down. That was my takeaway - several great players for them (Hamler and Parsons in particular) but the depth is a problem and they wore down.

Comment 19 Oct 2019

I see two warning signs: 1) Fields is being forced to shed tackles in the backfield too often. Our tackles got beat too much in pass block. 2) the up the middle run was effective against us. 

We have out-talented everyone and have done a fantastic job so far. But when the talent evens up a bit in the weeks ahead, we have to win the one on one battles on the line.

Comment 18 Oct 2019

That's a pretty sweet highlight for you - very cool. As an older person who played sports in high school: you will still think it's pretty cool in 30 years.

Comment 16 Oct 2019

Four receivers in the top 300 players in one class, including the #1 player in the country, is genuinely ridiculous. 

One reason among many that RBs should think hard about Columbus: it is going to be very difficult to stack the box and play single coverage. 

Comment 15 Oct 2019

Watching NFL games this season, I see a lot of what OSU was doing last year on D - 8 guys on the line standing up, unclear who is dropping, who is rushing. It's great when you are an NFL team with 28 year olds who do nothing but watch film and play football for a living. Those guys tend to wind up exactly where they are supposed to. The Buckeye D last year, though...

Comment 11 Oct 2019

Styles may leave the state because he wants to play WR. But, um, if leaving the state and exploring a different place is something that you generally recommend, well... that doesn't fit well with the general Ohio State recruitment strategy. Not sure "if I was Styles, I would go to Notre Dame" is exactly what I was hoping to hear from the recruiting writer...

Comment 10 Oct 2019

Thanks for this link - I am going to check it out! I know we throw around the "bag men" stuff here but I want to better understand what actually happens. 

Comment 10 Oct 2019

So, with the Cali law and impending NCAA fight on players getting paid for their likeness, and the argument that maybe it will just take what is happening under the table and bring it above board, I have a legit question for people with actual stories to tell:

What do we think the booster/bagmen at cheating top football programs are offering prospects? What kind of money or other thing? How much does this happen?

I legitimately don't know. It's been exposed in basketball - but that is a sport where one player can make a program. And we saw some of the stuff with Ole Miss get exposed. But how prevalent is this, how much money are boosters offering at bad-faith schools? Does anyone have any stories based on things players, recruits or coaches have told them?

Comment 10 Oct 2019

People are fast and loose w the DVs in these threads. I've just gotten used to it. On these threads, you can and will get DV'd because people disagree with your opinion. Such is life. 

Comment 09 Oct 2019

That was amazing. How thin does your skin have to be to go into someone's DMs to challenge their tweets? He's a national reporter for god's sake. Makes me think he realized when he put Auburn at 6 that he knew he had tipped his hand. 

I remember Dodd mainly for the time he criticized Bryce Love for going to class instead of media day. That was a classic. Yeah, let's crap on the kid getting a Stanford degree and GOING TO CLASS while competing for the Heisman.

Comment 09 Oct 2019

I doubt we get both recruits when the dust settles.

broadly, I agree with your premise on the challenge. You won’t stop players from transferring when they get beat out. But you need to stop losing your top QB recruit late in the process when you can’t replace them, which happened to us. Need one recruit every year.