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Comment 22 Jul 2019
The perfect bullet. Though I wouldn't be surprised to see him grow into an outside linebacker. Either way you do not want to come across the middle of the field with this guy around.
Comment 21 Jul 2019

Arnette will be the starter over Wade if you are referring to the other corner position. Wade is probably going to be a hybrid slot corner/safety in the defense. There will be a lot of 4-2-5 bullet look so all 5 of them will be on the field together regardless.

Comment 21 Jul 2019
But I was told Borland was too slow and that he should not start. What gives? Did he do the impossible and improve during the off season/get healthier? Blasphemy.
Comment 20 Jul 2019
Awesome news. I think Knighton really wants to be a Buckeye and embraces the RB2 role. Think I read somewhere he doesn't want to be an every down back.
Comment 20 Jul 2019
You could have the best DC in the world and your defense is still going to suck if your assistant coaches can't coach. That's what happened last year with Bill Davis and Grinch. Just like your Ferrari isn't going very far with two flat tires. Davis and Grinch were flat tires last year. In 2016 Schiano had excellent assistant coaches, Fickell was a great LB coach, Schiano was with the safeties, LJjr on the DL, Coombs at corner. It made for a fantastic defense despite only returning 3 starters that year.
Comment 19 Jul 2019
Keep the divisions as is and let's get to an 8 team playoff already. 5 automatic bids go to the P5 conferences, with 3 at larges and a way for G5 teams to make it. There's no reason we can't have the playoffs start two weeks after conference title games (mid December) and have the semi finals and championship game where they already are. I guarantee without a doubt that the quality of football will increase if every single team in the FBS knew without a doubt that they could get to the playoffs if they won their conference (or had a good chance if they were an undefeated G5 team of the highest ranking)
Comment 19 Jul 2019

Urban has become a media target. He's the same level of 'scummy' as Harbaugh and Saban and the rest of them, he's just a bigger target. That's the honest truth. No head coach in america can baby sit 100+ student athletes AND monitor everything their assistant coaches/GA's do, it's impossible.

Comment 19 Jul 2019

I correctly predicted OSU's record last year of 11-1 with a loss to Purdue (I predicted that to be the trendy blow out loss)

Let me grace you with my next prediction. OSU is going 12-0. I think the problems of inconsistent defense and not showing up for 1 big game a year are not continuing under Day. I have the utmost faith in his hiring of the 4 defensive assistants he brought in. They are bringing that stout Don Brown defense over to OSU and using our 4 and 5* athletes for it. Also let me say that undefeated prediction solely rests on the idea that Fields stays healthy all year *knocks on wood*

Comment 18 Jul 2019

I don't think so but that's great news.

Kourt Williams on the 29th (Monday)

Jaylan Knighton on the 30th (Tue) or 31st (Wed), can't remember

Bijan Robinson on the 2nd (Friday)

Two weeks from now will be the last boomtastic week of the summer before I assume a strong chase at 1 or 2 highly ranked prospects.