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Comment 05 Mar 2020

Yes my initial thought was really a disappointing feeling. But w the FR coming, Olave, Williams, and losing KJ, and Wilson already showing he catches basically everything thrown at him....then you factor in Day’s explanation. Now I’m excited for it! He should have a great year, cuz let’s face it - the opposing D isn’t going to be able cover everyone. 

Comment 24 Feb 2020

Not a big b-ball guy here but I have been watching when possible. Game ball to #1. What a game he had. EJ will be a beast one day. You can see him maturing more and more. And I really like to see Washington out there. He brings an energy with him. Not much he can’t do. Obviously w Luther being soo hot yesterday- you stick w him, but just wanted to plug 4. 

Comment 13 Jan 2020

May sound silly but I recently went to 6” gutter, from a 4” for the biggest expanse of my roof - we have a good sized Ranch style home. I also have a couple French drains that help redirect water and eliminate standing water. Both of these have taken some burden off of the sumps. Obviously can’t dig now, but...for next season and so on. 

Comment 10 Jan 2020

”Development”. Well I’ll always be a sucker for LBs; not to start a debate. OL/DT is prolly next for me. It’s tougher for the lineman to come in right away and contribute, whereas a WR can play right away in some cases, even if just ST. JMO. I think Miller gets added to the ‘tip of the spear’ next season and we don’t miss a beat.