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Comment 45 minutes ago

Hard luck, but I definitely believe this is the current state of college ball. Right now, Michigan is one over the limit (for next year.) And they are still recruiting one more recruit, and are pursuing several grad transfers. If they get Josh Christopher and one transfer, that puts them three over the limit. The only way this makes sense is if they are expecting 3 players to leave for the NBA and to enter the portal. It is a crazy world.

Comment 26 Mar 2020

I have absolutely no idea how good Crippen actually is. I have no idea if the parting from ND was mutual, or something he initiated. And I have no illusions about Michigan's recruiting . . . we are light years behind OSU. You already have an incredible class. We're not catching up, no way, no how. Smh. The only thing that astounds me is that the first half dozen or so posts are all about U of M. I mean, I know that your raison d'exister is to obliterate and destroy Michigan. But for crying out loud . . . the hurry up was mostly about potential OSU recruits. There was a small throwaway about Michigan getting its first recruit commitment since last May. And that one tidbit is what you focused on. Y'all take an unholy satisfaction in gloating about your continuing good fortune, especially in relation to Michigan. Smh, again. Well, enjoy it. As long as it lasts.

Comment 20 Mar 2020

From ESPN:

a number of players have reached out to Tampa Bay to express interest in also playing for the team and its new quarterback, league sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Although much harder in the NFL than the NBA, this is similar to what has happened with free agents going to play with Lebron. There are guys who could choose to get paid less, for the chance to be with Brady and the Bucs. And the sad thing is, as a result, the haterz will continue to dog Brady, and suggest that he's not all that good, and the only reason he won is because of the players around him.

Comment 19 Mar 2020

Why have I not been here that much? Let me count the ways.

  1. I've decreased my time at all sports blogs.
  2. It is demoralizing how much better OSU is than Michigan.
  3. It doesn't make sense to spend a lot of time at a place where you're not really welcome.
  4. Michigan sucked at football, hockey, and basketball this year. (I guess it could have been worse, but this was not a stellar year.)
  5. If I come here, OSU fans will gloat, which isn't fun, and Michigan has nothing much to cheer about.
  6. Just look at your next football recruiting class. Smh. The rich get richer . . . we'll never catch up. Never.
  7. I don't belong at a Buckeye website.

So yeah, there really aren't many good reasons for me to come here too much.

Comment 19 Mar 2020

Wish Carton all the best. Hope he gets his head straight, and receives all the care he needs. Wonder if he is going to just try to stay closer to home . . . Iowa or Iowa State. Regardless, he is a great talent and will be sorely missed by the Buckeyes.

Lucky for you, TOSU is a football, not a basketball school. And for the record, I fully expect Michigan basketball will have a bunch of kids enter the transfer portal as well . . . probably two, possibly three. They currently are one over the scholarship limit. And Juwan Howard is pursuing at least three grad transfers.

Comment 18 Mar 2020

Legit question:  do you think there are some QB's who have intangibles, who know the playbook inside out, who have leadership moxie, who refuse to lose, and yet they don't have the passing stats, the speed, the size, the strength, etc.?

Football definitely is a team sport. I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of QB's in Brady's shoes would have done very well with the team Brady had surrounding him. But he is the one who happens to have done it.

I'm curious what metrics measure the kind of intangibles I'm talking about. Maybe the whole point of an intangible is that it is not measurable.

To answer your question partially,

  • in passing yards, Brady is second to Drew Brees (and yet, I wonder how much passing yardage is a factor of the OL and the skill of your receivers.)
  • QB leading a team to wins, Brady has it (but that's a team stat, right?)
  • Brady is in the 500 club (more than 500 yds passing in a game)
  • He has a ton of postseason records . . . are those all team stats?

Anyway, it's obvious that part of Brady's success is tied to being with the Pats. I really think part of leaving is his burning desire to prove that he is a winner without Bill Belichick and the Pats. Oh, and the money doesn't hurt either.

Comment 17 Mar 2020

I think that's why Brady is moving on. To prove to himself and the haters how good he is. If he wins a superbowl in Tampa, will that change your opinion? Probably not, but that's what Brady is after. He doesn't need the money.

Comment 14 Mar 2020

Yes, they will beat the lousy or mediocre teams consistently, but how do they fare against top flight teams. 

There is a category you're skipping . . . the good or very good teams. They won't beat the elite (Bama, OSU, Clemson, a few others.) I believe they are moving to be able to give everyone else a good game.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

I'm obviously not posting much or reading here too much. In fact, I never got back to see the response to that comment . . . I'm assuming I was blasted into oblivion! If so, well deserved. I fully support online classes, keeping kids home, largely shutting down campuses. A week or so ago, I didn't see it. Thought it was all overblown hysteria about the corona virus Covid-19. Now I do take it seriously, and I'm concerned. I completely, 100%, think public health folk should do anything they can to slow down the transmission and flatten the curve.

Full disclosure:  I lived with a public health major 4 years. He is a dear friend, and ended up with a doctorate in epidemiology and biostatistics. If you talk to any epid people, they are gravely concerned about this. Read the NYT articles about what has happened in Italy, and apply it to the USA. In brief, if transmission of Covid-19 spreads too quickly, the number needing hospitalization will spike, and the health care system will fall apart. In Italy, the elderly are dying, because there are no ICU beds available, and they are most likely to die anyway. Doctors and nurses are being forced into horrible triage decisions on who will live and who will die.

Regarding the numbers, I stand behind them, but really hope I am wrong. The huge unknown variable is the death rate. 3% might be way too high, but I am pretty sure the death rate is well over the "point" .1% death rate for the flu. Even if the death rate was only 1% (1 death per 100 infected people,) that could mean 52,000,000 dead people, not an insignificant amount.

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Epidemiologists are predicting 2/3 of the world population will contract Covid-19 in the next year. That means eventually 4 billion people will get it. If the mortality rate is 3%, 120 million people will die. The best thing is to slow down the transmission rate. And one of the most practical things to do is to restrict travel, effectively quarantining the population. This is a life event that will radically shape the world to come. This will put football, basketball, recruiting, life, into sharp focus

Comment 10 Mar 2020

BuckeyeBen7.7, I too think classes in person are better. But that's not what I heard hear at 11W in the past. IIRC, 11W partisans think online classes are just as good and even better and harder than in person classes. I mean, I guess it would make life easier, and cheaper, and all that. Watch the class when you want to, do the homework, you're all good. Shoot, you could even stay home in Cleveland or wherever and not waste money on the dorm or dorm food or any of it.

Comment 05 Mar 2020

I see a really good year upcoming for Michigan. (Said every Michigan fan, always.) But no, I really do see a good year coming. I'm sure we will lose to OSU. The rest of the games, I feel more confident. Here is why.

  1. Jim Harbaugh stubbornly held on to an offensive system that wasn't going to cut it. That was a fail on Harbaugh's part that wasted some years. I believe that Gattis was an excellent hire to bring in a new offensive scheme and system. However, as your own former coach said, it takes lots of time and reps to get an RPO offense down. This last year was the first year with Gattis. I believe good things are coming with him as the OC, and with JH not meddling.
  2. At the heart of the RPO fail was our QB. I'm not going to rant at length, but I put a lot more of that on our QB Shane Patterson than on Harbaugh. (playing lots of golf in the summer? Smh.) His injury was also disastrous. Having said that, things improved a lot as the season went on. The 2nd half of the PSU game, things really changed for the most part. With a healthy QB and a fully weaponized RPO offense, I think we could have beat Wisconsin and PSU. But I'm not really going there . . . woulda, coulda, shoulda, and making excuses doesn't cut it.
  3. Another problem with the QB was misusing and not fully utilizing the WR corps. At least one of the WR's had a bad attitude. But DPJ? Patterson did a lousy job of passing accuracy to him downfield. I am truly confident that Michigan is going to have a better QB and better QB play this year, and going forward as well.
  4. Our OL has really improved under Ed Warinner. They were good last year. And they are only going to get better this coming year. I just really want to see Warinner stay for a good while.
  5. The defense under Brown has been dominant, but failed in the biggest games, against the best talent. While it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, I really think that Brown has been beat up enough by OSU to understand that some things need to change.

As much as I believe things have improved and will continue to improve, Michigan is still a big step back of the elite teams (OSU, Bama, LSU, Oklahoma, Clemson.) You can quibble about "elite." But there's no doubt Michigan is not in that group. And I don't know when and how they'll get there. Being behind OSU and the rest of the elite teams doesn't mean that Michigan is terrible. It just means they are no where near the top of the mountain.

Addendum. I don't and I didn't and I won't listen to the blog referenced here.. I may not be pollyanna pie in the sky positive, but I don't need the negative nancy debbie downer take on things either.

Comment 27 Feb 2020

"Live and Let Die." James Bond 007 song under the opening title sequence. It may not be a great song, but it is a great 007 opening song, is memorable, with some great sound hooks.

LINK:  "Live and Let Die."

Comment 23 Feb 2020

It is a lot harder in football. A single star rarely takes over in football, but it can happen in basketball. Still, 5 star kids matter, no matter the sport. Howard is getting more and more credibility, as the current team continues to win. Two quad 1 wins on the road this week. Things are looking better for M-basketball as we round into March.

Comment 19 Feb 2020

We all define things different ways. Given your metric, who qualifies as a blueblood?  That is to say, who has at least 3 national championships won under 3 different coaches in the period from 1950 through the present. Obviously OSU. Obviously not Michigan. Who else is in?

Comment 19 Feb 2020

You're 100% right . . . if and when Michigan wins NCAA titles, and is regularly in the final 4, we'll be like OSU. Not until then will we be like OSU football. But Howard is far outpacing Beilein in recruiting. Beilein managed to get to the Final four and to the championship game twice in the last 10 years, without top 5 recruiting. If Howard has some top 5 recruiting classes, that's where we'll be like OSU. Michigan can't win in football at the highest level because it doesn't have the highest level of talent. In basketball, the Wolverines are starting to get that talent.

Addendum:  beyond the incredible 2020 haul, Michigan has had visits from several 5 star kids from 2021. If Michigan gets two 5 star kids this year, and two more next year, along with 4 star talent and distribution over the different positions, they'll be doing what you need to do in order to make it to the Final Four regularly.

Comment 18 Feb 2020

Define blue blood however you want. The reality is that being a "blue blood" doesn't matter nearly as much as being an "elite" team. OSU is elite. Michigan is not, and is nowhere near becoming elite. End of story.

Comment 18 Feb 2020

Michigan won 4 in a row 120 years ago, a couple more in the 20's, couple more in the 30's, another in 48, and another in 97. Minnesota's last was in 60, Princeton's last was in 27. I don't know on Chicago, but they're not on the list. Hard and Yale also won a bunch, but again, it ended in the 20's. 

I will be the first to say that UM is not elite, not in the same class as OSU (Bama, LSU, Oklahoma, Clemson.) But Michigan has often ended the year in the top 10. (Well, at least until Rich Rodriguez showed up.) Michigan also has a couple of titles since world war II.

Comment 18 Feb 2020

Update 2/18/20:  Michigan now has 100% of the crystal balls for Joshua Christopher, highly coveted 5 star shooting guard out of California.  There's a lot of speculation that one kid will leave the current team, and Juwan Howard's son (committed) will come as a walkon. Michigan would end up with 6 guys coming in, the #10, 13, 32, 68, 87, and 244 ranked players. Two 5 stars, three 4 stars, and 1 3 star. This will put extreme pressure on them to win next year. We'll see if they're up for it. If things continue this way, Michigan's basketball team becomes elite, alongside Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina. They are also in it for 5 star Greg Brown, but I can't see him coming to Ann Arbor, with the roster this crowded. Michigan's basketball team would be like OSU's football team:  elite, and head and shoulders above the rest of the league.

Comment 18 Feb 2020

I guess Michigan is a blue blood, but it really doesn't matter. Right now, the elite teams are OSU, Bama, Clemson, Oklahoma, LSU. Blue bloods are ancient history. Who cares about win lost records more than a 100 years ago? It has been a long time since Michigan won a national title, and even that was shared. Before that, it was even longer to their one unanimous title (1948, iirc.) Michigan's most revered coach (Bo) never won a title. Now, to be fair, Michigan does has a lot of history. They've been playing the game for a long time. For crying out loud, ND's stadium was based on Michigan's. Michigan probably has the most sustained success for teams that starting playing in the 1800's.  It's just, in the current culture, who cares about ancient history.

Now, if being able to pay players legitimately for likeness happens, everything is going to explode, and Michigan will probably have a huge advantage in firing the money cannon at recruits. Looking at the list above, I'd guess that Michigan, Southern Cal, and ND would have the most money. OSU may have as much . . . I'm too lazy to figure it out. But I'm guessing virtually all of the SEC teams do not have anything like the financial resources of the blue bloods mentioned.

Comment 15 Feb 2020

They're lucky they faced Michigan with Isaiah Livers injured. With Livers back, Michigan is a vastly different team. You will be hard pressed to beat them in Columbus. Good luck . . . things are not going to get any easier for Holtmann, and he isn't lighting the world on fire with recruiting.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Day did exactly the right thing, and exactly what I expected. I may hate OSU passionately, but the program is not run loosely or poorly. (unlike, say, MSU under Dantonio. Google "Michigan State Football team rape allegations" or something like that if you want to know more.) I fully anticipate this to be an isolated incident that won't be repeated. And with OSU being an elite team, I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of solid kids transfer in to take their spots.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

MSU's better recruiting days were against Hoke and Rich Rod. Harbaugh has gotten most of the pick of the state already. Looking at the top 10 kids last year and this year, Michigan pretty much won 100% of any head to head recruiting battles with MSU.

The Wolverines are not recruiting at the same level as elite class death star OSU. You guys are pulling in multiple 5 star kids, and mostly 4 stars for the rest of your classes. You are in the top 3 teams in the country year in and year out. Michgain is more in the 5 - 15 range. Pretty good, but not good enough to compete with you.