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Comment 13 hours ago

Nope. QB injury, no decent QB backup, and deficient OL are why Michigan lost. Michigan's defense kept them in it, along with special teams, but they couldn't overcome the lack of offense, and in particular, Speight's injury.

Comment 17 hours ago

Whatever. I do think a lot of the comments over here are pretty infantile, but it doesn't matter. It is your website. There are infantile posts over there as well. (However, imhe, "F Michigan," "TTUN," stupid GIFS, the middle finger, etc., etc., etc., don't add anything to your board, and don't represent well. But hey, that's just me.)

The last 13 years have sucked, but things are cyclical. I do believe that JH is going to win vs. OSU, but Urban is a great coach and will never roll over. I also never forget that it is a game, and to me, there are a lot more important things in life than a college football rivalry.

One last thing. Hubris will come back to bite you. Be thankful for the last 15 years. The assumption that this is the permanent state of things? Well, I guess if you are a fan under 25, that's a somewhat reasonable assumption. I also think it is a very faulty one.

Comment 19 hours ago

Nice write up.

Adam Rittenberg at ESPN has Michigan as the biggest "mystery team" in 2017. I agree. It is impossible for me to predict what is going to happen.

  • What will happen with the OL? This has been the true achilles heel for many years. Kalis was a bust, and they were pretty meh. Smh. They have the potential to actually be an upgrade over last year . . . if guys emerge on the right side.
  • Along with the OL, I think that the RB crew will be better this year. Addition by subtraction.
  • Which Speight will show up at QB? Will he be supplanted or not? Michigan fans are watching this very closely. If good Speight shows up, and he stays healthy, watch out.
  • Will at least two of the freshmen WR step up? Michigan hasn't had this level of incoming talent ever. There are now five receivers with talent and speed. If they develop timing with the QB, this could be fun.
  • Is Michigan reloading on the defensive side, or will they take a real step back? I can't say . . . really, no one can. But some insiders are salivating at the talent upgrade almost across the board. It is insane to think that Rashan Gary didn't even start last year. (And FTR, he is a humble young many who doesn't have diarrhea of the mouth.) None of the projected starters are true freshmen, and all have a year working under DC Brown. I have a lot less certainty on offense, but I am predicting that Michigan's defense is going to be a lot better than many have projected.

If Michigan has a decent offense (unlike last year,) and their defense repeats, I think this could be the year Michigan finally breaks through against OSU, with it being a home game, and with the talent upgrade. It will be very interesting to see if JT and the receiver corps can stretch the field under Wilson, and what kind of coverage Michigan's secondary provides. I won't predict a win . . . at least until mid-season. There are way too many variables. But I am comfortable betting that Michigan doesn't do worse than 10 - 3. Harbaugh is better than Hoke, the whole coaching staff is an upgrade, and the talent level on the team itself is a huge improvement.

Comment 16 Aug 2017

I think Michigan comes out extremely hungry . . . after the agonizing losses to FSU, OSU, and Iowa at the end of the year, the Wolverines are looking for blood. Florida losing these seven players won't make a difference in the final outcome . . . just in the final score.

Comment 16 Aug 2017

IIRC, OSU has had great success with some very young teams . . . wasn't your NC team very young? I think a very young team with more athletic, stronger, faster players is better than a senior laden team with a talent deficit.

I generally agree that making excuses for a loss is bad form. Even if there are legitimate excuses, it probably is best to just suck it up, shut up, and go on to the next game.

Comment 15 Aug 2017

Coaching matters. But so does athletic talent. You can't coach speed and strength.

My premise is that you have to have coaching, plus recruiting in the top 10 in the country year after year, focusing especially on the areas where someone is a game changer (line play, and QB play) plus a little luck (with injuries, etc.), and then you will have the CHANCE to win at the highest level.

Comment 14 Aug 2017

Fatpants, I can't really disagree. I think, however, that Michigan didn't have good options. We didn't have a healthy, viable, shoot, an ADEQUATE backup at QB last year. Which tied Harbaugh's hands. Speight playing with a broken collarbone against OSU was disaster. Plus, the OL still wasn't up to snuff. Kalis . . . making boneheaded mistakes his whole career. I actually don't care who plays QB this year for Michigan:  the good thing is that there will be a backup who has better command of the offense.

Comment 14 Aug 2017

That's a reasonable take (for Michigan to lose one or two games.) I'd like to know which games you think we could lose, and which one game you think Michigan can't lose. Believe it or not, the one game I don't like is Air Force, with all their chop blocks that can ruin the knees and careers of linemen.

I drank the koolaid, so I think Michigan will win the first six. And after that, I'll have a better feel for whether or not they can beat PSU again. HOWEVER . . . I think that Michigan has PSU's number (kind of like MSU with OSU?) Anyway, while I don't know yet, I think Michigan easily handles PSU.

Speaking of PSU, I still don't know how OSU lost that game last year. Imhe, the Buckeyes should have won, and kind of choked that game away. You should have beat PSU, and won the Big 10. However, it ultimately would have made a difference:  OSU still gets pantsed by Clemson, no matter how they get there.

Comment 14 Aug 2017
  1. Another Michigan/Harbaugh thread here? Smh.
  2. Can't say anything until Michigan actually beats OSU.
  3. Do you actually believe JH sucks as a coach, and hasn't done anything? Okay . . . right oh. Logan must be onto something (or on something?) For my money, he's done pretty well at SDSU, Stanford, and the 49's, but what do I know? Just a Michigan homer.
  4. When was the last time JH actually said something about the game? I dunno, but I'm guessing it has been a long time.
  5. One question:  so Urban just stands there and doesn't say a thing when he disagrees with a ref? Somehow, I don't think so.
Comment 14 Aug 2017

Michigan websites have said that Florida knew about this for some time, but it recently (last couple days?) blew up on the internet, forcing their hand. They had to do something, or they looked really bad.

Also heard it was misusing credit that was issued for books and supplies.

Of the seven suspended, Calloway was the only starter, and maybe one other guy would have seen the field.

I personally think that Michigan would have won anyway, but I won't complain. Michigan is very young, although the word in camp is that the talent level has gone way up over last year . . . guys are faster, stronger, bigger, just not as experienced. Personally, I will go for better athletes. That formula has worked pretty well for OSU.

Things line up well for Michigan. If they get past Florida, the next five are winnable games. (Cinci, Air Force, Purdue, Michigan State, Indiana.) Six games is enough time to solidify the roster, and we'll find out against PSU whether or not Michigan is real. After PSU, there are several less challenging games until Wisconsin and OSU.

Comment 11 Aug 2017

I comment with caution. 6 games does seem excessive, given precedent. (Michigan fans are still a bit salty about what seems excessive. I digress.) However, this is a hot potato politically  correct issue, and I wouldn't be surprised if they are looking to set a new standard. Bring the hammer down on Zeke, so others take notice. Isn't it all about PR?

Another thing, and I'm not a lawyer, but there are times when the standards of proof in a court setting and the reality are very different. That is to say, I think we all know of situations where someone is pretty clearly "guilty," but it can't be proven, or lawyers get you off. (OJ Simpson, anyone?) Michigan kicked a football player off the team who wasn't "proven" guilty in court.

Lastly, both college and pro teams can set their own standards for their players. Their standards can be pretty arbitrary, but good luck fighting them. Some teams have standards for dress codes, some for jewelry or hair length or tattoos. Every employer or organization has the right to set their own rules. In the work place, if you don't like it, you go someplace else. However, if you're part of the NFL, your options to go elsewhere are limited. Zeke could fight this tooth and nail, but it might just drag it out in a way that doesn't help him or the cowboys. He can take the NFL to court, but somehow, with DV charges, I'm not sure he wants to go that route.

Comment 10 Aug 2017

Great statistics. This is exactly why I have not been bent out of shape with Michigan's record versus OSU and Harbaugh being 0 - 2. I absolutely hated last year's lost to you guys, but the reality is that you have had far, far better ranked athletes in the Big 10 than everyone, including Michigan. To expect Michigan to beat OSU when at such a large talent deficit is a lot to ask.

The first year Harbaugh coached, Michigan got destroyed. Last year? Not so much. Michigan still lost, but the defense held it's own. (less of a talent deficit.) However, between a QB playing with a broken collarbone and a deficient OL (Kalis a "5 star?" Smh) Michigan's offense simply was deficient in talent level.

This year? They are hurting in experience, but less so in athletes. I think that every year going forward, it will be much more of a dogfight between Michigan and OSU. As the talent disparity goes down, we will get a better feel for what kind of coach JH actually is. Michigan fans have a lot of hope looking at what Stanford did against supposedly unbeatable Southern Cal.

Comment 10 Aug 2017

Fawn Liebowitz brings back memories. Always loved those scenes. Marks me as old.

As regards giving Harbaugh a pass, let me expand a bit. I expect Michigan to be competitive in 2018. I expect them to have a chance to win (as they did in 2016.) I expect them not to be demolished by OSU. But if Michigan plays competitively, and loses because of some freak play or two, I'll be very sad, but I'll live with it. I love this game because you can't always predict what's gonna happen. Stuff happens. It can lead to the thrill of victory, and conversely, to the agony of defeat. There is no "sure thing."

The other thing is that Michigan has the misfortune of playing in the same division as OSU, a team perennially ranked in the top 5 of the country. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. To be the best, you have to beat the best. However, no team out there, including Michigan, can expect to definitely win against the likes of OSU or Alabama in the span of several years. I EXPECT Michigan to beat every other team in the Big 10. Versus OSU, I expect Michigan to be competitive, and to give themselves the opportunity to win.

Comment 10 Aug 2017

Don't care what they're called. Nothing matters until the team wins against OSU. Words are cheap. Prove it on the field, and until then, just shut up.

I'd be less than honest if I didn't say I was looking forward to the game this year. It is only 3 1/2 months away, and I am ready.

As regards something being offensive, you can find offense under every rock if you really want to.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

HaHaHa. Feel sorry for Michigan? Never. Not if you're a self-respecting Buckeye. I hate the losses to OSU. I hate the last 10 plus years. It hasn't been a rivalry. You have had our number. There is no team I want Michigan to beat more. But I will never want pity from OSU. Well, maybe while RichRod and Hoke were the coaches I could live with pity. It was just embarrassing to be a Michigan fan. Every year we expected a curb stomping. Smh. I don't feel that way any more. Harbaugh is moving the team in a competitive direction. But we still aren't there yet. There's nothing more I want than for Michigan to do a better job, and actually beat you guys. But until it actually happens, I just need to bite my tongue. I want Michigan to earn respect. But I am mostly fine with OSU fans hating Michigan, and wanting to always beat Michigan, and wanting Michigan to lose every game. That's mostly how I feel.

p.s.  Hate I can live with. Currently, lack of respect? That's fine too. You have to earn respect. However, there are some OSU fans who just cross the line. Hating is somehow different than being an asshole. Don't be an asshole.

p.p.s.  Personally, I don't mind if OSU wins every game . . . except Michigan. I'm one of those people who thinks the rivalry means more when both teams are good. I realize there are fans who want the other team to just be bad. To each their own. From my perspective, when Bo beat Woody, it meant a lot more than when Michigan beat up on John Cooper's teams. Jmhe.

p.p.p.s.  Lastly, remember it is just a game. I have plenty of relatives and my in-laws in the Cleveland area. I bleed maize and blue, they are solidly scarlet and grey. But blood is thicker than water, and I can't understand fans who put their fandom above their family.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

There's a lot that happens behind the scenes, both on the part of the athlete, and the coaches. It just is bad form to publicly be disrespectful when you hear something you don't like. I don't think this will hurt OSU in the least.

Recruiting rankings are there for a reason . . . but the reality is that sometimes, guys are rated a lot higher (or lower) than they should be. And sometimes, kids just aren't a good fit for a particular school, or coach, or system. You can only take so many guys at one position. And you always want the best guys possible. And there are intangibles that are hard to measure. There are families in Michigan who steer their kids to OSU, and families in Ohio who steer their kids to Michigan. My point is, good coaches like Urban Meyer know what they're doing, and who they really want to focus on as a priority.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

FTR, Michigan has 2 guys who are  5-star on the DL, 1 4-star LB, 1 4-star OL. Rumler should be good, although OL are notoriously hard to predict. As regards Hinton, he may well go to the OL . . . hard to say how much he will grow. And this sets up Michigan well with his brother, class of 20, also a 5 star talent.

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Hypothetically, I can live with JH starting 0 - 4 vs. OSU.

  1. It isn't just wins. It is playing competitively. IIRC, Michigan was rarely competitive against OSU for a long time. Beat downs (42-13, anyone? Even 42-28. 37-7. 42-7. Smh.) are not acceptable. Being dominated on both sides of the line is not acceptable.
  2. 2017, Michigan  is awfully young.
  3. 2018, game is in Columbus.

Of course, we hate losing to OSU. And by 2019, time's up. At that point, Harbaugh will have had more than enough time. He will have had years to build up the OL, to have all schemes in place, to have his kind of QB, etc.

Right now, the word out of camp is that the talent level in Ann Arbor is already higher than last year. The experience level is the problem. Several years ago, Chris Spielman looked at Michigan's roster, and didn't see a single guy who would start for OSU. That's how bad it was. It still is tilted in OSU's favor, but not as badly. For example, Freshman WR Donovan Peoples-Jones had a 4.42 in the 40 at The Opening . . . in 2015. His route tree is still lacking . . . but you can't coach that kind of speed (and size.) You know about Rashan Gary on the DL. I won't get into comparing Gary and Nick Bosa. But even as good as OSU's DL is, (better than NFL teams? Wow . . . ) even with that kind of DL, I'd wager Gary would start somewhere, and be better than parts of your DL. That kind of talent level in AA has been lacking for a long time.

Comment 07 Aug 2017

FTR, a majority of users at mgoblog think Perry should be booted from the team.

Personally, I am torn. I don't want him on the team for depth . . . I think Michigan has plenty of other options. It just is that I am a big fan of second chances. I also believe that there are probably more facts on this, facts which very few of us know. I'd almost like to see him suspended for the year. If he keeps his nose clean, gets good grades, fulfills all requirements of the court, well, then start fresh next year. Practice with the team, run a lot of extra steps, but don't kick Perry off the team.

Comment 06 Aug 2017

I somewhat agree with you. However, I'd argue that Harbaugh et al have done an excellent job of coaching up talent. The fact that Michigan almost beat you last year, with a substandard OL and a QB with a broken collarbone, while in Columbus, is pretty impressive. Unfortunately, the OL is the one area that takes the longest to built. (And iirc, OSU was pretty solid there.) Also, Michigan didn't have enough depth at QB last year. Once Speight was injured, they were sunk. This coming year, Speight and Peters both seem to be pretty good options at QB.

Comment 05 Aug 2017

Michigan isn't all that worried about PSU. Certainly not concerned like they are about OSU. The game for Michigan against Penn State this year will be telling. They have to have revenge on their mind after last year.

Again, until Michigan actually, you know, beats OSU, nothing really matters. 

Comment 05 Aug 2017

We have heard that 2019 was shaping up very well. It takes years to establish relationships . . . Urban Meyer is one of the best at doing that. 2019 is really the first class where we are expecting those long term relationships to bear fruit in recruiting for Michigan.

Michigan is actually in the running for Crouch and Cain, a couple of 2019 RB recruits, both 5 star guys, one at 17 in the country, the other at 22, both also offered by OSU. I'd gladly see either come to Michigan.

The 2019 recruit that hurts right now is Devontae Dobbs, OT out of Belleville, MI, number 16 nationally, number 1 in Michigan. OSU is well ahead of Michigan, and Coombs continues to be an ace recruiter. If he ends up going to Michigan, along with one of those running backs, Michigan would have 4 guys with five stars, putting us in the area of best Michigan recruiting class ever.

One 2018 recruit I'm watching with interest is Daniel Faalele, OT, 6'8", 400 pounds, at IMG. He is only a 3 star, but is an immediate take for Michigan.