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Futures Games?

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August 15, 2022 at 8:00pm

Every time I read about very talented and hard working players who haven't had meaningful snaps for a couple of years, I wish the were an exciting way to get them meaningful snaps. I usually go into withdrawal when the bowls and championship wrap up.
What if there were one more dose of college football for a week or two after the season. "Futures games" could be scheduled between the young players of different programs. Obviously, seniors would not be there and players who logged heavy snap counts. It would be an opportunity for younger guys to showcase what they can do.
Last season, for example, wouldn't it have been exciting to see McCord, Egbuka, Pryor, and many others could do against young players from Alabama, Clemson, ND, Georgia, USC, Okla, or others? I think the yiung players would love it and teally get up for it, resukting in some fun games.

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