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Where [else] Could Inspiration Come From?

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December 9, 2022 at 6:30pm

 Just meant to be a lighthearted topic here. We all expect our Bucks; coaches, staff, players alike to be inspired going into the CFP. Also, I’d guess we’d all agree the loss to ttun, coupled w the underdog role should/will serve as inspiration. But what could be some other sources? For example, some coaches may show their team a movie before a given game. Some may assign a reading of an historical event or figure. Some legendary coaches may even have rugs made w the score of a past game’s loss [clears throat]. In other words, what’s your William Wallace story to fire up the masses? And what’s your chosen medium? Movie, book, quote? Historical figure, event? And from what corner does it come from; sports, religion, family? I’m a sucker for biographies and such other inspirational events, from all walks of life. 
 A good friend of mine, and also among us, is a BIG Herb Brooks/Miracle guy. Why not? I like the story of King George VI [King’s Speech] which we know is about the King overcoming his speech impediment w the help of a therapist, who become lifelong friends. Closer to home, I had 2 Uncles serve during WWII; both were on the beaches on D-Day. They both made it home and lived long lives. 
 Lastly, although it was 40 years ago, I often think of an old baseball coach of mine. THE coach of mine, if you will. Maybe not everyday, but multiple times in a week. And I usually find myself coaching baseball in his same vein, as well as most everything else I do. 
 So…what are your sources? I’m sure I’ll learn something. 

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