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Comment 18 May 2019

By the numbers, Matta clearly was better than Beilein. Better record overall, better record against Michigan, better recruiter, and no worse than a draw in the NCAA tourney. 

This kind of was hinted at in the article and some of the thread, but here's the key question, imhe. You have to ask: at the end of their time respectively, did the fans and teams and schools want them to stay? Was OSU looking forward to many more years of Matta, and Michigan looking forward to many more years of Beilein? I can't answer definitively for OSU. However, without a doubt, virtually no one at Michigan wanted Beilein to move on. Not the fans, not the AD, not the players, not the incoming recruits. We were all looking forward to at least 5 more years with coach Beilein, and to many more NCAA tournaments. We were hoping that his development success would lead to more bluechip recruits, and that Beilein would finally have the basketball talent needed to win the whole NCAA tourney. (And Beilein was too classy to ever complain, but Michigan was jobbed in the 2013 NCAA Final. Louisville had to vacate wins, and the refs call a critical mystery foul against Trey Burke that both commentators and Louisville knew was bogus. Smh.)

IIRC, 11W, among many others loved Matta, but believed he needed to go at the end of his tenure. It was an awkward situation. You would never want to fire Matta. But at the end, recruits weren't lining up to play in Columbus, for Matta. He wasn't having sterling success. No one at Michigan felt that way about Beilein. Our loss, your gain.

Comment 16 May 2019

I'm a UM alumni, and live in the Chicago area, so am familar with both. There have already been a number of good suggestions. I guess I would suggest you ask your son what he is interested in doing and seeing, also narrow down what you will be near, figure out how much time you have, and go from there.

In Ann Arbor, you should walk around the diag and the law quad for maybe a half hour or so. Regarding food, of course Zingerman's Deli has been mentioned several times. Some people think Maize and Blue deli on South University has just as good sandwiches, and is a better value. While it is true that the outside of the Football Stadium is not awe inspiring (it is a big hole in the ground,) the Crisler Center is beautiful if open. The other thing is that the athletic campus is fairly accessible by car, so it won't take much time.

There are dunes and state parks all over the western side of Michigan. You have to decide how much time you want to spend, etc. Also is Indiana Dunes National Park, getting closer to Chicago.

Regarding Chicago, you have to narrow down where you'll be and what you're interested in. One thing I'd suggest is possibly a couple Divvy bikes. You can ride along the lakeshore, and downtown, and cover more ground than on foot. And not be constrained by a car. It is $15 for unlimited use for a day. You can ride, dock the bike in a docking station, and then ride again, all day long. While you can get all kinds of food, unless you are really foodies, I would suggest Chicago style fast food:  either an Italian Beef sandwich, or a Gyros, or a Chicago style hot dog. You can get these anywhere, they're inexpensive, and you won't spend a lot of time.

Comment 15 May 2019

Matta and Beilein both are very good coaches. To do too much comparing is a disservice to both. The thing with Beilein was that he came in to a situation with less than great players, and less than great facilities, and no NCAA tourney appearances basically since the program fell apart. Under Beilein, the program got better and better. The facilities were greatly improved. Their NCAA appearances greatly improved. He recruited players from Ohio that OSU didn't want, and developed them, and won with them. He developed and added some great assistant coaches.

Matta came in to a better situation, and maintained it for quite a few years. And then things fell off. I get the sense that Beilein is a better "coach," but Matta had a better "program," at least to begin. Beilein is very highly regarded by the coaching community, continues to change, and to ascend. Matta, perhaps because of health challenges, didn't end so well. And people conveniently remember how you end your career more than how you begin it.

For me personally, I really loved Beilein as a person. If you search around on the internet, you can dig up articles about his faith and his ethics and his life. He just is a nice guy. I have met him, and he doesn't seem to have a phony bone in his body. A humble man.

An interview with The Jesuit Post in 2013:

He changed after 2017 plane crash:

It will be interesting to see where Michigan basketball goes from here. Their two commitments are watching, and they are still recruiting a couple more guys. Whatever happens, I will greatly miss Beilein.

Comment 14 May 2019

I don't care what the NCAA does. I'm sure Hudson was depressed he didn't get immediate playing time, but welcome to the real world. (And his family certainly thought he should play. Where, I don't know. Pass up Rashan Gary? Other DL starters? Hudson certainly would have played a lot in 2019 if he had stuck around. Whatever.

But yeah, hate on Harbaugh as much as you want for various things. However, this here isn't his doing.

Comment 13 May 2019

This sucks. But Beilein has always moved on to bigger things, at every single stop. And 12 years is a decent amount of time. At his age, this is about the last shot at the NBA. Plus recruiting sucks more and more . . . if you get a great player, or develop a kid into a great player, they leave for the NBA, and you can't blame them. It is very difficult to do well without Zion level talent or buying players. But no whining. We'll see who coaches next. I'll be honest, their assistant Yaklich is fascinating, and a possible good choice. But yeah, with three leaving for the NBA, it is hard to be positive about next year and beyond. We shall see.

Comment 13 May 2019

Smh. This hurts. Very frustrating. The ESPN has a quote that makes sense for moving on:

In recent years, he's become increasingly frustrated with the nature of college basketball recruiting and the retention of top players. The impending loss of freshman Ignas Brazdiekis with Charles Matthews and Jordan Poole to the NBA draft dented what might have been a national championship contender.

Comment 11 May 2019

There is one big problem with expansion, in my mind. This is a critical difference between the NFL and the NCAA. In the NFL, all games up until the Superbowl are played on the home field of the better team. In the NCAA, you have playoff games coopting bowls. Right now, you have two bowls as playoff games, and then a championship game. If you expand, you are adding 4 games, so now 7 games are part of the playoff (4, then 2, then 1.) Already, with just 3 games, it is asking a lot of the top ranked team to travel for 2 games (The 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3, and then the final game.) Add another round, and you have travel for 3 games, over 3 weekends. Tickets, airfare, food, etc., start to price more and more people out. In the first round in particular, are you going to sell out a big venue in the 1 vs. 8 game? Will you force the #1 team to guarantee sales of 20,000 tickets? When they are looking at the probability of 2 more games, plus other stuff with holidays, it is pretty hard for many to justify the travel.

In the NFL, the home team will sell out most of the tickets easily. There will always be the diehard fans who travel for the road game, depending on how far away. But there are always home fans who will fill the seats. 

So before I would support expansion, I would want that first round of 4 games to be played on the home field of the top 4 teams. That would be a reward for your ranking, and it would mean that those games would be highly attended.

With the NFL being the ultimate goal of the best kids, I think you are going to see more players drop out of bowl games that are "meaningless."

EDIT:  TL;DR. Short answer:  "no" to expansion 

Comment 09 May 2019

Wow, I thought TSUN did things the right way.

And the Pope is Catholic and man landed on the moon. Having said that, I think this is endemic of high level Division 1 kids coming from challenged financial situations.

And just to be clear, I am pretty sure of some kids currently at Michigan being "compensated" by someone. And pretty sure of some recent Michigan grads who also received benefits. (And some of my info comes from an OSU insider who is around both Michigan and OSU players, and graduated from OSU.) I also am pretty sure of some kids at OSU in the same category. Thing is, I won't put names out there. And there is always plausible deniability.

With all the money floating around, this is bound to happen. They have got to find some different way to allow kids at a high level school to be compensated. And some of these kids may have more value in college than the NFL. If they are a star at a D-1 school, but don't have the requisite speed to translate to the NFL, they are worth more for advertising bucks and name recognition in college than then would be in the pros. And they're not allowed to profit in any way from their own likeness. That's crazy.

Comment 09 May 2019

Have a pretty good guess, but I'm not putting names out there. Let's just say, anyone who is in the NFL now could easily have been paid . . . especially if they came from a situation with tenuous finances.

The one subset of players in both football and basketball who are different are kids of former players, and especially kids of former professional players. Beilein has been great with several kids of former NBA players (Glenn Robinson, Tim Hardaway, a few others.) These kids don't need money, and have the freedom to go to the best fit, or the place where they can best develop their talent. Beilein, like Harbaugh, hasn't won any championships. But he's done a decent job of taking kids not in the top 50 and molding them into NBA players.

Comment 08 May 2019

Pickle Barrel, Old Town, Chicago. Went there as a kid in the 60's and 70's when it was hippie central for the Chicago area. Very progressive for the time. Every table had all you could eat fresh sour dill pickles and big bowls of popcorn. Add a huge corned beef or pastrami on rye, and a cold beer, and you have a great, simple meal.

Comment 04 May 2019

Wish him well. It is the right thing to do. Michigan is well set, with Patterson starting in 2019 and McCaffrey and Milton ready to fight it out for 2020 and beyond. McNamara started early this last January, so at least right now, there are 4 solid guys. No room for Peters. After the fiasco with the concussion, he has never been the same. But still wish him well, with 2 years of eligibility left.

Comment 29 Apr 2019

I'm a Michigan fan, and I completely agree with you.

why are we talking about this?

Great question. I don't get it.

I know trolls like to show up on the board from Michigan and talk about this

I personally don't know any Michigan fans who glory in wins 125 years ago and come here to post about it. But whatever.

do any of us even care?

Still, it seems that this eats at OSU fans tremendously. cause they bring it up often enough. Eventually, OSU will either surpass Michigan in all-time wins or they won't.

It seems (without knowing for sure) that for the first 20 years of the rivalry, OSU was a tomato can. If you erase the first 15 games, the W-L record completely shifts to OSU. (But then, if you erase the first fifteen and the last fifteen, it doesn't.) Again, whatever. I don't care what happened 100 years ago in football.

Comment 27 Apr 2019

What exactly does "preferred walkon" mean? Here are possibilities:

  • Automatically admitted to OSU (assuming a full high school graduate in May 2019.)
  • Guaranteed a spot on the OSU team for Fall 2019.
  • Able to attend summer camp/practice, beginning in August.
  • Able to eat at the training table.
  • Able to live in athletic designated dorms.
  • Given a scholarship for 2019 - 2020 school year should someone currently on the OSU team be permanently injured or dismissed or quit or enter the transfer portal or leave the team and the scholarship in some other way.

It seems quite likely to me if the team is currently at 85 scholarships distributed that at least one will fall out. I'd be curious if there are "impermissible benefits" and "acceptable benefits" per NCAA regulations. Some of the things above might be restricted, others not.

Comment 26 Apr 2019

This is stupid. Even if they were speakers, you deal with it. Quit whining, complaining, making excuses. Michigan just needs to shut up and play. No more flapping their mouths, no more braggadocio, no more September Heisman trophies, no more whining. Just recruit, plan, practice, and play the doggone game.

Comment 20 Apr 2019

Very good post. Honestly, this is why I've been in despair, to some degree . . . how do you catch up to OSU when the Buckeyes are bigger, faster, more athletic? Michigan has done well with the talent on hand, and their talent level is slowly catching up. But Michigan has clearly been behind.

The other thing is that coaches sometimes see things that the recruiting boards miss. And the recruiting boards sometimes have some kids greatly overrated. The best coaches look under every rock and fine "diamonds in the rough" that are often missed. A great illustration of this is Beilein in Basketball. He has located some great players who no one else was in on (Caris Levert, Mo Wagner, etc.) I think Don Brown in particular has been very good at finding high talent in the northeast that is overlooked elsewhere.

As well, Mattison and Washington were both very good coaches and recruiters, and will be sorely missed.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Eh, they got blown out in one game.

Imhe, Saying Michigan vs. OSU is "one game" is about like saying "some people did something." Yes, winning every other game is important. But at this point, it all boils down to this one game for me. We could convincing beat every other team on the schedule, and if we get destroyed by OSU again, what would it matter? We still wouldn't play for a Big 10 Championship, and we still wouldn't be in the playoffs. Michigan has got to begin to beat OSU some of the time.

This stuff is cyclical

Well, I hope to agree. But we are on an awfully long cycle. 16 losses to OSU since 2002 is a long time, and it hasn't been good. OSU has beat Michigan 7 games in a row TWICE in the last 20 years. (Yeah, I know one game was vacated, but OSU beat UM, regardless of what the pinheads in the NCAA say.) The last time Michigan had that kind of streak? 1909!!!! Look at the period from 1969 through 2000. Michigan won 19 times, OSU 11 times, and there were 2 ties. There was some competitive balance there. Even if you pull off the Cooper Era, it still is Michigan won 12 times, OSU 9 times, and a tie. That's roughly competitive balance. We have not had competitive balance for a long time. As much as I hate to lose, I would gladly, gladly, gladly welcome a period like the 10 year war, Bo. vs. Woody, Michigan with 5 wins, OSU with 4 wins, and 1 tie. In fact, even though this is complete heresy, I would almost rather have that instead of Michigan being 16 wins, 2 losses, vs. OSU. That's how it should be vs. MSU. Against OSU? Not so much.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

HA!! No, I am a Wolverine fan through and through. However, you're right that my mood is blue . . . disgusted and disappointed and frustrated and embarassed are all words to describe how I feel about Michigan football. And yes, OSU is in my head. The last year was the worst. My only hope is that Gattis and the offense really turn things around. I actually have hope that this will be the case. But I won't believe it until I actually see it. And even if I see it against multiple teams, I really won't believe it until Michigan plays OSU. A whole lot hinges on the offensive line. If Warinner really whips them into shape, and the 4 starters from last year actually improve, this could move to being a strength. And OL play has such a huge influence on everything else. Here is what has to happen:

  1. OL has to be good, with BOTH run and pass protection.
  2. At least 2 of the good WR's need to be healthy. DPJ, Black, Collins, and Martin or Bell.
  3. At least 1 more solid RB. Charbonnet, Turner, Evans. At least one. Two would be better. Three? Awesome.
  4. Defense has to hold serve, maybe take a step back. We are concerned about DT depth, and also CB play. There are two good CB's. But OSU burned UM on slants with the 3rd CB All. Day. Long.

Like I said in my post above, I need to see all these things happen against good teams like OSU before I'll believe it. And I can't predict Michigan will beat OSU until they do it. I'll never forget last year where even you guys at 11W thought Michigan had a chance . . . . until they played the game.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

Stupid ESPN. I will never fall for that crap again. Especially after last year. Michigan can beat up on the rest of the Big 10, and you know, it doesn't mean jack when they play OSU. I'm in shell shock, and won't believe Michigan will win until after they've actually done it. Frankly, I don't care about the National Championship at this point. It all is meaningless until Michigan beats you, and the way you shredded Brown's defense was obscene. How in the world can Michigan be up above OSU? SMH. Just shut up and beat OSU first. Any championship aspirations for the Wolvereines go through the Buckeyes.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

It has been the past 15 or so years. Since Rich Rod for sure. I think things have turned around, though, and that the OL is no longer the glaring weakness it has been for so long.