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Comment 05 Dec 2019

Car accident. Shattered my scaphoid and head of the radius and fractured the ulna. 40+ stitches in my forearm and still have a hernia on my outer forearm to show for it...some 27 years ago. Range of motion is good though. Limited to the left and back. Arthritis/bursitis is my enemy now. LOL. Played multiple sports before and after and now at 50 still lifting, but not like then. 

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Mentions having a screw in his wrist...cast could be cautionary or to help stabilize. I had an external fixator = 4 pins [2 in my hand and 2 in my forearm] when I broke my wrist. Cast came off in 10 weeks but the pins stayed in another 2 weeks. Then tons of rehab. So 4 months sounds excessive but he probably doesn’t play at all w/o it. 
is there a Dr in the house?