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Comment 6 hours ago

Crusader, not that it’s a challenge but my female cat was 9.5 pounds and would do the same, as well as follow raccoons into sewers and even chased a Bobcat out of our yard. Yes. A bobcat. But she was also extremely sweet and loving. 

I’ve had the unique pleasure of handling/working w many many animals - baby grizzly bear and a baby female African lion were highlights [and a few birds of prey] - they were both roughly 2 months old. Even at that age though; the power - you could feel. 
Servals, savannahs and the like....their wild instincts remain. Animals like these aren’t to be taken lightly. Much like Mike Tyson having those big cats at his property in Southington, Oh. - some 20 mins from me. Preservation is a must but live animals are not toys. 

Comment 18 hours ago

Right. Clearly Day does the ”heavy lifting” w Haskins, but now recruits also see the growth and effectiveness of Fields, + Yurcich [as JF eluded to him in his comments yesterday], and the fact Hartline is killing it w recruits [Fleming; clears throat]....point being, I don’t care if Avery sells snake oil out of his station wagon. If it helps keep the parade of QB recruits coming, so be it. 

Comment 15 Oct 2019

Just glad we came out of those days off w no players in the news.  
“Played some depth”. This has been great and IMO one thing that sets Day apart. The value in this may come in real handy later, if not sooner. 
Lastly, I have to admit I whined some about the Friday game, but [maybe because of the bye] I can’t wait for Friday. Excited to see our Bucks get back at it!

Comment 14 Oct 2019

I agree in regards to the TEs. He’ll, I think we all do. I mean really, w the guys we have a TE...lots of talent there; just not enough footballs. As far as H, I d say leave it alone. Fields is maturing every week, Dobbins is a strong as ever, and Master is a battering ram.  If anything, I’d like to see more play-action / under C. Either way, I’ll concede to Day/Wilson/Yurcich, and Staff  

Comment 14 Oct 2019

Will there continue to be an H-back in the future of Ohio State's offense? Day said the Buckeyes are looking to recruit the best players they possibly can, and will build their offense around those players

Day’s comment from the updates article earlier....good enough for me. 
Also, I can’t help think of Dontre Wilson. Won’t go as far to say square peg/round hole....but forcing [for lack of a better word] players into roles doesn’t always work. 

edit; plus I’d guess we all think Day is pretty innovate in regards to scheming an Offense.