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Comment 20 Aug 2019

I mean, do I expect JF to run? Sure. But I envision Coach Day utilizing the stable of receivers [TEs included] and really trying to build on what Dwayne was able to do. Reports are JF arm is as strong, if not stronger than DH...so I’m looking for the same downfield attack. We have the bodies. Not to mention JK, McCall, Master, _______.  Justin will need to run, no doubt. But I’m hoping it’s limited. 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Assistant coaches Kevin Wilson, Mike Yurcich, Jeff Hafley and possibly Matt Barnes will be in the booth during games, while the other coaches will be down on the field.

Wilson is a no brainer in the booth and even Yurcich....but Hafley being new to the group and Barnes....as a ST C.  Realize he’s the assistant DB C too but..idk. Guess we’ll have to see how it plays out. 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

At the risk of giving the "recruit Ohio first!" folks an aneurism on this fine Monday morning,

I guess I’m that guy. But in fairness, I don’t personally think “first” - just because I have a minor shrine to honor JPT. I just don’t want Ohio kids overlooked. Tressel’s mantra was “build a fence” - get the Ohio kids first. With Urban, I felt like he could care less about Ohio kids at all. Day feels like a happy medium so far. Either way here comes the ‘beat the dead horse comment’....thankfully Pantoni stayed; he’s invaluable. 

Edit; one thing I will say, Urban was able to pull from the Queen City...and that’s only getting better. 

Comment 15 Aug 2019

I’ll respectfully disagree on the D as a unit. I expect growing pains and some occasional one-offs, but I also believe these new coaches will take ownership and solidify this unit as a whole. Of course Defense is becoming more and more difficult to play, with flag-happy refs, protecting players well-being. That’s fine as long as it’s called evenly. Also, the dreaded injury word [fingers crossed as I type]....but we have a deep bench.

“Silver Bullets”, “come out to plaaayyy!”

Comment 14 Aug 2019

So LJ coaches drills in front of the media. Am I reading too much into this? Clearly it’s something he’s been doing, but it would seem it’s a calculated move on his part. Where most want to keep their cards close to the vest, you could say there’s benefits from this way as well. 

Then again, he may just not give a crap!