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Ranking the Schedule from Easiest to Hardest

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May 22, 2022 at 6:36pm

The rankings are a combination of how good I think the opponent will be, where the game is being played at, and when on the schedule. Certain games become easier to win if they're being played in Columbus for instance. Certain games rank harder because they can be perceived as a trap game or on the road.

12. Arkansas State

They were pretty terrible last year going 2-10. I was considering putting this game higher than Toledo because it's right after Notre Dame game, I could definitely see there being some rust and lack of discipline if this is a noon game following a week 1 night game.

11. Toledo

They finished 7-6 last year but 5 of their 6 losses were by a touchdown or less. They almost beat Notre Dame last year losing 29-32. They're still a MAC team and it's week 3 so.. beatdown incoming

10. Indiana

IU was horrible last year finishing 2-10 and this game is the 10th game of the season, in Columbus. This too should be a beatdown

9. Rutgers

I'm a believer that they are steadily improving and I would not be surprised if they made a bowl game again this year. This is the 5th game on the schedule and the 5th home game in a row to start the season.

8. At Northwestern

They were 3-9 last year but this game is on the road a week after the game in Happy Valley. The 2nd game of back to back road games do trip up a lot of teams. It's the 9th game of the season and first in November so I don't expect it to be a night game but who knows, we'll certainly get their best shot.

7. Wisconsin

First Big 10 game of the year in week 4 and will be a huge test for the defense in stopping the run. Also might be the first game in which Knowles defense plays less 4-2-5 and more 4-3

6. At Michigan State

First road game of the year in week 6. Potential night game? I think the Buckeyes will probably whoop the Spartans again.

5. Iowa

The 7th game of the year and the first after the Bye week (They have a Bye week to prepare for us as well). I feel like we'll get Iowa's best shot but I don't see us losing this one either. Expect more 4-3 in this game too.

4. At Maryland

The Terrapins are a big wildcard team and it's the last road game of the season a week before the Michigan game. Depending on how their season goes, this could be a trap game for the Buckeyes who could possibly be looking a week ahead at revenge.

3. Michigan

Revenge game. It doesn't rank higher because they lose a bunch of their leaders and playmakers from last season and the game is in Columbus.

2. Notre Dame

First game of the year against a probable top 7 ish team. How prepared will the team be is my biggest question. The Buckeyes have many advantages in this game but it's also the first game, and that's usually where most of the mistakes will happen in the year.

1. At Penn State

Probable night game (unless it's on FOX because of the World Series) in one of, if not the hardest places to play for visiting teams. PSU could struggle this year and I'd still be worried about this game, strange things happen in Happy Valley.

I think teams like Wisconsin and Iowa are better than Maryland and Michigan State, but those games being on the road give them a big boost.

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