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Mgoblog Ranks Stroud #1 QB in the Big10

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August 9, 2022 at 1:45pm

So, obviously, many of you don't give a rip what mgoblog thinks. However, they have a piece up ranking the 12 QB's they face this year. And Stroud clearly ranks #1.

LINK:  The Enemy, ranked 2022:  Quarterback

A few quotes:

This had to be OSU, right? Look, I think there are elements of the game that CJ Stroud needs to improve on, and yes he generally has good protection and throws to the best receiving room in America yada yada, but you cannot look at his numbers and the way Ohio State's offense eviscerated every team on the schedule not named Michigan and rank the Buckeyes anywhere other than #1. The dude threw for 4,435 yards and 44 TD to 6 INT on 71.9% completion with 10.1 yards per attempt as a first year starter.

So, some of you want to suggest that Michigan fans and mgoblog always overrank Michigan, and think they're on the same plane as TOSU, after one lousy win in 10 years. Well, not at QB. Here's there ranking of Michigan QB:

 If I were placing them [Michigan] on this list, I think they'd rank around 4th to be honest, maybe in line with PSU. Cade McNamara right now does not have a statistical argument to be higher than that.

Is there anything dissing or downgrading Stroud? Maybe just a bit . . . 

Stroud has his weaknesses. NFL teams will want to see him handle pressure a little better than he did against Michigan and adding a more mobile component of his game could go a long way (as could learning to play IN THE SNOW and while "sick".)

But yeah, anyone with a brain and a pair of eyes can see that Stroud is the best QB in the Big 10 by far, unless someone really blows up, and can see that there's a good chance he's off to the NFL after this year.

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