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Comment 18 Sep 2019

Michigan has sucked so far this year. Those were two ugly games. However . . . MTSU and Army may have been better than many give credit for. And the injury bug really hit Michigan.

  • Patterson is 100% from an oblique injury, first play of season.
  • Jon Runyan, All - Big 10 LT, is back to 100%, will start (hasn't played yet.)
  • DPJ and Tru Wilson are on the mend, but not there.
  • Jeter, a big fella at DT, is back.
  • Ball security has been a major focus.

I also think Wisconsin may have faced pretty low level of talent. Michigan players are pretty humiliated by the first two games, and are extremely hungry. I don't think this is going to be the Wisconsin beatdown many are predicting.

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Polls said the weasels were going to win the B10 E.

Yeah, what were those guys smoking? I have heard too much summer and September hype to believe any of it anymore. The reality is that OSU has better athletes and better depth across the board. Michigan may be more competitive than they were under Rich Rod and Hoke. They may win most of their games against the little sisters of the poor, and end up with 8, 9, or 10 wins in a season. But they still aren't nearly at the same level as OSU, and that's all that really matters. Sucks for a Michigan fan right now.

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Wait until they squeak out a 14-10 win over Sparty again.

Until MSU? We'll find out against Wisconsin what kind of a team Michigan is. Right now, it doesn't look good.

They will quickly reclaim their position as most obnoxious fans on earth

In the eyes of a Buckeye fan, Michigan fans will always be the most obnoxious fans on earth. However, if you look at polls and the like, it seems that Buckeye fans universally are ranked as more obnoxious. It's all subjective. Don't bother feeling sorry for Michigan fans. It's a waste of time. 

But here's the reason why Michigan fans are really despondent. Let's assume that every injured Wolverine (Patterson, LT Runyan, WR DPJ, RB Tru Wilson, DT's Dwumfour and Jeter) all come back healthy against Wisconsin. Who knows. Michigan could win out their next 9 games and be 11 - 0. As good as that would look, sane Michigan fans won't be fooled again. We still don't think there is any way the team belongs on the same field with OSU.

Could Michigan beat OSU? I don't see how. I guess anything is possible. If some of your critical players were injured, if Michigan played out of their minds, if there was another snow bowl. But if Fields is healthy, and OSU continues on the same trajectory, there is no way possible Michigan will win. And for that reason, you're not going to hear much if any trash talking from Michigan fans.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I think you really need to separate your rooting interests from your betting interests. When you bet on a team you want to see win or lose, your judgement is sometimes clouded. I'm assuming the following is true:

  1. You root for OSU, and only OSU.
  2. Your 2nd favorite team is always whoever is playing Michigan.

For those two games, it is clear what you want. I would generally try to avoid betting on OSU and Michigan. You are likely to overestimate OSU and understand Michigan, because of your general biases and interests.

However, if you insist on betting on Wisconsin vs. Michigan, ask the following:

  1. What is the caliber of the opposition the two teams faced? I think Army is probably better than many people realize. And I wonder how good the teams Wisconsin played actually are.
  2. What are the injury updates? This is often very guarded information. But I think Patterson injured his oblique in the opening game. Having two weeks off was critical. In addition, they may have all Big-10 OT Jon Runyan back. They also may get 2 DT's back (Dwumfour and Jeter,) WR Donovan Peoples-Jones back, and RB Tru Wilson back. They could ALL make a significant difference.
  3. How much can Michigan improve? Specifically, can they stop fumbling? Can they get a better grip on Gattis's new offensive schemes? If they can improve, it will make a significant difference.
  4. Does Wisconsin have anyone besides Taylor at RB? If Michigan keys on him, their defense might just be good enough to shut him down.

I would encourage you to always root AGAINST Michigan, and not to mess around with betting. The reality is that the coming game is a huge unknown. Seeing them faceoff will help a large amount in predicting the rest of the season. If Michigan wins, they could win every game except OSU. If they lose, they could also lose vs. PSU, MSU, ND, and OSU. But I confess, I really don't know which way it will go.

Comment 15 Sep 2019
  1. Never root for another team. (unless your kid plays for another team, or perhaps goes to that school.)
  2. Ask what is the best scenario for your school. You want specific teams to win (or lose) because it improves your team's chances, or reduces your enemy's chances.
  3. The biggest threat to OSU is SEC teams, so you really need to always be AGAINST SEC teams winning.
  4. The best possible optics for the Buckeyes, as already mentioned above is the follow. ND beats Georgia; Michigan beats ND; OSU beats Michigan. The better Michigan's record, the better your victory over Michigan looks. The more top tier SEC teams lose, the less competition you have for the playoff berths.
Comment 12 Sep 2019

50,000 shirts pre-ordered. Don't know the cost and profit margin, but at $20 a tshirt, and maybe $5 max for the actual shirt and printing, that's $750,000. With sales still going on, and hopefully someone matching the profit, that could be a couple million for anti-bullying. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Another pet peeve with greedy athletic departments:  so called "security" keeping food out, and food concessions. At the Army game last week, the top of a small bag of cashews was poking out of my pocket. I was forced to throw it away. Thankfully, they didn't force me to empty my pockets (for the other two small bags of nuts.) Of course, no way can you bring water in to a stadium, sealed or not. The prices on food are ridiculously high, and can quickly jack up the cost of a visit. Supposedly this keeps "drugs" and the possibility of alcohol or a bomb posing as water out of the stadium. But the real reason is to force you to buy overpriced mediocre food in the standium. 

(End of grouchy old man rant:  "Get off my lawn!")

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I liked paper tickets. I can see and understand TOSU trying to control ticket sales and scalping, but yeah, unintendended consequences are at play here. I remember how paper tickets meant a lot more buying and selling. You could sell an unused ticket or two outside the gate, and you could do the same with buying tickets. 

I also do think that 4K huge HD TV's everywhere, especially being able to start 30 - 45 minutes late and fast forward through commercials, makes a big difference. (The Army game had way, way too many full commercial breaks. In the stands, by the middle of the 2nd quarter, the whole stadium was booing additional 150 second commercial breaks.)

Regarding game times, those are largely dictated by TV. Fox is pushing for their big game to be at noon. I'm not 100% opposed to night games, but I seem to recollect a year or two ago, TOSU had so many night games that Urban Meyer was complaining about it. Imhe, they should be reserved for major games, and typically early in the season.

I would love to go to a Michigan game in Columbus some day, but that is becoming less and less likely. Just isn't worth paying a fortune to do it (especially if Michigan is going to continue to lose all the time!!) But seriously, a college football game just isn't important enough to me to spend $500 a ticket. The total game costs, with a pair of tickets and transportation and food and what not, are around $1500. I'd rather watch with friends on TV and use my money elsewhere.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Michigan's offense was terrible, and they could have easily lost the game. Plus the recency bias, with the game being just last week. I personally think that folks love to hate on Harbaugh and Michigan, but that's a more subjective opinion.

Really, though, the rest of the season will give more perspective. How does Michigan do against Wisconsin, PSU, MSU, Maryland, ND? If they lose those games, it shows that the Army game was a "bad" win which they should have lost. You also have to look at Army's record. If they start another 10 game winning streak, it shows they are better than people are saying.

A few observations, some objective, some not:

  • Objectively, Michigan held Army to their lowest yardage since . . . 2015? My point is that their defense vs. Army is better than people are giving them credit for. And this is without potentially their two best DT's, Dwumfour and Jeter.
  • Army made a few bad play calls, and it was good coaching on Michigan's part that took advantage. The fake punt happened because Michigan saw a hole in Army's coverage. The interception and the final two plays of overtime were also bad calls by Army.
  • Michigan was hosed when a fumble recovery was ruled dead . . . should have been a TD. The refs also seemed to consistently give Army a pass with motion prior to the snap. However, the refs are no excuse:  you need to be good enough to win regardless of how the refs call the game.
  • Right now, Michigan fans are severely worried about the offense. Either Patterson gets healthy and makes better calls and better reads, or McCaffrey needs to start. Add to that, Michigan really needs their all-Big 10 left tackle, Jon Runyan, to get back on the field. Also DPJ as a WR.

Michigan is lucky they have two weeks off. They will either fix things before Wisconsin, or be totally exposed as an overrated poser. I don't know what it will be. Lastly, there is absolutely no way Michigan beats OSU unless something changes drastically.

Comment 10 Sep 2019

Normally, you'd be correct. It seemed like a third of every freshman class at UofM was pre-med. Having said that, DPJ has already done well academically. Here is an old quote about academics:

Although he has accomplished plenty on the football field, Peoples-Jones is just as equally as dominant in the classroom where his future looks to be just as bright. After his junior year, Peoples-Jones boasts a 3.9 GPA at Cass Tech, putting him among the leaders in his class.

His mother, Roslyn Peoples, has never let Peoples-Jones waver away from academics in favor of sports, no matter how talented he is. His drive to be an orthopedic surgeon comes from the desire to follow in the in the footsteps of his father, Eddie Jones, who works in a private practice as an orthopedic doctor about an hour south of Chicago.

"(Academics) has always meant a lot to me, just from what my parents have driven in me," Peoples-Jones said. "Ever since I was younger, I've wanted to be what (my father) was, which was an orthopedic surgeon. I've always looked up to him and wanted to be like that."

I know that he was an academic all-Big 10 honoree last year. Obviously, we don't have his transcript, but he doesn't appear to be a slouch.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

State of the program:  bad. Not making any excuses here. Trust me, Michigan fans are not happy. Who to blame? It starts with Harbaugh, but really beginning to wonder about Gattis. Enjoy watching the dumpster fire. We'll all know a lot more after the Wisconsin game. If Michigan gets pounded, it tells you that things have regressed, and Harbaugh is on the hot seat. 

On the other hand . . . 

  • If Patterson is bruised and heals up;
  • If the offense starts hanging on to the ball;
  • If the offense has the light go on with Gattis' offense;
  • If all-Big 10 LT Jon Runyan starts against Wisconsin and creates running lanes;
  • If starting WR Donovan Peoples-Jones comes back from his high ankle sprain;
  • If starting DT Dwumfour, weighing in at 370, comes back healthy;
  • If Jr. DT Donovan Jeter, weighing around 300, comes back healthy;
  • If Wisconsin has a one-dimensional offense with RB Taylor and can't pass well;

Michigan could win. That's an awful, awful lot of "if's" out there. Not looking good to me right now.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Think they were lucky. However, the refs jobbed both teams. That was indeed a BS Targeting call. But calling a play dead when Michigan legitimately recovered a fumble and scored was also BS. The game could have gone either way. Let's just say,

  • Patterson is not lighting the world on fire (either he's injured or he sucks.)
  • Playcalling is suspect. (Insiders say because of Patterson's injury.)
  • Ball control is terrible. (More fumbles in 2 games than all of last year.)
  • Michigan's DT's are a tire fire (need both Dwumfour and Jeter back from injury.)
  • OL didn't impress. (Need Big 10 LT Runyan back.)
  • WR are only so so (need DPJ back.)
  • They are far from mastering the offensive scheme.

If Patterson gets healthy (opening up the playbook and passing ability,) 4 starters come back, they work out the kinks on the offense, and they stop fumbling, Michigan could be ok. That's a lot to ask for, however.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

I'm a Michigan fan and I have zero desire to watch any of this. (Went to the game, and it was not fun, until the very end.)

Comment 09 Sep 2019

make sure we don't get locked into the Michigan Fan Academic Fallacy® in which we pretend that a school's athletes are representative of the school's academic standards as a whole

Completely agree. There is little correlation between academics and athletics.

About half of Michigan's roster is typically comprised of General Studies majors.

This has gone down. It is harder for football players to find a safe haven in General Studies.

We remember Dashawn Hand being told UM athletes aren't allowed in the engineering program

Pretty positive that isn't true. For instance,

  • Noah Furbush, LB who graduated last year, has a degree in aerospace engineering. Here is an interesting link:  Former Michigan linebacker Noah Furbush co-authors study on flying cars.
  • Current wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones is interested in going on to medical school, and to focus on sports medicine.
  • There are at least a dozen guys in engineering, as well as more in neuroscience, biology, economics, and business school.

Your original point still stands:  don't try to correlate a school's academic position with the academics of those playing ball.

Lastly, regarding Hand, I don't remember all the details, but I think it might have been architecture and not engineering. There are several majors that are close to impossible. When you have mandatory 4 or 8 hour blocks of classes that go through the afternoon, it is impossible to coordinate that with football practice. The point is that it isn't academic rigor that is the problem. The challenge is coordinating schedules that won't coordinate. I think Nursing School, perhaps Music School, and several others have requirements that really don't work well with the commitment to practice and to weight room, etc.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

The thing that amused me is that their players and fans reacted like they had just won a huge game. 

I don't think so. We reacted with joy that we escaped yet another upset like App State. It was not a fun game to attend. Right now, we're just relieved to be 2 - 0, but don't think Michigan fans are happy or predicting a Big 10 championship. I just posted at mgoblog that I expect Michigan to lose to OSU. How any sane person can think anything else is beyond me.

Regarding the game itself, insiders definitely believe Patterson is injured. That is about the only way to account for the terrible playcalling and play. Remember that Michigan got jobbed out of a TD on a fumble pickup. But yeah, Michigan was lucky to win with the fumbleitis the last two weeks.

Regarding the rest of the season, there are a bunch of things Michigan fans would like to know, and are hoping for.

  • Will Patterson come back healthy, or does he just suck?
  • Will 4 starters come back? (Big 10 LT Runyan, WR DPJ, DT Dwumfour, and DT Jeter.) Losing 4 starters makes a huge difference.
  • Will the offense figure out how to run what Gattis wants to run? You've said it, and we see it:  you can't install a new offense and expect it to go well. It's really doubtful we escape Wisconsin with a win, but if we do, at least Michigan will have 3, maybe 4, games to get more of the kinks out.
  • Was Army just an aberration, and a perfect illustration of why you shouldn't schedule service academies?
Comment 04 Sep 2019

I guess there are two things I'd ask:

  1. Is it within reason, or is it excessive?
  2. Is it done out of spite and meanspiritedness?

Regarding being within reason, it is fine to wear a TOSU polo, or TOSU v-neck sweater. It is fine to have a framed TOSU diploma on the wall. Maybe some tasteful tchotchke on your desk. But football jerseys, face paint, posters, banners, are sometimes too much.

Regarding the second thing, we all know an asshole when we see one. Every single relative of mine who is a TOSU fan is pretty cool. (my wife is originally from Cleveland.) We've had friendly wagers, we've talked about the game, we've watched the game. But there's a certain line crossing that isn't fun. When it stops being fun, when someone is mean and spiteful and vindictive about it, you're starting to venture into "hostile work environment" territory.