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Comment 28 Mar 2020
I find that funny because Steve Deace, the Michigan podcast guy says it's not the talent gap at all, and says that Michigan's coaches just are not as good as Ohio State's. Well which one is it skunkweasels???
Comment 27 Mar 2020

Let me guess, this insider was stringing along his subscribers the entire time, letting them think VT had a chance before throwing in the towel at the end.

Comment 15 Mar 2020
The increase from 47% to 48.5% is roughly 5 billion more dollars in the pockets of the players. That's a lot of cheddar.
Comment 14 Mar 2020
His situation is pretty similar to Joe Burrow except Burrow redshirted in 2015 and thus was able to transfer as a graduate redshirt sophomore with two years of eligibility and Sermon graduates as a true Junior with one year of eligibility.
Comment 14 Mar 2020
I believe he only has one year of eligibility. He graduated in 3 years (2017 season) and never took a redshirt. His injured 2019 season he was able to play in 9 games. 2020 should be his true senior season.
Comment 14 Mar 2020
It would be an amazing pickup. He'd likely get here on time to play in spring practices which is a huge plus. He also has great size at 6 foot 221lbs. That's close to Zeke territory. He is coming off a torn ACL unfortunately, which got him passed on the depth chart. I can't link on my phone but someone should post his 2018 highlights where he rushed for over 1,000 yards (Kyler Murray had 1k yards as well as 4k passing). He looks to be a 4.5-4.6 guy on film but he never goes down at first contact which is impressive. Has great vision and patience as a runner, doesn't have quite the acceleration that JK does but I think he makes up for it with his tough running style and ability to find extra yards.
Comment 12 Mar 2020

Regardless he chose Clemson. I only want players that want to be here and I certainly don't want a player coming to OSU that would accept money.

Do I think Clemson is cheating? Hell yes I do.

Comment 11 Mar 2020
It was two days ago, he was joking about the coronavirus, hence why he touched everyone's phones, hence the karma.
Comment 11 Mar 2020
It would be nice to have a universal NCAA ban for the next month or so, open up the July dead period, and extend official visits into the summer and let players have 10 spring/summer OVs instead of 5.